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Site Contest: August 2022

Is it time? How 'bout now? How 'bout now?


I'm your hostest with the mostest, bringin' the theme of Creative Colors to this month's Site Contest! Isn' it PERFECT for Prism Party!? Yeh!!! I gots an Item Design Contest goin' on where you can make your own item COME TRUE jus' by winnin' enough Cheers on your entry!! An' there's also a Clothing Recolor Contest, my favorite, 'cause you can splat your own colors onto any clothin' that's already made an' make it your own kinda beautiful!!

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Code Update: 8/16/22

It's time for another code update! Today's update brings a lot of bug fixes to the site, both big and small.

The cooldown timer in the University Lab should now be working as intended, with a 1-minute cooldown between taking any item from the Lab that does not affect any other shops. Since items from the Lab are free, this cooldown is intended to help everyone get a fair chance at taking free items that are mass-donated to the Lab.

We've made a few text changes around the site to clarify information and make certain settings more obvious. For example, when signing up for a new account, "Email confirmation" has been changed to "Retype email" so that users don't mistakenly wait for an email confirmation code.

The biggest change of all today is in the beta garden: based on user feedback, we have removed wilting as a feature. Instead, we have replaced it with a thriving mechanic, where watering your plant will cause the plant to sparkle and have a rare chance at granting additional items! These additional items have not yet been added to the backend, but will be coming soon in a future code update. We are very excited for the potential that this change brings, as it means we can have a lot of fun adding special chance rewards to all the different plants!

With these changes always comes the chance of new and different bugs causing issues across the site. Please help us out by reporting any problems to the Technical Support Forum so we can take a look and try to fix things as soon as possible!

Thank you all again for helping to make Tattered World the best it can be!

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August Event: Prism (Plant) Party!


So uh.... I found out where the plot bunnies all went. And it is just as I feared. They're infesting everyone's garden plots and refusing to come out! BUT! I have a PLAN! Garden plot bunnies or not, none of them can resist a good story! So I got to business chopping up passages of prose and stuffing them into seed packs!

I've got sad stories, I've got gory stories, I've got weird three-fanfic-deep-AU-coffee-shop-at-a-college-in-the-future stories! Each of these packs should draw out those little buggers in droves depending on which you pick! I don't know what's best so I've got all of these 'seeds' in one big bundle that you can unpack and trade around as you see fit. Some are slow burn and some should get a much more immediate reaction from the plot bunnies depending on what you plant. But I do know that the longer it takes to grow a swarm, the more you'll catch in the end.

You can pick up your own Plant Bunny Seed Packets over at the Headmaster's Office ((or right here in the pop-up!!)) to start pruning the swarm of plot bunnies back to manageable levels.

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New Items: Coral Reef Salads!

Aaahh, you're back! O vigilant heroes, fierce firefighting friends, I am SO relieved to see you safe and sound in the Coral Reef again! When I heard the stories of your most recent adventures, I could hardly believe it! How fearful! How terrifying! How dramatic! You see what happens when you spend a summer vacationing in a place where all the water is FROZEN?! But you solved it with the power of delicious food!! Well, growing food anyway…

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Social Media: August 8 – 12th Weekly Promo Calendar!

Hey everyone! Here is a breakdown of this week’s social media promotions. All of these promotions will run from 10am CHT on the day they begin, to 10am CHT the following day.

Monday: Chatty Monday - Receive 150 shards per post on the forums - three times the regular amount!
Tuesday: Flip n' Fry Cookoff - No cooldown on the Dormitory Kitchen Tools.
Friday: Cloth and Color Day - Supporting user shops on this day will result in a 25% commission increase for the artist you are purchasing from!

There will be full image ads on our Twitter and Facebook when the promotions go live!

If you have any comments or feedback, please post them in this thread for us. Thank you all again for helping to make Tattered World the best it can be!

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