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Solarium Pirate by Sheap won the Avatar Spotlight! Ahooy, I'm here to take all your cryptocurrency, your music is not worthy, even for pirating it.
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Tattered World History: 2019


January 2019: Event System

January brought the reveal of a new system for events on site! Each stage of the event included special unique event quests to add to a bar to reach the next checkpoint. Our first push through the event system reached out to the transmission and resulted in first contact with a new npc, RiGBy, who hailed from the Cosmic Solarium and requested Lycus’ assistance. A new Kith, the Ulusive, arrived through the Tatters to guide Lycus to the Cosmic Solarium. Lycus reached the Core, where RiGBy was waiting for him, but it seemed the other residents were not aware of his intended arrival.

February 2019: Palentine's Day

It's that time of year again! The Love bug opened up her shop with new Palentines-themed items, as well as previous years' stock, and trades to NPCs were open for one day only for you to confess your love of all types!

Lycus' quest to aid the newly-discovered Cosmic Solarium continued. After some data gathering in the Cast-Off Shuttle with the ever sunny PA system, as well as finding a friend in a new Kith Nibblug, Lycus continued from the Core into the Upper Crust. He met first with RiGBy's pal Xenia, a cheerful caretaker droid with many unique hobbies, before moving to the Terrace to meet Marisol and Beebot, who seemed to be unaware of the shortages and distress call that had brought Lycus there in the first place.

March 2019: The Cosmic Solarium

Travel through the Cosmic Solarium continues as Lycus is granted access to meet the Commander, Kyprian, and explain how Hope can help. After a review, Lycus is approved to allow Hope to trade with the Solarium, and he broadcasts the good news to PA system, now known to be called Elliot. However, it is still not all sunshine as Elliot reveals something that shakes Lycus. It is time to return home though. After allying with Nibblug, Lycus arrives back in Hope, and is welcomed home by family and friends.

April 2019: Cosmic Solarium Quests

Hourly and Daily quests became available for all the Solarium npcs throughout the month, starting with good grump Elliot and continued to be added through the month.

Two new amazing artists, Shazzbaa and Ruevian, were added to the Tattered Weave team after seeing the amazing custom items they created for the site!

May 2019: Bumble Bum

Quests were added and expanded on to include updates to current lore and expand interactions between npcs across all currently discovered remants!

The newest game was released, Bumble Bum! Help the bumblebee pick some cute flowers, but avoid the enemies in this action platformer!

June 2019: Cosmic Kitchen

Users were granted access to the Cosmic Kitchen in a series of smaller batches, starting with the tools important for the preparation of sustenance on the station. Beebot then buzzed in to announce the release of aspics and other recipes, using such tools as the food compressor and gravity cooker, followed by Xenia and a plethora of recipes sure to please any growing gizmo. And it seems one last surge of recipes slipped through, though Elliot doesn't seem all too happy about it.

July 2019: Fraycation

It seemed Fray had been running around trying to figure out just what types of quests would be best for him. With Andre's suggestion of a relaxing vacation at the Coral Reef, Fray took this as an opportunity to invite as many people as he could from across the remnants. The cross-remnant beach party brought a number of new items, including bath items from Andre, the new Treasured Kith found within their own Treasured Chest, and plus-sized clothing courtesy of both Andre and resident selkie Dione. Bonnie even came out of the woodwork to greet some of the cross remnant guests, cooking some...delectable items with the help of The Witch. As with all good things Fraycation came to an end, but not before Fray was able to release what he needed to put together his quests and secret.

Tattered Weave became Tattered World as the site left beta, seeing a complete new site look, plans for a dark theme and custom themes for the site, and upcoming convention plans as Tattered World entered a new era.

