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Starlit Princess by Rayne won the Avatar Spotlight! Who is she? Is she a royal? I don't know, but I DO know that she's barefoot under that gown.
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Site Contest: May 2023

Who's ready for some rollickin' tales? Aye, it's time for the May Site Contest! And not a moment too soon, lemme tell ya - seems some kind of high tide came rollin' in when me back was turned, and washed away several trunks o' carefully-collected stories! I know, I know - X was just besides herself when we found all those chests bobbin' empty in the waves. It's tough luck, too, 'cause there were all sorts o' scraps gathered from ancient wrecks stored in there, includin' some real promisin' treasure maps...

But that's not the truest form o' riches to be found! So I thought, what if ya gather 'round and tell me some o' yer Treasured Tales in a Writin’ Contest!

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New Premium Items: Merfolk Animal Tails!

Swim closer, everyone… Once again it is I, the beautiful Tethys, here to entice you all with some fantastically fishy festivities! Yes, it's the Coral Reef's time to shine!! I don't see why they should keep all the fun to themselves in the Enchanted Forest, hmph - though I did love having all those pretty sparkly flowers bouncing around my grotto! But why do they get to hog the event spotlight, when instead we could be admiring all of the very best that the Coral Reef has to offer?

By which I mean the Merfolk, of course~

After all, I've heard that some of you like to celebrate “MerMay”… Such a swoonworthy concept~! Delightful! Dazzling! Though I can’t believe you would try to contain such an enormous celebration to a single month… No, no, my enraptured admirers, don’t get discouraged by your daunting task! It’s a wonderful start - and I’m here to help!!

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New Items: April User Submissions

OKEY!!! Springtide may be over, but it's still the perfectest season to get these gardens into order! Robin has promised us aaaaaaalllllll the carrot cake we can eat if we get these fields tilled for her!! I've broken down all the areas into zones we can attack as a team! I'll be takin' the flower pots to rip out the ol' dead plants an' get ready for the new!

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Site Contest Winners: April 2023

Thank you all for joining… our Springtide celebration…

Let us conclude the festivities… by announcing the winner… of the April Site Contest… The New Chalcedony by Kreszia11.

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April Contest & Event: Springtide

Welcome all… It is time that we begin… to honor the meaningful tradition of Springtide. It makes me pleased… to see that one of our oldest, once-forgotten traditions… has been revived… and given new life.

Although I am not sure about… the addition of these small twinkling flowers… that must be collected…

If you could help gather them from our Forest and the other Remnants… you shall find many rewards in store… such as the thematic clothing that we shall feature during this event. Which we must now select...

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