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New Toys: Enchanted Outdoors!

Written by Admin  Posted on May 24, 2017
Sticks And Stones Can Be Fun Too

Ahhhhh, it’s been soooooo nice out! TheNesting Playce gets this great updraft so no matter how sunny it is I never get too hot! Piper’s been sending me letters saying that Hope is rainy, rainy, RAINY! That probably isn’t so bad since she has the Arcade to play in, but right now is the perfect time to play outside before the summer heat hits the Enchanted Forest. And thus, I have made some fun new toys for everyone to play with! Um, if you break anything playing with this stuff it’s not my fault by the way. You can’t blame me okay? I mean it! That’d be a lame prank!

Would you like to try the ever-useful Climbing Vine instead? It’s perfect for making your own shortcuts around the forest if you don’t fly like me or Burnie. I’ve also got the Forest-famous Paper Avoreal Glider! I know all the pros make their own for the big yearly competition but these are great for beginners looking to get into the sport of flight. The Slingshot is a personal favorite of mine, but please don’t aim it at people, even if you are loading it with rotten berries. Trust me, the trouble isn’t worth it. What is worth it is setting up a Climbing Bridge to your own secret hideout! You can even set it up at an angle if you’re clever, and use it like a semi-slide. Burnie likes to roll down them for some reason.

On the pricey end, I have the Toy Bow and Arrow Set for all you budding hunters. The draw on it is easy no matter how little you might be, and it can be a lot of fun to set up targets and take turns shooting with your friends. Just uh, maybe don’t play with it around Othidar...I think he’s still mad about when I was testing them out... Eyes of Rose, however, makes everyone happy! Who doesn’t love flower vision? Just be careful around any beehive logs. The bees can get pretty confused as to why their flowers are running away.

Once Hope stops being so soggy, you guys can even play with these back there! Getting up and outside is important even if you have super fun awesome video games to play. Most importantly, remember, even if you bought this stuff from me, I’m not responsible for anything you break with it!!

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