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Royal Hearth by Dread won the Clothing Design Spotlight! I tried, tried to capture just a sliver of her spirit, of what I could gleam, even if it is just a fraction of her warmth and strength and charm.But if I was able to forge even a fraction of the inspiration I see in your eyes every time you speak of her, then...maybe I did ok.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make money?
Where do I find stuff?
Can I get more Kith?
Oh no, I found a bug! What do I do?
? What if I have a problem not answered here?
I'm worried about interacting with the Characters! What's okay and what isn't okay?
Can I trade things on Tattered World for things on another website?

Question: How do I make money?

Answer: We have two types of money on the site: Shards and Gems. Gems are a premium currency that can be obtained by donating real-world money to support the site. You can also get a small amount of Gems by completing some Daily Quests or winning the Daily High Score for a Game!

For every Kith you have, you can assign a Daily Activity from the Kith Allies page. One Activity you can choose is to Pick Up Shards. Your Kith can find thousands of Shards for you every day!

The easiest way to earn Shards is to play Games. (Your Kith will also earn Power, Guard, and Speed points while you play!)

Another easy way to earn Shards is by posting in the Forums. You’ll earn a small amount of Shards for every post you make, though if you post too quickly, you may not always get Shards for each post. There’s a 1-minute limit on Shard rewards in the Forums. Please try not to spam our moderators!

Completing Hourly Quests takes more work, but offers more reward. Some Quests give you better rewards than others, but the rewards often change even between the same Quest! You’ll have to complete a few Quests to get a good sense of what’s profitable AND fun for you! Some of our richest users have learned how to cook the right meals for the right Quests and make huge profits!

You can also make some money in the Marketplace. Lots of users are willing to buy items on the Marketplace for a bit more than the store price because it’s convenient. This method is probably the hardest to learn, but can make a lot of money!

The last suggestion I can offer for making money is, for those of you with great talent, commissions! Artists can create fanart or even custom items, while writers can sell fanfiction to go on Kith profiles or about peoples’ favorite Characters. There may be other commission skills I’m forgetting - like Photoshop edits for profiles or cosplay commissions - but if you can market it, your options are endless!

Question: Where do I find stuff?

Answer: If you know what item you’re looking for, the Detailed Item Search is the best place to start! You can type in any item name and you’ll see the item’s art, description, and where it’s sold (if it is sold in shops).

Some items must be crafted first, by Cooking or Tailoring. You can tell if an item needs to be Cooked first if it is a Food item that is not for sale in shops or marked Premium Food or Special Food. Similarly, you can tell if an item needs to be Tailored if it is a Clothing item that is not for sale in shops or marked Premium Clothing or Special Clothing.

Premium items must be purchased from the Headmaster’s Office, while Special items aren’t so easy to find - you might have to ask around in the Forums for a clue. Some of our limited-time Halloweave and Palentine’s items are marked Special because you can only get them during certain times of year!

Question: Can I get more Kith?

Answer: Yes! The quickest way to do so is to buy 500 Gems and use those Gems on a Kith Nest for sale in the Headmaster’s Office. Not an option? Not a problem! Raise your Active Kith to 400 in all Abilities to unlock 1 new Ally! Each Kith you raise to 400 in all Abilities allows you to Ally with 1 more Kith.

Question: Oh no, I found a bug! What do I do?

Answer: Please check the News for a list of known bugs. If your problem is not one already being investigated, please report the bug in the Technical Support Forum with any pertinent information like your browser, version, a screenshot, etc.

Question: What if I have a problem?

Answer: If you have a question that isn’t answered here, check out the Site Guides Forum or our FAQ. If you still have unanswered questions, try asking them in your introduction post on the Welcome to Hope Forum or in the User Q&A Forum!

For any social or user-related issues that cannot be resolved by simply Blocking them, please reach out to a Moderator, Site Assistant, or Site Manager for help. If you cannot reach out on the site for some reason, such as a flood of inappropriate messages or other harmful content, please contact us by email instead to resolve the issue.

Please report any problems with the site to the Technical Support Forum. If the site is down, feel free to contact us on social media or through one of our email contacts.

Question: I'm worried about interacting with the Characters! What's okay and what isn't okay?

Answer: We want to encourage all forms of interaction with the site, the characters, and each other! In terms of "consequences", changes to the site will usually occur based on majority interaction, unless it's (a) an option we have prewritten as possible, or (b) a neat idea that we decide to run with because it's fun to reward neat ideas. Also, pretty much any change that happens is written with the possibility of future change as well. For example, if Lycus had been lost in the Tatters during his first experiment, the next month's Event might have been a rescue operation.

Keep in mind that the Characters are run by real people, however. We ask that you please don't interact with the Characters in any way that might alienate one of our writers, like by using slurs or threatening real people, even as a joke. Feel free to threaten, tease, love, or hate any of the fictional Characters on the site! Just be respectful to the real people behind those Characters.

Question: Can I trade things on Tattered World for things on another website?

Answer: We do not prohibit any cross-site trades; however we will not enforce any of these cross-site trades. The Trade and Marketplace system on Tattered World are our way of ensuring that exchanges work correctly for both parties on our site, and we cannot guarantee any exchange made outside of those features. Please remember to be careful with your trust!

Last Updated 18 November 2022.
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