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All Topics » Announcements » July Update: Treasured Kith!

July Update: Treasured Kith!

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July Update: Treasured Kith! 12

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July Update: Treasured Kith!

by Fray » July 05, 2019 12:31 PM

Last Edited: July 21, 2019 12:00 AM

[Click here to read a summary of this month's update so far!]
Okie, Marcus, I'm all ready t' go divin' with you an' X an' Lycus an' my bestie Hypothesis - look how sparkly this magical Siren’s Body Paint made my fur!

Ooh! Maybe we'll find a snazzy present for Andre, since he's the one who came up with the idea to go on this amazin' trip! Plus, I betcha that huntin' for treasure's gonna help me come up with all o' the most fantastical ideas for my Quests - I can feel it!! I'm PRACTICALLY ready t' decide on-

Fray forum2

Re: July Update: Treasured Kith!

by Lycus » July 05, 2019 12:32 PM

D-don't worry, Fray! We've got p-plenty of time to conduct our investigation. Diving with Marcus almost always uncovers s-something worth further research... p-particularly ever since Hypothesis, uh, "helpfully" ate my last Enchanted Sonar. It's a good idea to investigate using their newly-acquired echolocation and scanning abilities! In fact, Hypothesis' insatiable appetite is what led me to bundle all of my previous lab experiments for sale in the Headmaster's Office so that we can systematically record what occurs when Hypothesis eats each one.

Er, so my point is, there's n-no need to rush! P-Plus, um... I'd rather stay in the water than go back to the b-beach right now. My parents were setting up a picnic, and that means it's only a matter of time before they start bringing out the... gulp... hula hoops.
HYPOTHESIS: hula hoops = the most delectable part of any picnic!

Uh, w-wait, Hypothesis, that's not... ...Actually, if you ate the Artois family hula hoop collection, that would probably solve a lot of problems for me. B-but, let's not get distracted with that yet! There are discoveries to make!
Affirmative! Engaging sonar senses now! PING... PING... PING... Scan complete! Notable data detected: plenty of precious metals and… unfamiliar life forms?
Hope lycus forum
Kith seabun stage3 green 200px

Re: July Update: Treasured Kith!

by Marcus » July 05, 2019 12:34 PM

Last Edited: July 05, 2019 12:39 PM

Golly, there must be some hidden caverns in these rocks, if somethin's livin' inside! Looks like there's a tiny hole in the coral, behind all that debris that's washed up with the tide… This reef's been me favorite divin' hole for years, but I never would've spotted that without yer sonar, Hypothesis! Now, what should we do with all o' this flotsam and jetsam that's blockin' the entrance? Hmm... aha! Ahoy down there, Ogenus! C'mere - would ya like some new trinkets for yer hoard? We could use yer help clearin' this junk away from the cavern!

Ya got a hold o' the end o' that rope, Fray? Ogenus, ya ready to tug hard? OKAY! Three... two.... one.... HEAVE-HO!

GOSH! That's a sight for sore eyes! This hidden cavern is chock full o' Treasured Chests, and all o' them are overflowing with... Kith?!

Wowie! Look at this here Whimperial Treasured Chest, with a beautiful pearly sheen! And hey, there's a shimmering Baubleacean Treasured Chest, peekin' out o' its shell - hi there, lil' buddy! Uh oh, Fray, watch where yer swimmin' - that Amourtis Treasured Chest has got an awful lot o' teeth!

Hey, X, what's that spot yer markin' over there? I know ya love yer glittery trinkets, but be careful about divin' into that golden treasure chest - it's sure got a mighty strange glow to it-!

HAW! Would ya look at that, X! That magical treasure transformed ya into a shinin' Seafairy Treasured Chest! Gosh, ya sure are sparkly!

I guess we better start luggin' all this treasure onto the beach, so we can introduce all these new friends to our visitors! Lycus, I bet yer dad will be happy to host them in his Headmaster's Office. Say, Ogenus, ya don't mind if we take some o' these trunks to the surface with us, right?
Npc forum marcus
Kith treasured seafairy thumb

Re: July Update: Treasured Kith!

by Ogenus » July 05, 2019 12:35 PM

Last Edited: July 19, 2019 10:15 PM

Hhhheh, not at all. It's about time that somebody found treasure chests that contained something other than a pile of plain old Shards. And this cavern's nice and sheltered. Hmmmmm... maybe I should start a separate hoard of treasured trash in here, where there aren't so many teething mouths -

What's this? I hadn't expected such a small Kith to join my Amourtises as they're feasting on all those gadgets and gizmos. And you say that this "Nibblug" absorbs the attributes of the things that they eat? Fascinating. Hhehh, it seems that my Amourtises have finally made a friend who can match them for appetite.


[Continue to next Update post]
Npc forum ogenus
Kith red

Re: July Update: Treasured Kith!

by Diana » July 05, 2019 12:36 PM

Our Premium Treasured Chest Kith are now available to purchase for gems in Nicholas' Headmaster's Office! For those of you with Coral Reef Kith, now they can join X in unlocking a sparkly new form!

In addition, the Headmaster's Office also contains the following Premium Lab Experiment Bundles: Pick A Part: Club Flier Badge, Pick A Part: Stuffy Badge, Pick A Part: Lab Experiments Badge, and the Pick A Part: Artois Audio Log Badge. PHEW, that's a mouthful - and not just for Hypothesis.

Thanks again to all of you who make Tattered Weave possible by supporting the site!
Avatar image 1720200208 26740 qtrnak
Kith 200pluff

Re: July Update: Treasured Kith!

by Himochi » July 05, 2019 12:49 PM

Last Edited: July 05, 2019 12:53 PM

Ohhh, these new Kith stages are so cute!!!

And hey, [@Ogenus] - if you decide to set up a new hoard I can always help you get settled in and move anything you want over. With all the new Nibblugs in Hope, it's been hard enough to keep my own collection safe from being eaten... I'm happy to help try and save yours from unwanted nibbling.
Avatar image 33220200508 25140 161equx
Kith spacewhale stage1 grey

Re: July Update: Treasured Kith!

by Dread » July 05, 2019 12:50 PM

Oh gosh all these shiny boxes full of kith!
Avatar image 26420200518 5205 1jfh2yl
Kith yellow1

Re: July Update: Treasured Kith!

by Paradox » July 05, 2019 01:08 PM

Hypothesis..... you know what this means..... TIME TO EAT THE ARTOIS FAMILY HULA HOOPS. Munchity crunchity, there goes the hoops
Avatar image 428920200312 8906 aeea28
Kith 200px 0007 alicorn red fullsize.png

Re: July Update: Treasured Kith!

by ariannx » July 05, 2019 01:24 PM

Hey, guys! Can we bring the hula hoops to the fraycation? Hula on the beach!!1! Par-tay!
Avatar image 26120200514 3790 xh33qa
Kith blue1

Re: July Update: Treasured Kith!

by Moth King of Moths » July 05, 2019 01:29 PM

aw, oggy made a trash friend!
Avatar image 18720200411 25734 1f0nofj
Kith succulentmortis

Re: July Update: Treasured Kith!

by ela maia » July 05, 2019 01:44 PM

love all the kith finally getting treated like the treasure they are <3 <3 <3 thats right little babies! shine in the sun!
Avatar image 654720200311 9696 1j39nkf
Kith cinis stage2 oange clubfix
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