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Enough for Everyone by Haiz won the Art Spotlight! don't worry, there's plenty of soup at the soup store!
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New Items: Distracting Toys!

Settle down, everyone, please - Gefyra, don't pester Katalyma! Ydroplano, shh, that's not a sea monster, it's just Bonnie's singing.

I know that the endless cacophony of pirate shanties this time of year can be overwhelming. Frankly, they're grating on my nerves, too - and it isn't helping that Tethys won't stop belting loudly into every seashell she finds, trying to drown them all out. Some of us have Kith who need a quiet place to nap! Hmph. At least this month, we have the Hope students contributing some actual musical ability - but don't get me started on the crew's off-key renditions of those carefully-crafted lyrics.

Anyway, I've spent many hours meticulously engineering a new set of toys, which should hopefully help calm you all down - even though your nerves are understandably rattled by the fact that Bonnie is now starting on Verse Seventy-Seven - and I think that together, we should be able to have an actual pleasant afternoon.

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Code Update: 7/7/20

Just a small code update for this week, fixing the footer and adding a few more updates to the Block feature. The only piece of this that you'll notice on your user accounts is that you can now Block users directly from your Settings page.

Thank you all again for making Tattered World the best it can be!

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Site Contest: July 2020

Listen up, landlubbers! Why don't ya appreciate the Coral Reef's summer weather by setting sail with me and my mateys - it's time for the July Site Contest, with the theme o' A Pirate's Life For Me!

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New Premium Items: Stymphalian's Set!

Hm. This latest prophecy is proving inscrutable. "TAKE HEED, O HERETIC, FOR AS THE SUN'S FLAMES TURN TO YE WITH A MIGHT THAT ECHOES ACROSS MOUNTAINS, SO TOO SHALL YOUR HEAD ACHE WITH THE ECHO OF THOUGHT THAT RINGS TO THE STRIKE OF THE ANVIL." Normally I'd interpret this as a spate of damaging hot weather. But this sounds like something more specific-

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New Items: June Recolors!

Get your ice cream here! Fresh-made, ice-cold ice cream! All your favorite flavors!

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