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New Items: Reign of the Dragon

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New Items: Reign of the Dragon 12

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    New Items: Reign of the Dragon

    by Celariel » November 04, 2019 04:55 PM

    Last Edited: November 13, 2019 04:24 PM

    Welcome, welcome, one and all, to
    The Draconic Forest!

    Tell me, what DID you think of our fine collaboration? How satisfying it is to have an audience again, watching my every move with bated breath, raging and weeping over my delectable plot twists... Ah, the general tenor of terror warms my heart. Just like the olden days! Which reminds me, I have a few friends hiding in this forest that I've been looking forward to seeing again... a former protégé, a loyal dog, a puppet who snapped a few of his strings... Yes, I will have quite a few words to share with them...

    But look at me, blathering on, when I am but the humble writer behind the scenes! No, no, I must introduce you all to the star of this particular show - and believe it or not, her lines are ALL her own! Please, follow the flaming spotlight with your eyes as I direct your attention to my newest muse and close collaborator....

    Everyone, put your hands together to welcome your latest leading lady:

    The Dragon!

    I thank thee, my Royal Advisor. Thy words are sweet to mine ears, unlike the bold defiance that plagued the rest of this court. Infuriating wretches, all...

    I have finished the latest sweep of my domain, and I confirmed what we suspected. Though some of the magic within the Heart of the Forest still eludes my hoard, our Ritual continues to siphon it into myself. It shall yet take some time, but eventually, I and I alone shall encompass the Heart, and never we twain shall be separated. My father shall be grateful, in the end. He shall not be able to resist for long.

    My Underlings continue to prowl through the canopies and patrol the bridges, rounding up their former Allies. In the confusion of my transformation, many peons successfully fled, and infuriatingly, many of them still elude our grasp - but our circle of Time Magic remains intact, so they cannot have escaped into the brambles of the Withering and returned to their homes. I expect it is as we have discussed, and they are merely hiding among the tangled root caverns along the outskirts of my Forest.

    No matter. My Underlings shall unearth them soon enough. And in the meantime, our dungeons have been graced with some notable guests. All of the Merfolk who were unable to escape as the Water Magic in the ballroom collapsed... that Commander from the Cosmic Solarium, who will surely be a satisfying hostage when the time comes to turn my conquering attentions to the stars... and of course, thy former enemies, the Headmaster of Hope and his wife. Watching them huddled in the cells must fill thee with sharp satisfaction.

    It does indeed. Well spoken, my daring Dragon! Don't you agree, audience?

    Oh, don't look so shocked... Am I really so loathsome that you can't conceive of your perfect former Princess willingly collaborating with me of her own volition? Even after you witnessed her with your own eyes, drinking my magic down with delight and welcoming me, wide-armed, into her passionate embrace? Surely it's not SO surprising... then again, you fools always were the worst at reading my foreshadowing.

    I spent so long courting this particular collaborator, whispering to her suspicions and coaxing her concerns over the course of so many months, I was almost concerned you might figure me out too soon... Not that I didn't have plenty of unintentional help from that bellowing General and simpering Courtier, of course, may they be enjoying their tenure in their jail cells. Oh, and how could I forget the dear sad Willow Tree, so pitifully easy to manipulate... Pathetic Dryad, filled with such hopeful happiness whenever I whispered sweet words through their leaves.... Yes, they played their part well until it was time to turn my attentions elsewhere. They don't seem to be in the dungeons, so I presume they've crawled off to die somewhere in peace, but you know, I really can't be bothered to find out.

    Regardless, what a reward I've reaped for all my efforts! Look at your former friend - do you like her transformations? Really, despite how long it's been, I clearly have not lost my touch. Spread the word! Thespians are positively passé, in comparison to my newest creation!

    Her Healing Dragon's Top, her Healing Dragon's Headband, the razor-sharp metallic Healing Dragon's Claws that are perfectly fitted to the twisted claws upon her hands... Yes, I have outdone myself here!

    And what about this costume change that she's selected for herself? Her Healing Dragon's Leggings and Healing Dragon's Coat fit her chosen role so well...

    My dastardly Dragon, I believe I speak for all of us when I say that this new outfit truly suits you! Of course, it is but a first draft; once you've finished hoarding all the magic of the Heart of the Forest for yourself, and you've completed your physical transformations, we can make the changes a little more... drastic.

    How I hunger for that moment. And then we shall expand our reach to other realms. Shall we start with thy former homeland, Advisor? Though I should wonder why thy thoughts are set on merely reconquering. For the insults that they have wrought against thee, I should be most amenable to burning the entire kingdom into ash.

    Hmmm... You know, I haven't quite made up my mind. After my temporary journey away from the Stage, I was feeling very prepared to forgive the Thespians for their little quibbles against me, but I must admit, their prolonged defiance has begun to wear upon my nerves - particularly after my brief encore over at the Coral Reef. Taking control of that "dreaded Everstorm" to test their mettle... How disappointing that they didn't call on me to save them, even as they scampered about like ants.

