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A New...Sweater? by ArcaneDreamer won the Kith Spotlight! Raiju has come up with a great way to scare off the Snarls! Though, this idea is a bit... unconventional.
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Site Contest: November 2023

Oh, hey. Give me a minute and I’ll be right with you. I haven’t forgotten about the November Site Contest!

Hmm, that’s probably enough goggles and pillows, but looks like we’re low on gloves. Need to remind Hypothesis that gloves aren’t snacks….

Sorry about that! I’ve been taking an inventory of items we have that we might be able to turn into some personal protective equipment. I’ve been thinking, even though you defeated that Scourge over in Cirque Faerial, well, there’s still plenty to be worried about when you’re visiting our newest neighbors. Not that exploring remnants has ever been without danger, but the circus takes it to a whole new level - jets of fire, flying knives, pits of spikes and mechanical gators, and boobytraps everywhere! Not to mention the risk of falling off of those floating islands.

So, for this month’s contest, how about you bring me your best idea for safety gear and show me Safety in Style? Put together an Avatar entry that demonstrates safe attire for one (or more) situations you might face at that circus.

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New Kith Clothing: Jester Hats!

Is it safe to come out now? Phew! Thanks for that quick work on the Scourge everyone! As a reward, I can finally release my special surprise for you! Dan-da-da-na!!! Introducing the fantastical jovial jolly Jester Hat!

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Event Update: Saving Cirque Faerial

Alright, are you READDDYYYYYYYY?!

C’mon, Hope nerds and dweebs from every Remnant… as you all know, it’s me, Chadfrey, the heart and soul of Cirque Faerial. The one who’s been the guiding light for all the fighters and tailor…ers.

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NPC Notifications Update

Hi everyone! Just a small update from the writing team to let you know that all NPC Trades and Forum pings have been answered! Thank you all so much for your patience while we caught up with all the chaos caused by our new fairy friends - thankfully, they fey seem much more cooperative now that the Scourge of Discord has forced them to team up, and you can now send Trades to the NPCs of Cirque Faerial! We are also accepting friend requests to the NPCS when we see them, so please be patient with us as we go through all the characters one by one!

Thank you all again for helping to make Tattered World the best it can be!

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Event Update: Saving Chadfrey

Okay, Pied Piper, it's like, SO sweet that you and your pals are doing this whole cute do-gooder thing to rescue our Remnant. Especially since… you're maybe not our biggest fan after that whole kidnapping fiasco shebang?

But you’re here anyway! Like, yay!! So much helpful hero energy! Like SO MUCH. Like maybe a little TOO much…

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