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D&D Dice! by Hearticorn won the Item Design Spotlight!
Dice for all your dice needs! Wait... is this a 6 or a 9. IS IT A 6 OR A 9?
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Code Update: 1/6/23

Hello everyone! Today we've put together a few updates to the battle system backend, so if you notice any new issues please let us know in the Technical Support Forum.

We are also hard at work on shop and gardening updates as well, so we have added the Beta Seed and Beta Fertilizer as rare items to Robin's shop for anyone who wishes to keep testing the beta gardening feature while those updates are in progress.

Thank you all again for helping to make Tattered World the best it can be!

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New Premium Items: Fan Guardian Set!

So, there are going to be more Snarls sniffing around soon, are there? Grrrr… This is what comes of trusting strangers. I'm not impressed by smooth talkers, no matter where they come from.

There had better be some weapons in all of these chests of abandoned costumes that Scribe keeps sending to Witch.

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New Items: December User Submissions!

Oh BOY!! I gots the whole house all to myself~! Andre went over to Miranda's for New Year's Eve to help put her closet back together after she ransacked it for stuffs to give out. That means I get to throw a PARTY!!!!! WOOOOO!!!! I've got all kindsa fizzy drinks an' crunchy snacks for us to munch on aaaaall night long!!!

My friends Haiz an' Starbird Gemwing are gonna be on popcorn duty!! We're gonna need to refresh the bags throughout the night - but we can't let any burn!! That's one stink we absolutely don't want following us into the new year...

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Site Contest Winners: December 2022

Oh my, is it that time already? It looks like our December Site Contest has concluded! And we just had our first Hope snowfall, too, with all of the winter snow sparkling like a million stars…

Let’s celebrate the winner of this month's Site Contest: A Wish... to Find Family by VictoriaBarnCat in the Gallery category!

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Site Contest: December 2022

Oh my, hello everyone! It's been so exciting to see how many wishes everyone has been granting and receiving… Between that and all of the fun clothing from Miranda’s Closet Clean Out, the University has been so peaceful and pleasant! So many of the little Kith have even started writing their wishes for allies on tiny slips of paper and tucking them into their Kith nests… And it’s been so sweet to watch some of those wishes be granted as well!

Which brings us to the theme of the December Site Contest : Wishes Come True !

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