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Tutorial Tutorial

Though most of reality was shredded during the Cataclysm, there are Remnants that still exist within the Tattered Weave. Complete Quests to earn a secret from each Character. You can read more about the Characters available in each Remnant here or on the Forums! Once you've collected enough secrets, you can unlock new Remnants to explore!

Hope Shops


Find your way around the University town of Hope. You can find the student buildings to the right, but watch out for the Tatters on the far left! No one ever returns from the Tattered Weave... at least, not without a Kith Ally!

  • Andre
  • Jay
  • Piper
  • Robin
  • Kei
  • Miranda

Hope Special Shops


Some of Hope's shops work in special, unusual ways. Nicholas sells premium items for Gems, Lycus takes donated items in the name of scientific experiments to create new items, Iris cares for Kith that have yet to make an Alliance, Estella runs the Bank of Hope, and there's also a Shady Character with "customized" items in store...

  • Nicholas
  • Lycus
  • Estella
  • Shady Character
  • Fray
  • Iris

Enchanted Forest


Searching through the Tattered Weave, guided and guarded by the Kith, you find yourself in an enchanted forest that ought not to exist. Explore this new remnant of reality for yourself to discover the Avoreal nests that guard their land from the Tatters above, the Elf homes made of living trees, and the Dryad burrows in the roots of their shared land.

  • Celariel
  • Alban
  • Lenta
  • Othidar
  • Dizzy
  • Skyler

Coral Reef


The Everstorm has cleared to reveal a beautiful sandy beach and clear water. Here you can swim in the depths to find merfolk, or rise into the cove to meet a pirate crew!

  • Bonnie
  • Dione
  • Ogenus
  • Shay
  • Tethys
  • Marcus

Shadow Stage


The Narrator invited you to watch a performance that his Thespians are dying to show you. Better wear a mask and stay in the role you've been assigned, lest the Stagehands make a captive audience of you...

  • The Witch
  • The Dollmaker
  • The Wolf
  • The Scribe
  • The Hero

Cosmic Solarium


After traveling through the depths of tattered space, you've reached the last ship to survive the Ultranova - welcome aboard the Cosmic Solarium!

  • RiGBy
  • Elliot
  • Xenia
  • Marisol
  • Beebot
  • Kyprian

Golden Colosseum


The Golden Colosseum is where humans, Fauns, and Centaurs use the transformational magic of their Gods to wage an eternal war against the vicious Snarls! Are you ready to fight?

  • Chrysa
  • Zephyr
  • Gallus
  • Valeria
  • Kosmas
  • Quintina

Snow Globe


Amid the howling winds and freezing snow is a huge globe of ice within the Tatters. Snarls are clustered around a spreading crack in the wall - can you fight your way through to save the Snow Globe?

  • Shimmerjoy
  • Driftglade
  • Hearthsworn
  • Firmheart
  • Gloryglint

Cirque Faerial


Emerging from the eerily silent Tatters, bright lights and loud music suddenly fill the emptiness as a jumble of circus floats appears before you! Each float boasts a unique design that seems to be made up of gigantic stolen objects... No, wait! Those objects are their usual size - it's YOU who's shrunk!

  • Marvelous
  • Calypso
  • Hotshot
  • Chadfrey
  • Pandora

Gallery Trappings


Welcome, valued guests, to the Archival Gallery of Artistic and Intellectual Necessity! Please review this complimentary pamphlet map while you wait to board a golden gondola and experience our award-winning guided tour. Enjoy!

  • D.G.
  • Hue
  • Chiaroscuro
  • Mabayui
  • Abstracta

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