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Code Update: 6/30/20

I've got a small code update for the site today that's mostly hidden in the backend. We've added some improvements to the new Block feature and are still making adjustments as we receive user feedback. Please feel free to send a message to me if you have any suggestions or concerns that you'd like to keep private.

We've pushed another attempted fix for the High Scores bug, but I am not confident that this will eliminate the issue since we've tried so many fixes at this point. Fingers crossed that this one gets us to a final solution!

Finally, we've adjusted how the site keeps records of deleted information. What this means is that we have a log of any posts and messages sent on the site, even if they are deleted, for the purposes of moderation.

As always, please report any problems to the Technical Support Forum if something goes wrong for you. It may take up to an hour for this update to show up on your account.

Thank you all again for helping to make Tattered World the best it can be!

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June Update: Colosseum Kitchen

Quick, recruits, cover for me!! Spot is off with Zephyr to give him a spot check! HA, get it? While they're setting up the Temple of Spring with new tools and recipes, as the Mystic of Summer, I'M the one responsible for your training!!! See, Zephyr's growth magic is a huge blessing on the battlefield! But in the kitchen it becomes a HUGE CHALLENGE instead!! So Zephyr and I agreed we should all cover some safety basics first.

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Code Update: 6/24/20

We've got another code update ready for you! This time it's a change to our Block feature. What was previously known as a "Block" has been updated to be a "Mute" instead, as it hides the muted user's posts from view but allows you the option to view their posts on an individual basis. The new "Block" is much more robust, preventing both users from seeing each other on the site whatsoever, as if they do not exist to each other. This blocks all forms of communications, including notifications and pings, and hides pages directly related to the user, such as profile pages and Kith profile pages.

I did my best to test extensively, but if you find an issue with the new changes please let us know in the Technical Support Forum so we can work on a fix!

Thank you all again for making Tattered World the best it can be!

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Site Contest Winners: June 2020

Greetings again, everyone. May the warmth of the Summer months shine upon you. It is time for me and my partner, the Witch, to announce the winners of the June Site Contest.

I... have been informed that I was far too "directorial" last time. And from all the research that I did on your Site Contest entries, as well as reading everybody's essays in the forums, it seems that was maybe a bit culturally insensitive, and also… not the way to make a good first impression, so... I'll do better this time. Next time, too.

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New Items: June User Submissions!

Well, I've got good news to report from last month; Club's fur has largely regrown from her little... incident. That or the hair clippings from the salon that she glued onto the patches have somehow merged with her physical form into new 'fur'. Either way, Jr has stopped trying to lick her face off while she sleeps. We are all getting a lot more rest now thankfully.

Seems like our wonderful custom creators are also feeling quite a bit more rested lately as well, we've got a nice batch this time... including some very, uh, interesting new appendages.

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