    Oh, look, our audience is dumfounded. Did you not believe me to be behind that? Dear me,
    when will the audience learn that they should be listening to the Hero of the play? Yes, the resurgence of that storm was me - after all, her magic is a song so familiar that I could sing it in my sleep...

    But the Enchanted Forest, with all its fortifications! Now, that did prove a challenge. Honestly, I hadn't planned to try my hand here - not until the the former ruler of this land accidentally sent me such a tempting an invitation by means of invoking these ancient Rituals! I could scarcely believe what I was sensing. It has been so, SO long...

    Dost thou still speak? Our enemies remain at large, and I wish to oversee the hunt!

    Fair enough, my pet. I shall pay a quick visit to the cell of the former Headmaster to let him know that we'll be distributing The Dragon's Badge Bundle and Pick A Part: The Dragon's Badge via his beloved Headmaster's Office, whether he consents or not - really, those temporal shadows are a marvel, though I'm afraid they don't have much life left in them! But that's neither here nor there. I expect that, for all their protestations, we'll find many audience members who are more than happy to echo your magnificent transformations with their own... Let it serve as a prelude to our eventual cross-Remnant Empire!

    Oh, this will be fun...


    [Continue to next Event Update]
    Celariel forum

    Re: New Items: Reign of the Dragon

    by Diana » November 04, 2019 04:56 PM

    Last Edited: November 05, 2019 10:14 AM

    Welcome to Part Two of our two-part Fall Event: The Reign of The Dragon. The Enchanted Forest is in shambles, the Shopkeepers have fled their shops, and despair is in the air. We're not going to just leave things like this, are we?! DEFINITELY NOT. Luckily, the power to save the Forest is in your hands!

    A new Event Page has launched with all-new Quests, but the situation is very different this time!

    This is a Collaborative Event, not a Competitive Event, and this opening Event chapter features an all-new mechanic: sequential Hourly Quests!

    Each of the five remaining non-corrupted Forest shopkeepers - Othidar, Lenta, Alban, Dizzy, and Skyler - need your encouragement to reopen their shops and rebel against the Dragon! Each of them has one Hourly Quest to start, but every time that the community collectively fills a given character's Event Bar enough to reach a certain checkpoint, the old quest in that NPC tab will disappear and unlock new quests, like climbing rungs on a ladder!

    Each NPC has three different Hourly Quests to unlock with each full Event bar, followed by a final Unique Quest when that shopkeeper's Event bar is full for the final time! Once that is complete, their shop will be reopened - and when every bar is filled, we'll move on to the next Event Update!

    So what are you waiting for?! Head to the Event Page! It's time to save the Enchanted Forest!
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    Kith 200pluff

    Re: New Items: Reign of the Dragon

    by Dread » November 04, 2019 05:04 PM

    Avatar image 26420200620 15609 wo4q9g
    Kith pink3

    Re: New Items: Reign of the Dragon

    by Gloria » November 04, 2019 05:10 PM

    hrmm.. i should have thought that the everstorm was your fault...
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    Re: New Items: Reign of the Dragon

    by Kenome » November 04, 2019 05:17 PM

    *stays hidden in the shadows*

    I must do all I can to help!

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    Re: New Items: Reign of the Dragon

    by Elfy » November 04, 2019 05:18 PM

    [@Celariel] hey narrator


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    Kith chub

    Re: New Items: Reign of the Dragon

    by noxlamenta » November 04, 2019 05:19 PM

    Still a hack job writer parroting another's story, tch

    The consequences for this infraction on our beloved friends shall be quite sever Mister Narrator
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    Re: New Items: Reign of the Dragon

    by Taiga » November 04, 2019 05:23 PM

    Posted by: "Celariel ★"

    Taking control of that "dreaded Everstorm" to test their mettle... How disappointing that they didn't call on me to save them, even as they scampered about like ants.

    Oh, look, our audience is dumfounded. Did you not believe me to be behind that? Dear me,
    when will the audience learn that they should be listening to the Hero of the play? Yes, the resurgence of that storm was me - after all, her magic is a song so familiar that I could sing it in my sleep...

    "Her"? Narrator, you speak of the storm as if it were sentient? Or even a home...

    But the fact that the Everstorm was quelled without you saving us proves that you and your techniques aren't the only things capable of stopping it.

    Kind of makes your whole "I'm trying to take over the worlds to save you" excuse moot.

    And Princess, my words may fall of deaf ears, so I will make it quick. You call him a "Royal Adviser"... and yet would an "advisor" act this way?
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    Kith stage4 blue2 200px

    Re: New Items: Reign of the Dragon

    by MossyWitch » November 04, 2019 05:29 PM

    i think a collective Boo @ the narrator is in order folks!
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    Kith 1green2

    Re: New Items: Reign of the Dragon

    by Sheap » November 04, 2019 05:49 PM

    What a mess
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    Kith frog 1 blue sm

    Re: New Items: Reign of the Dragon

    by Plasmafire » November 04, 2019 05:51 PM

    Hey! Hey, Narrator!

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