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Sunken Dollie by Gryphling won the Avatar Spotlight! Sure she's soggy, she's got algae in her hair, and there are fish nibbling on her stuffing, but all this doll really needs is a little love!
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New Items: Drinks!

Bottoms Up!

I don't know what it is about cold weather, but I'm always so thirsty from the dry, freezing air! Lucky for you all, I’ve got just the remedy. After talking with Robin for far longer than necessary, I've convinced her to add the Black Tea Bag to her stock rotation so that you can all make a Cup of Black Tea and Sweet Iced Tea at home.

Robin tells me there’s been some grumbling about microwaving your tea and I realized I have been a little unfair. I haven't been sharing my stock of Instant Coffee Mix, keeping it all for myself! I'm sorry everyone, you all deserve quick coffee like you do quick tea. So now you can make a Mug of Instant Coffee or, if you prefer it cold, an Iced Coffee. Some days, this instant coffee is the only thing keeping me going; it's great.

And of course I know not everyone likes these kinds of drinks, so I also have some sweet new juice recipes as well. Cherry Juice is an uncommon drink, and stains very easily, so be careful. I have no idea when or where I got this Pink Lemonade, but it was mixed in with the bunch so I must’ve simply forgotten...
I’ve also been asked to stock a Bottle of Water for students to carry around, particularly those of you running off into the Tatters and finding new worlds or what have you. Don’t go drinking strange river water! I mean it! That’s how you make yourself sick! Just because Kith can do it, doesn't mean humans should do it too!

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Happy New Year!

2016 is ending, and we've made so much progress in such a short time. I'm excited to see what the next year will bring!

To celebrate, we have a few updates to close out the year, including a new game: Stumped! I'll let Piper tell you all about it. I've modified the Paper Airplane game to show your tree count and when you receive a Kith ability point as you play, in the hopes that helps you high-score-happy people! The Memory level-freeze bug still continues to elude me, but I'll keep hunting for a solution.

I've also added a few new Hourly Quests to the Enchanted Forest. They don't celebrate New Year's Eve, but Hope does! Andre has some formal evening wear to offer anyone with enough Shards.

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New Items: Scarves!

Brrr, it's cold in here...

As the weather gets colder, the Kith seem to be getting bolder about sneaking into Tailored Fashions. It doesn't even seem to matter if I lock my windows, the Kith are clever enough to figure out how to get them open anyway. Unfortunately this means I’ve found myself with a great abundance of fringed fabric thanks to some overly... friendly Kith. At this point I could be could be sad about it, or I could find the silver lining to this frayed mess. Since it has been getting rather cold out, I was thinking that we could use some new scarves.

While the Snowy Scarf is fringe-less, it does have a very cute snow pattern falling down the length of the scarf. I know some of you have been calling for snow, so hopefully this is a suitable replacement? The Infinity Scarf has a double loop style - great for keeping your chin and neck warm without any ends dangling down and inviting little claws to hang from it. The stretchy Ribbed Scarf is a wonderful winter classic, thick and warm while not being so long as to be unwieldy. The Bandana Scarf is the most covering of the scarves but still highly susceptible to a strong gust of wind from below if you don’t tuck it into anything.

Lastly, while this isn't actually a scarf, it is very warm: the new tasseled Shawl that you might have seen being tested around town. You could think of it like one giant scarf for your whole body I suppose...

These all come in the usual fourteen colors. I hope everyone stays warm even while out adventuring or while combating a stubborn draft in the house. If you don’t mind the mess, you’re welcome to stop by for some warm tea... Have you heard that the Enchanted Forest brews theirs differently?

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New Items: Elves, Dryads, and Avoreals, oh my!

Ahem. Excuse me? Please excuse me. I have a message to deliver on behalf of Princess Celariel.

You've proven to us in this short time that you are a goodly people, and as such I have come to offer access to our most sacred of spells. The Wizards Three once enchanted us to become connected to the Heart of the Forest, so that the Withering could not destroy us within our home. If you so choose, you, too, can join the Enchanted Forest. Your ruler - or, rather - Headmaster has agreed to guard the Avoreal Bundle Badge, Dryad Bundle Badge, and Inspired Elven Hair Badge in his Office. If you wish only to adapt one part of your form, you may instead select the Pick A Part version of the Badge you wish for.

The most dedicated of envoys may also come to me as often as once upon the hour to receive a Quest that rewards Dryad Eyes.

Edit: Deepest apologies. Please preview the items here.

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[@Tags] Now Available!

You spoke, and we listened! The call for @Tags was loud and clear, and now they're here!

To tag a user, place the @ symbol in front of their full username inside the standard BBCode brackets. You can even tag NPCs by adding " [npc]" at the end of their name! Like this: "Hi [@Robin [npc]]!" (Disclaimer: this is no guarantee that the NPC will have time to read your post, but you never know for certain...)

Edit: to further clarify, tagging an NPC should look like {@NPCname [npc]} except with regular brackets instead of curly brackets!

You can tell when the @Tag is successful because it will turn into a blue hyperlink to that user's profile page. This does not trigger on a Preview post! So please Submit the post to check if your @Tag was successful.

For those of you who prefer not to receive @Tag notifications, you can turn off notifications in your Settings.

Any questions? Let us know! Thank you all again for helping to make Tattered Weave the best it can be!!

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