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Hopes for Fears by Taiga won the Gallery Spotlight! If Snarls are truly negative emotions, ripped and coiled from Hope, then perhaps the first step to destroy them is to destroy these emotions themselves.
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Custom Item Rules

You may only submit art that you own the rights to. This means you must draw the art yourself (not traced) or have commissioned the art AND explicitly own the rights to use that art in our submissions. Use of copyrighted material is strictly prohibited and will be rejected. The only exception is existing Tattered World art: you may use edited art from the site in your submissions, unless that art is another user’s private submission. For public submissions, please consider each others' feelings and opinions on the matter and ask for consent before submitting an edit of a public custom item, but as the original submitter has already given the item to the site for any public use, no additional permission is required.

You may add in the Notes section if you would like your item to be a private submission. The difference between a private submission and a public submission is that private submissions are delivered solely to the user who submitted the art, and are not free for others to use in submissions; while public submissions are available for all users to buy on the site and are free for others to use in submissions. Whenever someone buys your public submission, you will receive 25% of the sale. Please consider these two options carefully before asking for a private submission. You may give, trade, or sell private items to other users if you wish to.

When your item is accepted, if it is a public item, you will automatically receive 1 copy and it will become available for other users to purchase with Shards or Gems from a store. Please wait to sell or donate these submissions until after the items have been announced in the News. You may make a request for its Rarity (Common, Uncommon, Rare, or Premium) in the Notes section, but ultimately that will be decided by the admin uploading the item. More detailed/complex/large items will likely be a higher rarity. For every Premium item you submit, you must also submit at least 3 non-Premium items (you can choose to submit the Premium item before any of the 3 non-Premium items). If you are submitting an edit of an existing Premium item, or if your edit includes an existing Premium item, your submission will be up for sale for the same Gem price as the highest-priced original Premium item. For Special items, such as those obtained in Quests or Events, those edits will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

All submissions must meet the site guidelines of a PG-13 rating, as well as all other site rules such as harassment and obscenity. Please review our Terms of Service and Guidelines before submitting, as those pages go into further detail about your rights and restrictions. Every submission will be handled on a case-by-case basis, but if you have any questions please feel free to check your content idea in the User Q&A Forum or send a Message to our Site Manager, club.

If your art includes anything that requires a translation, please provide the translation as well as plaintext of the original as well in the Notes section, so we may verify it through alternate channels. If your translation cannot be verified, your submission may be rejected. Please link to your plaintext, such as by posting it on the Forums or in Pastebin or similar copy-paste sites, because special characters such as those from non-English languages can cause a 500 Error when submitting!

If your submission is rejected, the Custom Clothing Submission will be returned to your Inventory and you will be able to either edit the rejected submission and re-submit, or choose to delete the submission and keep or sell/trade your Custom Clothing Submission to another user. The Notes section will explain the reason why your submission was rejected, and you can reply to the admin there in the Notes when you re-submit.

Feel free to share your submissions on social media! We ask that you please include a link back to the site so that new users can sign up and enjoy your hard work as a fellow player! Note that if your submission is an edit of existing Tattered World art, you should also always include credit to the original artist.

Custom Clothing Rules

Your Clothing images should be exactly 200x250 pixels. You will need an image for each of the four Poses. You will also need a thumbnail that should be 100x100 pixels. (For hair/head items, use the Mannequin Head Thumbnail PSD.) All of your images must be transparent .png images.

To help the Staff keep organized files, please include your item name and color name in the filename. Our items usually follow this naming schema: itemname_colorname_pose.png but you're welcome to use whatever method helps you remain organized. Having this information in the filename really helps us save time when making previews and such for you!

Unless the item is so small that you can’t see detailed shading, you should match the general site style by having black line art, a base color, a highlight color, and 2 shadow colors. See the Tutorial for details.

If you'd like to make recolors of your Clothing, you may visit the Forums to request a discounted rate for each recolor you wish to submit. Depending on what type of recolor item you are looking to get a Custom Clothing Submission for will depend on its Gem cost. Shard items will cost 200 Gems to recolor, regardless of complexity; Premium items will cost 300 Gems to recolor unless they are scenery items that cover part of the background, such as Scrying Spells. Club will decide whether a Premium item falls into the 300 or 400 price range on a case by case basis.

All Shard Items: 200 Gems
Most Premium Items: 300 Gems
Background/Scrying Spell Premium Items: 400 Gems

Discounted Custom Clothing Submission items MUST be used for recolors or they will be rejected. We will also bundle your recolors for you, similar to the way Badges are bundled in the Headmaster's Office!

Custom Kith Stage Rules

Your image should be exactly 200x200 pixels, and your thumbnail should be the SAME image sized down to 48x48 pixels. Both should be transparent .png images.

You are free to use any style you like here, so long as the image is recognizably the same type of Kith. If you want a crayon drawing or abstract painting or macaroni art, go for it! You can also draw on top of any of your Kith's existing Stages to give them accessories or auras or, well, whatever else you imagine they might want to wear!

Regardless of whether you choose to make your Kith Stage a private or public submission, it will always be set at a price of 1000 Gems.
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