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Hang Out With You (Video!) by Leslie won the Art Spotlight!
It’s too hard to choose a single relationship to celebrate… So why not celebrate everybody?
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Event Summary

Cracking Open the Snow Globe!
Updated January 2022

New Kith have come running through the Tatters into Hope, asking for help back home! Following their lead, Iris and Nicholas discovered the path to a new Remnant: the Snow Globe! Unfortunately, true to its name, the Snow Globe seems to be encased in a solid sphere of ice crystal. Snarls swarmed around a growing crack in the ice, forming a blizzard battlefield that everyone must fight through to reach the inside of the Snow Globe! A not-so-friendly Dweller named Shimmerjoy was waiting at the crack, using her own Kith from the Lucky Venture's earlier visit to defend the growing crack. Though she reluctantly allowed "outsiders" to enter on questionable grounds of hospitality, she's still mistrustful after the way the Lucky Venture previously left her behind. Just as she was fretting about what to do with all these newcomers, another Dweller named Driftglade showed up! Shimmerjoy asked for his help, and the two of them offered the people from Hope access to the evacuated Sauna Caverns, where Driftglade sells clothes that can help everyone fit in here.
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