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Purple and Darkness by Lydia won the Art Spotlight!
Waiting for you to speak, the dark witch strokes her kith
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Preview All Premium Content

There are lots of ways to support the site with Gems!

Speaking of support, did you know that you can get bonus Subscription perks every time you donate money to the team? Take a look at what we have to offer!

What is it you're looking for in the premium shop?
Kith: Make my Kith special!
Clothing: Show me what I can wear!
Account: Ugh, make this site easier!
Characters: Show me more of my favorite character!
Forums: Spruce up my posts!


Quick Links:
Changing A Kith - Getting A Kith - Kith Appearance - Kith Abilities

Changing A Kith

The Name Tag lets you rename your Kith.

You can check what your Kith's exact Personality points are with the Personality Test, and if you don't like what you find, use a Change of Heart to permanently set their Personality exactly the way you want it!

Getting A Kith

Want another Kith? No problem! Buy a Kith Nest to instantly expand your Kith Alliances by 1.

If there's a special Kith you want from another user, you can use the Foreign Alliance to Trade any number of Kith!

Some Kith are harder to win over than others. You can use a Charm to Ally with any of the following Premium Kith:

Gemwing Charm - Hermithog Charm - Talion Charm - Seafairy Charm - Veilious Charm - Insector Charm
Trimerus Charm - Refractail Charm - Zerrygoraff Charm

These Premium charms can only be purchased when the Lucky Venture is visiting Hope:

Crocoduet Charm - Roustique Charm - Masquifette Charm

This premium Charm is available during the annual Palentines Celebration in February:

Couribon Charm

Kith Appearance

Your Kith's color can be changed with a Basic Tattertint or Mixed Tattertint, based on which color you want. You can preview ALL the Kith colors here!

Some Kith Stages are Premium only. Each Premium Kith Stage has a special premium item used to teach your Active Kith a new form. You can preview ALL the Premium Kith Stages here!

Kith Abilities

If you're struggling to raise your Kith's Abilities, you can try using one of the First Class items designed by our Kickstarter backers! Each one raises a Kith's Abilities more than any usual item does.

First Class Item Badge Bundle
Pick A Part: First Class Item Badge

First Class Recipe Badge Bundle
Pick A Part: First Class Recipe Badge

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You can increase the number of Equipped Items you can wear in the Dressing Room with a Clothes Hanger.

Clothes Hanger: +1
Golden Clothes Hanger: +3
Glittering Clothes Hanger: +10

We have a LOT of premium clothing available - too much to fit on this page!

For detailed previews of ALL our premium clothing, click here! Since June 2022, we have added a second premium clothing page here which is sorted by release date rather than Remnant.

Is that STILL not enough clothing for you? Well, now you can make your own designs with the Custom Clothing Submission! You can choose to make your design private, available only to you and anyone you give it to, or public, available for sale in Backstage Broker. If you decide to sell your item publicly, you'll earn 25% of every sale! Check out the Rules for more details.

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If you need more organization, the Lockbox tab at the Bank of Hope has one free slot with which to store your items and money! It's very handy for setting aside a present or giveaway prize you plan to use later. You can buy additional slots with the Silver Lockbox or Golden Lockbox!

Quests can be really time-consuming sometimes, so skip the line at the shops with one of these handy items containing some of the most common Quest items!

Dye Kit



Enchanted Chest (Enchanted Forest)

Spell Pouch (Enchanted Forest)

Seashell Basket (Coral Reef)

Tailoring requires a lot of Materials to do, so here are some of the most commonly needed Materials for you to buy in bulk:

Minor Tailoring Kit

Major Tailoring Kit

Cooking similarly needs a lot of ingredients, so here's a few common ingredients you can purchase:

Grocery Bag

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If you're struggling to raise your Reputation, you can buy a Letter of Recommendation to immediately raise your Reputation by 1 heart! You'll need to buy the right Letter for the Remnant you want:

Letter of Recommendation (Hope)

Enchanted Letter of Recommendation (Enchanted Forest)

Salty Letter of Recommendation (Coral Reef)

Shadow Letter of Recommendation (Shadow Stage)

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On the Forums, you can show off your favorite Remnant or Character by purchasing a Banner to change the blue background around your avatar! You can preview ALL of the available Banners by clicking here!

You can also customize the little icons next to your links with the Pick A Part: Link Icon!

Need more heart color options for your link icons? Try our new Pick A Part: Heart Link Icon!

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