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Undead Phowl by Firebirb won the Kith Design Spotlight! I LOVE SPOOKY TIME AND FALL AND I COULDNT HELP MYSELF.
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New Items: October User Submissions!

Ugh, I leave for just one month and this is what I come back to? I got ghost cats jumping in and out of the furniture! There are rogue snakes in the scarf stands! Moths are taking over the headband display! And don't even get me started on all the dang BIRDS! That's it! I can't take this zoo anymore! All y'all critters get over here! That includes you convincing-doppelganger-people too!

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New Items: Haunted Halloweave!

Scanning... Scanning... Nothing?! S-stupid rain...! We’re definitely going to need to use these transmission boosters from the Solarium, or there’s no way our signal will g-get through all these storms! I’m switching them on now.

Hypothesis: Already? But... the outlined plan = wait for the Colosseum soldiers to drive back the outermost wave of Snarls before we initiate our broader search of the area...

Argh... I know, and the last thing I want is for their tech to get fried by all this lightning... B-but this Enchanted Sonar is b-basically useless on its own! And Marcus c-could be out there right now, in trouble...!

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Site Contest: October 2021

I’m so sorry, everyone, I know that normally I’d be launching the October Site Contest right now, but I... I just can't! “Dreams and nightmares”... Mrrr, this situation is an ACTUAL nightmare!

We’ve completely lost contact with all of the Merfolk who were supposed to be in the protective deep trenches - and none of the Shimmerscales who’ve gone down to find them have come back! The Snarl attacks on the surface are intensifying, the abandoned Kith are panicking, and some of these wild reports flying around... I don’t know. I just don’t know!

Everyone’s getting swallowed up, all of my friends, everybody in the reef, and I’ve been trying so, so hard to stay calm and keep it together for everyone, but... I keep thinking - who’s next? Am I next?! And I’m so - I’m so terrified, and it’s all getting worse, and everything is -

Everything’s going to-

...be okay.

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New Premium Items: Specterfin Badge!

Ahhhh, thank the tides for these solitary caverns, just to take a brief moment for myself and my Kith. Bah... Dione's probably right that we shouldn't let the Snarls catch us completely alone, but the three of you have enough teeth to turn any monster into sea foam, don't you? Hhehh.

Besides, the Seabed’s been so crowded I can barely hear myself think in there, with the Shimmerfins endlessly swimming in with more refugees from the Snarl attacks... All of them constantly fussing and jostling in terror, until I have to snap at them to mind the babies... My gills are barely able to breathe in my own home!

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New Items: September User Submissions!

Everybody!!! I know lotsa scary stuff is happenin' right now out in the Coral Reef, but it's more important now than ever before to make sure you're using the BBKBS! The Best Buddy Kith Buddy System! That means keeping your best buddy Kith around with you ALL THE TIME! I've got Andre on a hard lockdown- see this thread on my tail? It's tied to Andre's foot! That way we can both keep runnin' our shops n' doin' stuffs, so even if he's outta my sight, I'll know if anything happens!

You all gotta do the same!! FOR SAFETY!!!!

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