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You are not Alone by Ruevian won the Writing Spotlight! This is the tale of a sorrowful princess and the lonely monster that became her family.
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September Event: Valeria's Secret!

As hinted at by our favorite Faun, it's time for the September Update: Golden Colosseum Secrets!

Over the next few days, the Golden Colosseum shopkeepers will be confessing some of their innermost thoughts in a series of special Unique Quests. Each character's Secret Quest will only be available to players who have reached a reputation level of Devoted (four red hearts) or higher, so be sure to complete lots of Hourly and Daily Quests to raise your rep levels and earn their trust! (Note that it may take up to an hour for each new Quest storyline to display on your account.)

If you haven't yet unlocked the Golden Colosseum characters, don't forget you can meet them by doing lots of Hourly Quests for Chrysa, learning how to pierce through the magical mist that surrounds this mysterious land! You can also buy a Colosseum Letter of Recommendation from the Headmaster's Office to automatically increase your reputation levels.

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Site Contest Winners: September 2020

The curtain must be drawn at last upon the September Site Contest. I was deeply moved by all of your beautiful gallery entries, as well as impressed by the care and skill that was woven into the clothing that you have designed. My darling Eludance wished to try on all of the attire himself.

Now, let us all bring our hands together in applause for the winners of this month's Site Contest... Spooky Manor by Moth King of Moths in the Clothing Design category, and Moth Kingdom Memorial Hoard in the Gallery category by- oh? A plot twist! This entry is also by Moth King of Moths. Your dual parts were well-played. Go on, Eludance, give your Mothly grandfather his rewards. Ah, not just an embrace; he is also due the official contest rewards.

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Code Update: 9/14/20

I am so, so excited to bring you today's code update, introducing a new major feature to the Dressing Room: Outfits!

Now you can save a specific avatar outfit so that it is always available to put on again later in a single click! Even better, you can choose to use an Outfit on any of your Forum posts on an individual basis! For example, this means I can wear my usual rainbow admin avatar on these News posts, but create an RP outfit for my posts in the Roleplaying Forums. Woohoo!

Once you've saved an outfit, you can click the magnifying glass to immediately change into those clothes again, and you can save over an outfit to update it. This will update the outfit on all your past Forum posts that have been made with that particular outfit.

Everyone starts with 1 free Outfit slot by default, and additional slots can be purchased in the Headmaster's Office with the Wardrobe, Golden Wardrobe, or Glittering Wardrobe.

We've also added the ability to set a specific Kith to your Forum posts, so you can match those spiffy outfits with a coordinated Kith Ally. (Note that if you lose that Kith, by ending the alliance or trading them away, it will revert back to your currently active Kith by default).

As a side note, I am working on getting Tutorials updated across the site, but it's a bit of a slow process due to some outdated code. I appreciate all your patience with the outdated info still being up and I promise we'll get it clarified as soon as possible!

Finally, we've completed a few minor bug fixes for you, including the incorrect score showing in Bumble Bum and some mobile layout weirdness on the Kith Allies page.

If you notice any problems with the site, please let us know in the Technical Support Forums. Thank you all again for helping make Tattered World the best it can be!

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New Items: Unwilting Leaves!

Hey folks! Heard you've hit a pretty big milestone... Six whole months since you first made it to our Remnant?! WOOOO!! That's worthy of a real celebration! I'm gonna trot on over to the Golden Kitchen to grab a bunch of celebratory roasts, some tankards of pomegranate juice, maybe roll over a whole barrel of wine - we can invite all our buddies! Leave it to me - this'll be a night that you'll either never forget or never remember!

'Course, if you're not the type to party 'til the sun comes up... and goes down... and comes back up again... Don't worry about a thing! Got you all covered, too! If a low-key evening is what swings your sword, just whisper the name of your favorite festive snack, and I'll make sure it gets delivered to whatever calm corner you're chilling in. No fuss, no hassle, no need to even leave your room - and hey, the long-distance drinks are on me!

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Site Contest: September 2020

As those of us who live in the Shadow Stage begin to change our scenery in order to perform the plays that are conducted only during the autumn, I hope that you all shall join me in embarking upon a different manner of tradition. It is my honor to play the role of Host for this year's September Site Contest, with the theme of The Haunting Season.

I wish you all good fortune - and I can only hope that this season's autumnal plays shall feature fewer fateful demises than they once did in the past.

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