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Spectrum Consort's and Siren's Robes by Rayne won the Recolor Spotlight! The Shadow Stage is full of colorful characters, but a color-lacking Thespian may turn to Spectrum to fill the rainbow void in their heart.
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Event Update: Breaking Into the Vault

Ohh, I think that’s it… I think… No! I know we’ve done it now! Doubt is… defeated! That last battle was so tough, but it’s finally over!

Thank you, everyone, for fighting with all that you could muster! And for believing in yourselves… and in me.

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Site Contest: July 2024

Folks… I think this is it… You’ve been doing your best, but the Scourge has only gotten stronger and stronger. You’ve been fighting for so long, but I think… maybe you should just give up on us. Face it, folks, you’ve been fooling yourselves and us. You don’t have what it takes to beat Doubt…


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Code Update: 7/16/24

Hello again, everyone! I'm very sorry for the delay, but we have put a fix in place for the achievement bug that was not correctly displaying your progress towards battles tried in the Gallery Trappings Arena against the Scourge of Doubt. That felt pretty doubtful to me...

The next time you battle, the achievement progress should update with all your past record and reward you the achievement if you have met the required number of battles. If you have any further questions or problems, please report it in the Technical Support Forum or let me know with a ping here in this thread and I'll work to fix it ASAP!

Thank you all for helping to make Tattered World the best it can be!

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Event Update: Gallery Giftshop

Ohhh, can't this gondola ride go any faster?! The Scourge of Doubt is getting worse by the minute, and I fear what that means for the Masterpieces closest to the vault... At this rate, we won't be able to catch up with Specter, the waterfalls will drown out everyone before we can save them, the vault itself - no! With the Gallery Kith by my side, absorbing my fears, Doubt won’t be getting to me again!

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New Premium Kith: Doubt Kith!

No... I-I can't... I won't-

GAH! This Scourge of Doubt is insidious! How does it keep slipping past my defenses? Why does this Scourge get to me so much more than the others did? I feel like such a fool! This should be no different than any other Scourge battle!

I don't understand... What's wrong with me?

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