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October Event: The Ritual

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October Event: The Ritual 12

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    October Event: The Ritual

    by Celariel » October 31, 2019 12:00 AM

    Last Edited: October 31, 2019 11:12 PM

    [Catch up on the Event so far]


    So many assembled, staring at me...
    What I would give, simply to flee.
    But all the leylines thrum beneath my feet,
    One final challenge I must rise to meet.
    How can I hope to channel this power
    When my stress is mounting by the hour?

    But no... My Illuminary Knights are stationed throughout this dance,
    And many times of late have they leant me their reassurance.
    So I must quiet my concerns, for one last chance to mend -
    And then at last this endless night can end...

    But first... one thing more is in store...

    Well, Othidar? Who, pray tell,
    Have you uncovered and discovered to be
    The mastermind who hopes to murder me?
    Only once before in my life have I felt this gripping certainty -
    Like Merlin himself warning me of some hidden prophecy -
    That the Enchanted Forest's throne risks being defiled
    And this time, I know better than when I was a mere child.
    You must speak! The time is now at hand!
    Which traitor spreads their venom through our land?
    Celariel forum

    Re: October Event: The Ritual

    by Othidar » October 31, 2019 12:01 AM

    Celariel... Princess Celariel, your Illuminary Knights have been investigating for the entire Evening of Many Days, and though they've got plenty of suspicions, they did not feel that they'd found enough concrete evidence to make an accusation.

    I know you hate to speak to others of your premonitions because Dream Magic is notoriously vague, though surely you know that I will always believe in their validity, ever since your childhood vision of Faraienne’s murder. But we may have been misled by the fact that our intelligence began reporting increased unrest around the same time that you had your vision of the throne being seized. The logical interpretation seemed so clear to us, especially after some of the figures that you’d glimpsed in your premonition started making trouble in court as well, but... could it be possible that your magic was trying to give us a warning about something else entirely?

    I don’t know… But I AM certain that the consequences of making a wild accusation without solid proof could prove so disastrous that it might have been the very thing that your magic was warning us about. After all, if there are factions that had half-formed plans against you, an overzealous strike would be the perfect time for your enemies to wreck your credibility in court for once and for all. They'd tear you apart!

    Either way, you mustn't let your panic allow you to act rashly. It's much safer instead to focus your energy right now on completing this Rejuvenation Ritual for the sake of the whole Enchanted Forest. Remember what Lenta told you - you won't be wielding the power, just serving as a neutral channel for it to filter through, so it's absolutely vital that you remain calm throughout the duration of the ceremony. Afterwards, we can reconvene and decide how to proceed... together.

    And in the meantime, if anything should happen, we'll be here to keep you safe. Though we can't strike at anyone with the Healing Magic still active, if someone has ill intent, your Illuminary Knights and their Kith Allies can surround your opponent and take them peacefully into custody. Please, trust that we'll be by your side to protect you if anything goes wrong.

    You can do this. I know you can.
    Othidar forum

    Re: October Event: The Ritual

    by Celariel » October 31, 2019 12:02 AM

    If... If I must...
    Could my feelings all along have been mere childish things,
    My magic manipulated by the leylines like puppet strings?

    If you all vow to guard me should things grow dangerous in a rush,
    Then... my misgivings I shall hush,
    And your advice I shall follow through
    If there is truly nothing else that I can do...

    My body trembles at the foreboding deep within,
    But there is nothing for it; the clock is struck, I must begin...)

    Now, crowds, gather around for the finale of our event!
    You shall see that all our efforts were well spent
    As this Rejuvenation Ritual is channeled through my hands
    And into every corner of our lands!
    Celariel forum

    Re: October Event: The Ritual

    by Lenta » October 31, 2019 12:03 AM

    I will be monitoring all of the magical energies from back here to help guide Her Highness through any potential unknown oddities in the ancient ritual, as it has been many centuries since this power was last used. Let us see... Yes, not to worry, things are proceeding exactly as expected.

    The Healing Magic in the ballroom has been correctly keyed up to the ritual and is flowing in sync with the leylines... The Earth Magic within the crystalline decorations is resonating as expected... Thank the Greenman, I had not dared hope that the start would be so smooth.

    Give her a few moments, and... The Princess has nearly completed the first conduit, so she will now be connecting to the first of the leylines laid down by the Wizards...

    Ah...? Bother, the Water Magic in the ballroom is resonating in a slightly skewed way from my initial calibrations, but it is a minor lapse. I shall simply add some additional Dryad's Bark to manipulate the channels that...

    What? No... Why is the Bark causing the channels of the Ritual to react against the counter-cast Charm magic among the crowd, rather than the properly cast Charm magic used for speeches? But - no, that is impossible, how - My calculations are entirely at odds with that, Merlin's leyline should not have rebounded with that amount of energy- No, the crystals around the fountains are becoming overloaded! If I just use more of... nngg... my magic to redirect the channels... rrghh... I...

