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You are not Alone by Ruevian won the Writing Spotlight! This is the tale of a sorrowful princess and the lonely monster that became her family.
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Joined: June 22, 2016 Active Kith: Sammy
Birthday: December 15 Kith Alliances: 16
I am: the landlord Forum Posts: 3133
Call me: she/her Website: Shazzbaa.com
Cheers: 635 Gallery: View
Wishes Granted: 3693 Wishlist: View
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Latest Forum Activity

  • 12/08
    Re: Budge's Cottage

    oh GOSH, glad you're doing better! And best of luck with new job apps, tHAT SOUNDS LIKE SO MUCH. Have ~ tHeSe UnCeRtAiN tImEs ~ made job hunting more complicated? That sounds like the sort of thing that could honestly go either way. ohhhh PET TIKTOK IS A BLESSING. I continue to be really fanscinated with the way there ends up being all these different, like, self-proclaimed camps on tiktok that you get sort of sorted into based on the content you interact with, the way people in comments will excitedly proclaim "YESSS I MADE IT INTO HORROR TIKTOK" or look around all baffled like "how.... did I get onto frog tiktok????" when the algorithm gets confused. "I find it a little hard to follow" YOU'RE NOT WRONG, SO MUCH OF THIS FRANCHISE MAKES NO SENSE LMAO. The fandom is a delight, though. It's got that weird energy of something that had a big explosion of popularity but has since died down when the game ended, so the people who are still Active in the fandom are the folks who most enjoy exploring and extrapolating off of the parts of the story that were never really answered. I've always loved stuff that hints at interactions and characters that we never really get to see in full, and since BatIM's story is mostly told through old audio logs and characters who have been horribly transformed by Whatever Happened Here, it has a lot of that vibe, plus the chance to design our own versions of characters who have very few hints of a canon appearance at all, so im having a lot of fun xD its my current obsessive fav tho so I'LL STOP THERE LMAO as far as festivities go IM LOOKING FORWARD TO MY BIRTHDAY!!! IN!!! ONE WEEK!!!! but other than that I'm most looking forward to not having to do any festivities haha. THE BEST GIFT

  • 12/08
    Re: Code Update: 12/8/20

    !!!!!! OH YES CHEERING POSTS!!!!! EXCELLENT Oh man u guys we gotta make a poll now, what should we poll!!!!

  • 11/26
    Re: Budge's Cottage

    :D Hey howdy my dude! Welcome back! THERE SURE HAS BEEN A LOT GOING ON IN THE WORLD HUH!!! Other than the Everything, I'm doing okay! Tried cosplay and tiktok for the first time and fell face first into a new fandom (bendy and the ink machine) and have, uh, [glances at notes] been baSICALLY DOING NOTHING BUT THAT, How about you? How's college been treating you?

  • 11/19
    Re: November Update: New Game!

    VERY seconding this. I checked out the game first before reading the announcement, and was absolutely confusedly clicking on the stars in the background art and wondering if something hadn't loaded, until I came back to read the announce and saw it called an "idle game" and went OHHHHHH OKAY. It'd also be nice if it explained what kind of game it is before you hit "play". Like, there's another screen before you ACTUALLY start up, but sitting there being like "???? but how does it work??? I guess I'll hit play and find out????" when other games have "how to play" options before you jump in feels weird. But yeah, in some way saying in the actual game itself that it's an idle game, or a background game, or having a how-to-play page that explains it's time to turn on the autopilot and relax as the ship runs in the background, with questions to answer and constellations to draw every so often along the way! would help make it less confusing, since no other game on the site works like this.

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    [If I don't have pink hair, I'm probably cosplaying one of my characters.
    Currently cosplaying this inky jerk.

    Just your Friendly Neighbourhood Definitely-Not-Evil Landlord!
    • Please do not set the dorm on fire, unleash ancient evils in the common room, or rip holes in the fabric of reality anywhere on the dormitory property.

    • Please remember that your landlord's repairs budget is already strained by the generous pet policy made to accommodate the kith, and keep housing affordable for everyone by not unleashing apocalypses on the premises.

    • Seriously, I shouldn't have to remind you guys of this so much. It's pretty straight-forward.

    • For legal reasons, please keep all magic designed to detect or destroy "evil" to a minimum within the dormitory. Thank you.

    [TW!Shazz on Toyhouse]


    My TW Art Thread!
    My Custom Clothing Thread!
    My Custom Kith Thread!


    WAIT. Are you a staff artist?
    Yes, I am! I draw official art for Tattered World, though this doesn't give me any moderator powers or gameplay perks, and I don't get any secret knowledge about the plot or NPCs unless I need it in order to draw things!

    Officially released stuff I've drawn so far:
    - Fray's NPC portraits
    - Muscled Leggings
    - All the Halloweave Hands items (Boo sketched most of these, I finished them!)
    - Half Wall (Boo sketched this)
    - Mara, Thelvoskye, and Dynrial's portraits from the Illuminary Gala Event!
    - Everything in the Cybernetics Badge Bundle except the wings!
    - All Golden Colosseum NPC portraits! (Chrysa, Pythia, Zephyr, Gallus, Valeria, Kosmas, Quintina)
    - The book series starting with I: The Golden Age
    - Hope Snarls: Time is Ticking, Supply Yourself, Look Out, Safe in Bed, Failing Marks, and Pursue Only Gems (Gwen sketched these, I finished them!)


    from stopboorider » December 04, 2020 03:18 PM

    Sammy!! I'm so glad to see you so supportive of our new Bendy plushes!! Keep up the good work

    from Himochi » November 09, 2020 10:10 AM

    You alright there Sam...?

    from Dread » October 20, 2020 01:48 PM

    hehehe I'm glad you like them shazz

    from Dusky » October 09, 2020 07:07 PM

    Oohoohoo your avi! Is a nice Sammy!

    from stopboorider » October 02, 2020 12:37 AM

    mr lawrence yes
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