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Code Update: 5/18/17

Written by Admin  Posted on May 18, 2017
Lots of changes are going on around the site today! We are implementing a lot of updates to the backend, so you may notice some technical difficulties for a short while. If any of your problems persist after about an hour and after clearing your cache, please let us know in the Technical Support Forum!

One major change is the way our User Cheers work, so for all of today, you may not be able to Cheer another user. This should reset to the new system tomorrow, when Cheers are usually reset.

Lycus' experiments were not showing the yellow "Completed" ribbon to differentiate them from normal donated items. This should be fixed with the next experiment!

We've added a "Trade" button to the User Profile page so that you can trade a little easier now!

The Change of Heart will be changing later today to fix an Achievement bug and to remove the Accomplished Personality from any Kith who have used a Change of Heart. Now when you pick a Personality, it will stick permanently! We will be creating an additional "blank slate" item for users who want to have fun restarting their Kith's Personality over and over. This change will go into effect by the end of the day. Please wait until tomorrow if you want to ensure you get one of the fixed Change of Heart items. Anyone who has purchased a Change of Heart previously and wishes to take advantage of this change can Message me with the details (please include the Kith ID and desired Personality).

The Kith image in Stumped should now be working in all major browsers (though there may be some lag when first starting the game based on your network speed). I'll be testing this more throughout the weekend for bugs.

The "Decline" button has been added to Quest pop-ups even when you have all the requirements to complete the Quest.

The [Code] button on the Forums wasn't working, so we've removed it for the time being. We hope to get it back soon, but we don't have an estimated time for its return yet.

The timestamp on Messages has now been changed to reflect CHT, Current Hope Time, based on the site clock in the sidebar. Since this change means we don't really have anything timezone-specific, we've removed that option from the Settings page for the time being.

And finally, a tiny change that brings some big foreshadowing... you now have two additional item categories to help sort through your Inventory, Trades, and Marketplace: Recipes and Patterns. Don't expect that Patterns tab to stay empty for too much longer! ;)

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