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Bug Fix: This Little Piggy

Written by Admin  Posted on May 27, 2017
Yawn... It's unusually late for an update, but sometimes you gotta take whatever time you can get! I've added a few bug fixes for This Little Piggy, detailed below. Hoof It also had a minor bug that was preventing it from recognizing when a Kith's attributes were over 400, but that should also be fixed.

Added a keyboard shortcut to the Game Over screen so that hitting "Enter"/"Return" will replay.

Set the speech ballon showing the Difficulty level to remain the same in the Menu screen. So now if you leave the difficulty on "High", the balloon will still show "High" when you return to the Menu screen.

Fixed the incorrect "https://tatteredweave.com" URL on the "Return to TW" button in the Menu screen to go to "https://beta.tatteredweave.com" instead.

Reduced the spawn area of red apples, so they shouldn't appear so dangerously close to the edges anymore.

Attempted to fix the issue where your piggy might collect points but not remove the graphic of whatever it ate. I've tested it a few times and haven't been able to replicate the problem anymore, so hopefully that bug is squashed!

Set a delay when replaying the game so that bonus items do not spawn immediately when you play again.

Added more water droplets to the piggy so that its invincibility is more visible. The water droplets reduce for 2 seconds before the invincibility turns off again.

Fixed the issue where hitting a wet lawn mower repeatedly would earn tons of extra points.

Please note that it may take up to an hour to see these changes show up for your account!
EDIT 5/28/17 23:30CHT: Another update is here! I have attempted another fix for the graphics issue, displaying the correct Kith ability reward, and the "return to TW" button on the Game Over screen. It may take up to an hour for you to see these changes.

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