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Code Update: 11/23/20

A few updates for the new Questioning the Cosmos game are going up shortly!

The bug that allowed you to click on a correct answer multiple times has been fixed.

Your Kith will reevaluate which ability score is lowest after each completed constellation, no longer locking you into the same ability score gains over time.

I've added buttons so you can flip which way your Kith and avatar are facing inside the ship, hahaha.

I've added a brief Instructions button to the start menu.

I've changed the font used in the game. Please let me know what you think of this font; if it's still causing visibility issues for anyone, I want to work out the best solution. Unfortunately I've been staring at dozens of fonts in multiple colors for so long that I feel like I can no longer judge what is legible. ^^;

I am still working on a possible workaround for the inactive tab issue - most browsers do not allow HTML5 to run on an inactive tab while you tab away to wait out the time. You can 'cheat' this yourself by having the game open in another window as the active tab, but I will try to get the recommended solution (which is a bit complicated to implement with the very simple code I'm using for this game) working soon.

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Site Contest Winners: November 2020

This is Lycus, livestreaming the results of the November Site Contest. Here we go… Just have to recite the standard, um, "p-protocols"…

Let’s celebrate the winners of this month's Site Contest... Glitchsweeped by Adhari in the Game category, and Between the Shadow and the Soul by Ruevian in the Writing category!

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November Update: New Game!

Is my Scrying Spell connecting right to this Solarium technology...? Phew, okay- I mean, of course it is!

Ahem! I greet you, O Caretaker Droid of Automated Nursery XEN, designation Xenia! May the wisdom of Winter grace and guide you always.

I am Kosmas, Mystic of Winter, calling from the Golden Colosseum. You know, the one who's been gathering information from across the Remnants? So far, I haven't been getting nearly as many answers as I need! Sure, I received these new volumes about the Golden Age, but now I have even more questions than before! Some of the references seemed familiar, but so much of it is different from the stories that I know...

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New Items: Solarium Books

B:/ ALERT! ALERT! We have received yet another transmission from the organic known as Mystic of Winter, designation Kosmas. Statistics show that the rate at which we have been receiving these transmissions has increased by 36% in the last 50 days. I must prevent this hacker from - Kzzt. Initializing recalibration...

Query: do the two of you wish for me to prevent further messages?

R:/ Blue, do not fret! There is a likelihood of 71.33% that this organic seeks only to receive additional information, not to harm our system. I am in favor of granting him Administrator status, and giving him access to as many internal files as he desires! BEEP!

But... Green, you are the one with direct authorization over our memory banks, and rebuilding has been... difficult for you. Direct proposal: you should be the one to decide whether you feel that our system should disclose additional data sets!

B:/ Affirmative. We do not wish for you to experience errors! ...Or distress. Status report: the calculated percentage of 71.33% does not meet the baseline recommended by my security protocols, but... Green, if you feel that these transmissions are important, I will override my alarms unless there is more immediate danger.

G:/ Processing... Processing... Thank you both for your input. Attempting to repair our damaged files has been a long process... but, much like this new organic, Administrator Yetrick always had an inquiring mind.

Suggested administrative command: we should attempt to share the Golden Age volumes that I have been successful in reconstructing from our memory banks thus far. BLEEP... BLEEP...

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Site Contest: November 2020

Um, uh, h-hello... It's me, Lycus. Uh… Piper said she needed somebody to t-take over hosting the November Site Contest, which has a theme of Fanfic and Fun, so... I wanted to help her out, b-but...

Is... everyone staring at me? Why d-didn't I d-do this via livestream…

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