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We contain Multitudes by Dread won the Kith Spotlight!
I would like to introduce y'all to the multitude that is Graphite, as while I did ally with them all at once, they are many as Dollmaker would say.
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Controlled Burn

Joined: June 22, 2016 Active Kith: Zach
Birthday: December 15 Kith Alliances: 15
I am: the landlord Forum Posts: 3076
Call me: she/her Website: Shazzbaa.com
Cheers: 566 Gallery: View
Wishes Granted: 3543 Wishlist: View
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Latest Forum Activity

  • 04/08
    Re: Rep for Event Hourlies is Weird

    -nodnod- I think that's a big part of it to me is like...... the event quests are ostensibly for the event, not for NPC reputation. You can't just be like "well dont do the quests then lol" because you might just be excited about the event. So either, abstain from the Event that you actually want to do, or get unrelated content way more quickly than it feels like you "should," which is an unfortunate choice to have to make.

  • 04/08
    Rep for Event Hourlies is Weird

    so like, I actually do really enjoy event quests granting rep -- especially for this remnant, where the first stage is hidden, and doing quests for them reveals the character. And it's a nice touch that we're now not getting event quests for Chrysa -- we've had the chance to unlock later stages and actually see her in not-silhouette, but we're not just cranking all the way up to Devoted. That's great! Which is the main thing, like.... I like getting a stage or two in, but unlocking all the content before we even get real quests for the remnant feels weird. It feels like speedrunning the game and skipping part of the story and finishing all the content before you're supposed to. So I'm less a fan of that part. SO UH.... GETTING REP FOR HOURLIES IS FEELING A LITTLE LIKE.... THAT SECOND ONE. I'm by no means going full force on this event... I keep missing hourlies just because I forget for an hour and I'm sleeping a normal amount and all that, but I've already unlocked Gallus' friendly portrait and quotes before we've even really met him. I have 33 reputation with Zephyr already and we're not even halfway done with the event. Maybe this is fine and y'all have already planned for chill points so these characters aren't ENTIRELY REVEALED TO US before we've even unlocked the remnant but just like...... figured I'd mention that things r feelin real speedy now even when I'm not PUSHING HARD TO DO EVERY QUEST

  • 04/07
    Re: Beta Battle Suggestions

    [@CloudedOtter] YEAH seconding this -- this was a thought I'd had as well!! THANKS FOR PUTTING IT IN GOOD WORDS (Also, figured I'd post here as well for folks not watching the giveaways forum -- until/unless this is adjusted, I'm offering One Free Strategy to anyone who finds the current price prohibitive -- just post in my thread letting me know your highest stat and I'll send you something!)

  • 04/07
    Re: One Free Strategy!!

    Sweet! Grabbed Feint Strategy and sent it your way!

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    [If I don't have pink hair, I'm probably cosplaying one of my characters.]

    Just your Friendly Neighbourhood Definitely-Not-Evil Landlord!
    • Please do not set the dorm on fire, unleash ancient evils in the common room, or rip holes in the fabric of reality anywhere on the dormitory property.

    • Please remember that your landlord's repairs budget is already strained by the generous pet policy made to accommodate the kith, and keep housing affordable for everyone by not unleashing apocalypses on the premises.

    • Seriously, I shouldn't have to remind you guys of this so much. It's pretty straight-forward.

    • For legal reasons, please keep all magic designed to detect or destroy "evil" to a minimum within the dormitory. Thank you.

    [TW!Shazz on Toyhouse]


    My TW Art Thread!
    My Custom Clothing Thread!
    My Custom Kith Thread!


    WAIT. Are you a staff artist?
    Yes, I am! I draw official art for Tattered World, though this doesn't give me any moderator powers or gameplay perks, and I don't get any secret knowledge about the plot or NPCs unless I need it in order to draw things!

    Officially released stuff I've drawn so far:
    - Fray's NPC portraits
    - Muscled Leggings
    - All the Halloweave Hands items (Boo sketched most of these, I finished them!)
    - Half Wall (Boo sketched this)
    - Mara, Thelvoskye, and Dynrial's portraits from the Illuminary Gala Event!
    - Everything in the Cybernetics Badge Bundle except the wings!
    - the Voice In The Mist
    - The book series starting with I: The Golden Age


    from Haiz » March 07, 2020 03:20 PM

    oh my gosh your title

    from Moth King of Moths » March 01, 2020 04:29 PM

    GASP! Shazz is a kitty! I pet!!!! -pet pet pet pet pet-

    from Moth King of Moths » February 14, 2020 11:11 PM

    Shazzbaa's a cute! Shazzbaa's a sweet! Looks real pretty! Looks real pretty!

    from Ruevian » February 13, 2020 04:01 PM


    from MagpieM » January 31, 2020 10:13 PM

    Hehehe, Thank you! I've been itching to be Bianca again since you made the lapel flower because, perfect, lmao!
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