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Happy Halloweave!

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Happy Halloweave! 10

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Happy Halloweave!

by Piper » October 07, 2019 03:14 PM

Last Edited: October 11, 2019 01:55 AM

[Catch up on the Event so far]


Hope nobody minds that I snuck out to this hallway and took my mask off, but this isn't the ONLY party that's happening tonight! I mean… this month? Man, I do NOT understand these Time Magic shenanigans at all. I asked Lycus to explain on the way over, but lemme tell you, if he ever tries to become a professor, his students are doomed.

Anyway, just because I'm partying in here doesn't mean that my spooky time ghost or "temporal shadow" or whatever it's called can't ALSO be partying back in Hope, so get ready for...


WOO! The Abandoned Arcade is open for business again with tons of new amazing outfits! I got inspired by my brother's rad trip to the Solarium, so I tried to make this year's offerings a little more high-tech than usual to record all these spoooooky encounters - and we've got some fancy clothes, too, in honor of this swanky Gala! Plus lots more fun surprises, mwahaha...

Halloweave runs for one month in the outside world, so be sure to grab all your loot before November 7th!

'Course, it's not Halloweave without some trick-or-treating, so all us Hope shopkeepers (or our past selves, or clones, or whATEVER) are gonna sell tasty Gummy Bats!

Just like last year, you can swap the Gummy Bats for past Halloweave items in the Exchange tab of the Bank of Hope, trading them for Exchange Pails full of goodies! I guess you can also drop some extra Shards to grab an Exchange Pail for this year's stuff, too, in case there's something you absolutely gotta have.

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! The Bank Exchange is ALSO gonna have new spooky recipes, because I'm not the only one behind this year's Halloweave update! Everyone, put your hands together for the coolest kid I know, my awesome pen-pal in person… THE WITCH!
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Re: Happy Halloweave!

by The Witch » October 07, 2019 03:15 PM

BOO!!! Heeheehee, did I scare you?! Last year I wanted to come trick-or-treating in Hope so bad - and now Grandma's FINALLY letting us go Offstage, so me and the Gamer cooked up some fun! (Offstage fun!!!) I really rolled up my sleeves for these! Are you ready?!

So this summer, Gamer introduced me to this TASTY, YUMMY, INCREDIBLE food called "PIZZA".... ahhhhhhh.... and I finally figured out how to make it myself! Look, it's Haunted Pizza!

Ooh! And Mr. Huntsman's teaching me to use the Enchanted Kitchen, even though he's super-duper busy trying to feed everybody for the party. He's gotta use Growth Magic, but he said as long as I didn't touch the dishes for the guests, I could try a teeny-tiny bit of sugarmancy, too! So look, I cooked up a special version of all his scrumptious Fairy Floss recipes: Spider Web Cotton Candy!

So, what do you think? Do you like them? Should I make more flavors??
Npc forum witch
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Re: Happy Halloweave!

by Piper » October 07, 2019 03:16 PM

Last Edited: October 07, 2019 03:16 PM

YOOOOOOO, these are epic! Haha, I can't wait to sneak that Brain Burger into my brother's lab! Lycus is going to completely freak out. Man... I've been waiting to travel with him on an adventure for forever. He finally gets to stop hogging the Enchanted Forest all to himself!! Maybe he'll show me how to climb up to Dizzy's nest so I can surprise her - psych, as if my "tried to write an argumentative essay to get out of P.E." brother can climb one of these huge trees. Oh! Or bring me to the tree where he works on projects with Lenta! OOH! And I can't WAIT to see the spot where he plummeted out of the sky and face-planted right in front of the Princess! Psssshhahaha!

Witch, you should come, too! Unless you're busy hanging out with new friends? Some of the people at this party are great - I just met the coolest dude over by the charging stations! His name was Dynrial, and he was super interested in all my games, asking tons of smart questions - I'm gonna teach him how to play Hoof It later!
Piper purple forumicon

Re: Happy Halloweave!

by The Witch » October 07, 2019 03:16 PM

Hmm, no, I haven't talked to lots of new people yet... Oh! But I did bump into Mx. Willow Tree! Castwick thinks they're mean, but I think they're just a little lonely. I'm sure they'll be nice and friendly once I get to know them, just like Mr. Hero and Mr. Dollmaker! (NO! MEAN!)

And... um.... Mr. General seems super scary 'cause he's always shouting, but I saw him having a big debate with Grandma, and she sounded like she was having lots of fun! Y'know... in a growly kinda way... So she's making new friends, too! (Grandma, making friends?)
Npc forum witch
Kith castwick premiumstage candy

Re: Happy Halloweave!

by Piper » October 07, 2019 03:18 PM

Last Edited: November 13, 2019 11:15 AM

Sweet! Awesome Gala AND awesome friends AND awesome trick-or-treating... BEST. MONTH. EVER!!

Happy Halloweave, everybody! GO HOARD SOME CANDY!!


[Continue to next Event Update]
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Re: Happy Halloweave!

by Diana » October 07, 2019 03:18 PM

Last Edited: October 07, 2019 03:55 PM

Also, I've been asked to clarify the October Event schedule: there will be an Event Update every week on Friday based on whichever progress bar has the most points, but you can reach the Event Update early by completely filling one of the progress bars.
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Re: Happy Halloweave!

by Himochi » October 07, 2019 03:24 PM

We should all give a hand to all the wonderful artists who worked on all this stuff! So many helping hands went into prepping this Halloweave. Gotta hand it to TW to make rad clothes.


There’s so many hands you guys.
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Re: Happy Halloweave!

by Ruevian » October 07, 2019 03:30 PM


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Re: Happy Halloweave!

by Syrrh » October 07, 2019 03:34 PM

this halloweeve, apparel grabs me... spoopy....
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Re: Happy Halloweave!

by Voldemortimer » October 07, 2019 03:37 PM

Posted by: "Piper ★"

And I can't WAIT to see the spot where he plummeted out of the sky and face-planted right in front of the Princess! Psssshhahaha!


gamers, can we get an f
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Re: Happy Halloweave!

by Dread » October 07, 2019 03:39 PM

Last Edited: October 07, 2019 03:40 PM

Alright my kith army, I hope you are prepared to be put to work
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