    What? Time magic, echoing from outside the ballroom at a frequency calibrated to disrupt- The connections are spiraling, the... the subtle redirections, rerouting ALL of my components, one by one... NO! It is all - everything is going awry!

    How is the Princess is still channeling this magic through herself? How- that cannot be, it is at odds with all of my safety precautions- the Ritual should simply cease to function if it is not drawing from the leylines, and yet it continues-! Merlin, Harpy, and Greenman - something is very, very wrong!

    PRINCESS! We must call this off, something is... aggh... my efforts at redirection.... hng... rrgh... No... I cannot let this fail! I cannot fail her, I must patch this together, I must! If I were to- I can add more of my magic to intervene and slow the.... argh...

    Trying to redirect this Ritual is... j-jarring against the... hff... hhff... the spells that graft me to my tree, I...

    My... my connection to the wood, outside the confines of the protective spells - argh-! ....So much... pain...!

    There must... be some way... to cut the flow of power... before this... begins to affect the Princess! If I just... focus more, if I invest all of my power into - aAAAgh - altering the channeling spell t-to... ghhh...

    Greenman, lend me your strength, I must... repair the components, I... must not pass out, I...


    Lenta forum
    Kith premium licorne

    Re: October Event: The Ritual

    by Celariel » October 31, 2019 12:04 AM


    Why have you collapsed, what lapse
    Is draining your life - No! No!
    How have you been attacked?!
    The protective magic in the ballroom is still intact!
    If no spell has sought to harm you in my stead,
    There must be something I can do, you cannot be- cannot be-

    Yes... yes, I must believe it is not too late
    To prevent and circumvent this dire fate!
    If I can calm the fevered roaring of my thoughts, I can cease to channel
    And instead seize the spell,
    Just for a moment,
    Just long enough that I can keep you well-

    At the midnight stroke, the leylines' powers crest,
    With the powers of the Wizards Three at their very best!
    If I wield this ancient Ritual to draw that magic into me,
    I can atteeeeaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHhhhhh.... hhh...



    It is... so...!

    All this power, all at once, aflame inside of me...
    So much overspillling life force, finally set free!
    So different than the magic I have tasted before -
    So much... so much more!
    Then the words... they are true...
    Wielding this, there is nothing I cannot do!

    I can touch the Heart from afar and feel its magic yield -
    How easy it is to save Lenta with this life magic I wield!

    Celariel forum

    Re: October Event: The Ritual

    by Lenta » October 31, 2019 12:04 AM

    Wh... What? I am... My link to my tree, it is being restored, but... How is it possible that...?

    No. Your Highness, NO! You must stop wielding that magic at once! You must let go! This is not the Ritual that we intended, it is- it has been corrupted somehow, it is channeling the magic OUT of the Heart of the Forest at too rapid a pace! This is all wrong, it- it is not of the Wizards Three- you must disengage immediately, or you will be taking on TOO MUCH!

    Celariel, beware! Please, I am not worth- the dangers are too great! PLEASE! It is better that you just- that you save yourself, and just let me-
    Lenta forum
    Kith premium licorne

    Re: October Event: The Ritual

    by Celariel » October 31, 2019 12:06 AM

    Lenta, do not panic! I am fine!
    No... I am....
    I am sublime!

    Bright! Overriding! Raw! Resplendent!
    My very veins are incandescent!
    Pulse blazing fast as my head reels...
    You can't conceive how wonderful this feels!

    Ha... haha... hahahaha....


    My strength rebounding, resounding, in all its giddy glory,
    As the magic pours more and more inside me, free,
    Finally, of doubt or fright
    For the first time in all this endless night!
    For the first time in my life!
    What care I now for imagined strife?
    What use for old terrors trying to seize me, when this marvel, this magnificence is
    Celariel forum

    Re: October Event: The Ritual

    by Mara » October 31, 2019 12:06 AM

    Yes, Princess, keep going! I have made no adjustments... to any of the protective spells, and he has promised... that this time, no royals shall be harmed!

    When first he told me... that you had agreed to attempt these forbidden rituals... and fill the forest with ancient magic, I could not believe that his words were true - not until I saw the ritual preparations... with my own eyes! What your inept Advisor would have done to the Forest, I cannot imagine! But he had the solution... a solution you would have surely have agreed with... if you would only have given me an audience to listen!

    We have rearranged the components... with the subtlest of touches.... in order to focus this dangerous, forbidden ritual... away from the rest of the Forest! We shall protect our land from damage... and use the flow of the Heart's raw life magic instead... to restore his ghost to life!

    My Losain!

    Losain, who has finally come back to me... in whispers, ever since your work on the ancient ritual magic first began...! The ghost who has accompanied me throughout this Illuminary Gala in fits and starts... his fleeting presence the only thing making this botched festivity endurable! Not even death could keep him from his Mara! I shall have saved the Forest... from the dangers of your Advisor's meddling, by converting these forbidden spells... into something so much smaller, so much safer...

