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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! by Elfy won the Quest Design Spotlight!
Lycus mentioned to me that the lab has been simply overrun with spare clothes! Why don't we put together a clothing drive, to help those in need? Do you have something to spare?
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Event Summary

October 2023 Event: Cirque Faerial's Severing

When Pandora stole all the prizes for the September Site Contest, Piper guessed something suspicious was going on... But when she chased after the tricky thief, she arrived too late to stop disaster - the Scourge of Discord had attacked Cirque Faerial, severing everyone from each other! Believing they were completely isolated, each fae struggled to break free in their own chaotic way without any success.

It was only when Piper, Dizzy, and Witch worked together to save Pandora that they realized teamwork was what really disrupted Discord! Newly freed but still roguishly vague, Pandora suggested tailoring together with Marvelous as a means to save the next mischief maker in need. The Marvelous Mischief Mastermind chose Hotshot for his heist - sorry, help - and crafted cooked concoctions for the 2023 Halloweave Pail to connect her back to reality.
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