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Tattered World

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Friendship Necklaces by gryphling won the Item Design Spotlight! Show your friends, family, and allies how dear they are to you with this DIY instruction book!?

Welcome to the last remnant of the Tattered World.

Tattered World is a free browser-based virtual pet and avatar site offering expansive stories, fun games, and a vibrant community centered in our forums. With a variety of worlds to explore and mysteries to solve, there's no telling where your journey will take you. Are you ready for your story to begin?

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Three avatars, the center one sits in a wheelchair with flowers in her hair. The friends framing her are dressed as a sorcerer and a wolf.

Design Your Avatar

Designing an avatar in your exact style has never been easier! Our freeform layering system puts you in control of your look! Wear items in any combination, and layer them to achieve unique looks. Style and save a collection of outfits with no limitation on changing your skin tone or pose. With the option to design your own items and purchase user-made designs, the possibilities are endless!

Three pet options are presented. A cat with bee antennae and wings, a dragon, and a dog with a scaly tail!

Adopt a Virtual Pet

The virtual pets on Tattered World are called Kith. With over 25 pets to select and 10 color options, you are sure to find the perfect companion! Befriend a Kith and raise it through 4 transformations! There are 13 unique personalities that will develop based on your choices - items you use, games you play, quests you complete together, and even the crafts you make. You can also train your Kith into a champion and battle the monstrous Snarls!

Three games are presented. A memory game, a dance game, and an airplane game in the style of flappy bird.

Play Games Anywhere

Pick a game and don't worry about the specs! All of our games are designed with mobile and desktop users in mind. Play on the computer or on-the-go with your phone or tablet, using any browser that supports HTML5. We also have the 'Flip a Coin' game which can be played with screen readers! Don't have time for games? That's okay too! Games are one of many ways to train Kith and earn Shards, our in-game currency.

Make Friends, Make Choices, Make A Difference!

A woman smiles in greeting, offering you a book to suggest your story is about to begin.

Welcome to Hope University!

Join our online community to participate in games, events, and shared storytelling about mending the apocalypse!

Your adventure begins today!

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Recently Discovered Kith

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Stoic Koisonne
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To Defeat Doubt
As the Scourge of Doubt creeps ever closer, those nagging thoughts lurking at the back of your mind, unsure of yourself... Can you defeat your own self-doubts? Thankfully, the Gallery Trappings Kith are here to encourage you to never give up on yourself!

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