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Miranda's Going on Adventure by Gwennafran won the Art Spotlight!
Good luck to Miranda with her new adventure. :)
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Site Contest: December 2022

Oh my, hello everyone! It's been so exciting to see how many wishes everyone has been granting and receiving… Between that and all of the fun clothing from Miranda’s Closet Clean Out, the University has been so peaceful and pleasant! So many of the little Kith have even started writing their wishes for allies on tiny slips of paper and tucking them into their Kith nests… And it’s been so sweet to watch some of those wishes be granted as well!

Which brings us to the theme of the December Site Contest : Wishes Come True !

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New Premium Items: Constellation Kith!

It's almost time, it's almost - where IS she?! We are nearly prepared to enact the God of Winter's protection ritual of compounded memory! I can't wait forever - pay attention, acolytes! Do you all know why we're here today?

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December Event: Closet Clean Out!

There! I think that's finally the last of those new Remnant books labeled and organized. Now I just need to figure out where to put all of them… I've already had to take so many trinkets off of the shelves to make room. Sigh… It's been a tiring few months. Between Halloweave and the Lucky Venture's surprise visit, I've got so much extra stuff in my apartment that it feels like I'm tripping over something every time I turn around. Maybe cleaning things out should be my New Year's resolution?

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New Items: November User Submissions!

Ranye! I know you said you and Cloud Shepherd Cinis were suuuuuuper tired after all the babysittin' you've both been doin' for Mother Magpie Cinis, so I've gone out an' gotten you some help!!

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Event Update: Bon Voyage!

A shiver in the air… A turnin' of tides… Seems like winter is windin' its way in, and we need to set sail.

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