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A Lesson in Bone and Shadow by Ruevian won the Battle Spotlight! Somewhere, in the middle of the swirling storm of destruction and chaos that is The Tatters...
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Cracking Open the Snow Globe!

*huff*... *puff*... *pant*... My word, Iris! Your capacity... for battle... has been... astonishing! All of our practice matches have left me unprepared for your expertise; these Snarls seem to fall effortlessly before you!

It’s quite a challenge to see with all this driving snow, and yet... I do believe that we have nearly reached the edge of the Snow Globe, just as Chrysa predicted! Do you feel capable of one final push forwards?

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Site Contest: January 2022

Good morning, my friends! It's so good to see you all again. How are you doing? I could barely see who was present in battle through all that snow, but it's finally starting to clear up. I got Chrysa's message that we're close to breaking through... I can't wait! If the Snarls and the snowstorm are any indication, my guess is that we'll be a warm blessing to the people on the other side. What do you think?

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New Premium Items: Star Reader Set!

Hm. Happy new year.

She means it, even if she doesn't sound it, I promisssse.

I'm tired. Battle in the blizzard has been dragging on. Progress toward the crack in the ice is slow going. Or it feels that way. Hard to tell with all the snow and hail blocking the view. Zephyr's suffering the worst of it in there, with this battlefield so at-odds with the Goddess of Spring. Kosmas is more than making up for it in his element.

I've never seen Valeria so excited to be second-ranked in an arena!

Hah. She's always happy to have competition. Still. Don’t feel bad. I saw her burst through an avalanche like a fireball in human form.

There's nothing to be ashamed about needing a break! Besides, we have plansssss~

True. You all are welcome to join us, if you want. I've got one more trick to try before I lay down my weapons. As the Oracle, I can call upon the Fallen Goddess in times of need, instead of just waiting for random deities to speak up. At this point, I think it's worth the risk.

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Our 2021 Farewells...

Hope you all had a happy new year over the weekend! The shop timers have all been returned to normal, requiring a minute between purchases.

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New Items: December Kith Submissions!

Normally I like lotsa frosty fun s'long as I can curl up 'round a hot cup of cocoa n' soak up all that sweet sweet heat, but NOT RIGHT NOW! I'm tryin' to warm up some new friends!!!

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