August 2019: Prism Party vs Monochrome Masquerade

August was Diana's birthday month, which usually means a big ole' Prism Party! But looked like Shady was still a little hurt from being booted out of shop and home, and wanted to celebrate his own Monochrome Masquerade celebrating all that is not the garish rainbow nonsense. Users picked a side (or didn't), completing quests for Shady in support of Monochrome, or Club in support of Prism, in the Events section. In the end though, friendship won out with a tie between the two sides.

September 2019: Cosmic Solarium Secrets

Cosmic Solarium Secret Quests were released! Every Solarium character has a unique quest available after you have reached Devoted Reputation. What secrets might be hidden in space?

October 2019: The Illuminary Gala

It was time again for Halloweave! The Abandoned Arcade opened once again, with some all new spooktacular items! Every shopkeeper stocked special Gummy Bats that could then be turned in at the Exchange for selection halloweave pails for the year of your choice!

The Enchanted Forest hosted a magnificent Illuminary Gala, inviting all from across the remnants to attend, and to witness the crowning Rejuvenation Ritual to strengthen the Heart of the Forest. But all was not as smooth as it seemed, as Princess Celariel suspected there was a secret plot to overthrow her brewing. Students were asked to investigate three suspects, the depressed dryad Mara, the conniving elf Dynrial, and the battle-hungry avoreal Thelvoskye, through the Event System, to see if any could be threatening Celariel and the throne. Each week brought more information, Mara interrupting Lenta's Ritual preparations, The Feast that should have brought great joy but instead was spurned on by terrible memories from the last Gala, and updates throughout from the Masked Dancer Thread. Upset by the apparent lack of support, Princess Celariel armed users with new sword patterns, to protect her and take one final look at the suspects. But without enough evidence, users chose to reassure Celariel there wasn't a plot against her, and to proceed with the Ritual. But there was a traitor, with Mara's intervention, and the return of an old foe in the Narrator, the magic was changed, funneled into Celariel, and the Dragon was born.

November 2019: Reign of the Dragon

Celariel's transformation complete, The Dragon had taken full control of the forest, taking the citizens Kith as her own underlings, and the Narrator acting as royal advisor as she worked to take full control of the magic of the Heart. And yet, the other forest citizens began an underground resistance- could they gather the missing members across the remnants? As they worked to bring everyone together and planned how to rescue those currently imprisoned, the Narrator offered to take the Dragon's responsibility into his own of hosting the Site Contest, though Scribe and Iris promised that they would make sure his critique would not affect the contestants, and they would choose the winners. Piper and Lycus found each other, and members across the remnants brought forth magical components and weapons they hoped would aid in the rescue of the prisoners. All was not well, however, as it became clear Club had lost her ally in Shady and was now under the Narrator's control. Still, there was hope,and the prisoner rescue proved to be a raging success through the use of custard and laughter, even sprouting some laughter and hesitation from the Dragon- perhaps someone could reach her and bring the Princess back? Users voted through the event system to determine which of the Forest citizens should reach through the Celariel. The Site Contest came to a close, and with it, the Forest citizens were also able to reach their Kith and reform their alliances. Finally, the time came, and Othidar stepped up to try to reach through to Celariel, calling on the Princess' own strength to break through, and Celariel cast the Narrator aside as the Forest cast a new Rejuvination Ritual, one to help restore her to herself. Even Shady was able to reach back to Club, though the Narrator left an ominous warning for the future.

December 2019: Voices in the Mist

With the aftermath of her Draconic Reign the previous month, Princess Celariel stepped forth to bring her apologies and offers of recompense. Though this was succeeded by more, a new vow from her to face the End she felt during her transformation not with tradition and sacrifice, but to face it together, as a newly crowned Princess Celariel the Dragonheart. Soon after, a fog started to move into the remnants, which Iris in particular found unsettling, but she braved the edges of the Tatters to make sure any Kith coming through were safe. Within she found a Voice, bringing portents of the End. The Voice returned later, bringing more prophecies of finality, including three unique quests that granted pottery revealing stories of gods and death and destruction. But what exactly did these stories mean?
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