    So Princess, please, for this act of service, I beg you one last time - absolve his name! Reappoint me as Advisor! For if not, he assures me... that he shall safely drain you of your power, and take up the royal mantle in your stead... and surely, once he is King, wielding the Heart from the throne itself... the court will understand that we have rescued the Forest! We shall be welcomed back, with open arms! I, too, shall have my life restored!
    Mara forum

    Re: October Event: The Ritual

    by Celariel » October 31, 2019 12:07 AM

    What... what is this mockery
    Of the suspicions that were stalking me?
    So after all that, this inanity
    Was the plot indeed, breeding discontent beneath my rule?
    It staggers me with anger - I see red with rage!
    All my thoughts at last are clear of fear -

    How dare you?
    How DARE you?

    Why does this court constantly insist on resisting
    All that I work towards, my attempts to push things forward?
    Every damnable expectation and technicality trapping me,
    Wrapping its ropes around my throat like an impossibility,
    Has forced me to do everything that was ever asked of me!
    The only thing that I ever get to do is agree!

    A good princess! A good daughter! Good at biding my time,
    Until my turn to walk behind the walls and give my all
    To a Forest that cares nothing for me, a court constantly clamoring,
    Warriors shouting, Dryads with an incomprehensible cry -
    Though I tried, and I try, and I try, AND I TRY!

    And nothing gets through to you!

    Not to ANY of you - no respect without spectacle, is that it, Dynrial?
    No generosity, General, towards all my accomplishments across realms?
    And really, Mara? Really? No twist of Time can make ghosts real!

    I have heeded ALL your feelings -
    But when do I get to feel?!

    And now it occurs in murmurs, if Mara meant to melt my throne from beneath my feet, Perhaps then the others really were wreaking havoc as well, a rebellion I now can quell,
    For I have endless power within this spell!

    I shall not let these traitors get away with this crime, nor any other!
    I shall NEVER end up like my grandmother!

    This heat builds blazing beneath my breath,
    As the thought of a plot for my death
    Boils my blood, flooding me with so much wrath at what I learn,
    It makes me want to watch this Forest......

    ...Hh... hhh...



    I can be calm.....

    My Illuminary Knights were right.
    Though you deceived and they believed you,
    It is not worth the lack of will
    To let my anger overspill
    And fill the Forest with my flames.

    There are other ways to achieve my aims.

    Because I'm still sick of keeping score...
    And I don't need to fear you anymore.

    So I shall simply ask a favor from my friends to achieve my ends.
    Come, Valon! Come, Kith! All of you, minions mine,
    Surround and subdue those who would defy me with their crimes.
    Celariel forum

    Re: October Event: The Ritual

    by Thelvoskye » October 31, 2019 12:08 AM


    Your Highness, YOU MUST CEASE THIS AT ONCE! Look at the Dryads, beginning to stagger - you are affecting the magic within the Heart! You put the whole Forest at risk with your actions! You endanger our citizens!

    Avoreal warriors, a crisis is upon us! To me, my soldiers! Quickly, the maneuver we practiced! Initiate the defensive positions around the protective crystals in the ballroom, to prevent them from breaking!

    But... the Healing Magic hasn't been tampered with at all? The crystals are intact? IMPOSSIBLE! Then what is-

    NO! My soldiers! Their Kith are... TURNING AGAINST THEM?! Subduing them? RESTRAINING THE CIVILIANS?! NO!

    RELEASE ME, you Phowls and Licornes! Unhand me, Talions and Cinis! I have done nothing wrong! I am loyal to the Forest! I AM LOYAL TO THE FOREST! I AM LOYAL!
    Thelvoskye forum

    Re: October Event: The Ritual

    by Dynrial » October 31, 2019 12:09 AM

    Stop it, you dirty little Kith, let go of me! I didn't do anything worth jailing, Celariel! I swear, I'm not trying to overthrow you, I just -

    I just wanted to wreck your party, okay?! I started rumors, and I pushed your guests around - it was easy! It was fun! I even talked Alban into enchanting some Charm magic on clothing, and persuaded Mara to tweak the enchantments to cause a ruckus, but... but... I didn't think that everybody would get so upset! It was just supposed be a bit of extra grumpiness - I didn't mean to make the General wreck the Feast, or cause screaming matches, I only...

    I wanted out of the marriage! The Twiningvine proposal - I can't do it, I can't be a king, but my father was pushing, and pushing, and I thought, if the Gala was a wreck, if you lost your standing in court, if I sabotaged a few of your meetings, or got us some separate trade agreements, maybe I could accomplish the same aims, and he'd let up - but I didn't commit treason!

    Let go! Let go! Somebody! Anybody! Celariel, stop it, this isn't a game! What do I need to say so you'll believe me?! Just- just tell me what to say!

    She's... she's not listening, I don't understand, I never gave any of the Charmed clothing to her, but she's getting so overwhelmed, and...

    What's... what's happening to her clothing? What's happening to her hands? What's happening to her magic?!
    Dynrial forum
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