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Of Kith and Memories by Dread won the Kith Spotlight! But trying to decide who to showcase is always such a difficult task, every one of my allies I hold dear and we share so much together…That’s why you should showcase ME!!!
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September Event Update: Unwritten Roles

Okay squirt, I've had every single one of Veilious' heads on a hunt for this script and they've all turned up bupkis. Like, the Monster Bride has never performed on the Shadow Stage. Seems weird, right? But that isn't to say she never existed.

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Code Update: 9/7/22

Good morning, everyone! I've got a bunch of little updates today, starting with a few new reporting tools. You can now flag Messages, Trades and User Profile pages for the Moderator team to review! The block feature has also been updated to fix a few bugs, so now you won't see a User Shop from any users you've blocked nor will you receive notifications from blocked Messages. We've also removed the ability to block yourself, lol.

The bug on the Battle tab in the Price Match Receipt has been fixed so that you should see the correct item listings available there.

A few button colors have been changed to better indicate which button is an action versus an exit out of the pop-up.

Finally, we've added more Forum controls that will allow us to remove certain categories from the Recent Activity page. The Chatterbox and its subforums will be removed from the Recent Activity page so that the frequent chatter doesn't clutter the page anymore!

Thank you all again for helping to make Tattered World the best it can be!

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New Premium Items: Monster Bride Set!

Castwiiiick! We're supposed to be looking for some good ideas to help Piper with Halloweave, not playing hide and seek! Be careful in all those old boxes, you know how dusty this old attic is! ((Hiding~ Seeking~ Hiding~ Seeking~))

Hm... you know, we don't normally come this far into the attic by ourselves. Some of these boxes look REALLY old. Like it'd only take one good sneeze to turn them into even more dust! ((Hiding~ Seeking~ Hiding~ Sneezing~ Sneezing? Sne-sneh-ACHOO!))

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New Items: August User Submissions!

This is it!!! My whole lil' life has been preparin' for this moment!!!! The creation of the ULTIMATEST expression of color in textiles!! I've got the sprinkles arranged just so, the plot bunnies settled an' nibbling away over the garment. Now, I just gotta give 'em a lil' spritz from my spray bottle of water to set the pattern and-

No! Wait! Plot bunnies, it's just a sprinkle!! I THOUGHT YOU LIKED BEIN' WATERED!!!! I HAVE BEEN LED ASTRAY BY GARDENING MECHANICS!!!!!!!

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Site Contest Winners: August 2022

Priiii-sm… Parrrrr-ty… Priiii… sm… Parrrrr… ty…


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