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Custom Item Tutorial

Download the blank avatar PSD here!
Additional downloads: Mannequin Head thumbnail PSD

Have you ever wanted a specific item for your avatar or Kith? The power to make items is now in your hands!

You’ll need to follow all our Rules, so make sure to read those over first. For avatar clothing, you can download our blank avatar PSD here to open in your favorite art program and start drawing! For Kith clothing, due to the many Kith we have on site, we cannot provide a PSD with every single Kith in every stage of growth, so we instead encourage you to download and save the 4 stages of growth from the Kith Preview Page here.

Because clothing items are accessible to all 4 of the Poses/Stages, you may sometimes need to make adjustments based on the Pose/Stage, which means you will need to make 5 images (one for each Pose/Stage and one thumbnail) for 1 item. The easiest way we’ve found to make those adjustments in Photoshop is to use duplicate layers in folders with layer masks on top. Check out our YouTube video here for a simple walkthrough explanation of avatar clothing creation by Diana. If you're more interested in editing an existing avatar clothing item, we also have a second YouTube video here that can walk you through what you'll need to do.

Once you've created the 5 image files you'll need, head over to the Custom Clothing or Custom Kith Clothing page to submit your item. You'll need to purchase either a Custom Clothing Submission or Custom Kith Clothing Submission and have it in your Main Inventory in order to submit your item. Enter all the fields on the submission page - you'll need to have a unique Name for your item, along with a Description, and your 5 image files. There's also a Notes section on the page where you should include any details (see the Rules for more information).

Make sure to include credit at the end of your Description in this format: Designed by Username if you designed & submitted the item yourself, or Designed by Username, Username, Username, (etc.) and submitted by Username. for multiple designers and/or designers that are separate from the submitting user.

After submitting your item, an admin will review it and either approve the item, which will place it automatically in your Inventory, or reject the item back to you with Notes on why it was rejected, which will allow you to edit it and re-submit. If you don't feel like making changes, you can also choose to delete your submission and trade or sell your submission item to someone else.
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