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New Items: May Recolors!

Ugh, why does it already have to be so hot? At least the nurse's office is air-conditioned... We've got fans for the Backstage Broker and the dumpster, but nothing beats nice, frigid AC. And lucky for all y'all kiddos, I was able to pick up a new batch of custom items from the princess of the perm, queen of the coif, and Kei's leading source of competition (not that his store has room for anything new anyway), Ruevian!

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May Update: New Quests!

Wow, it's tough to enjoy the Golden Colosseum with all this mist everywhere, right? But good news, our May update is here...

Golden Colosseum Quests are now available!

However, we're doing things a little differently this time around... You don't have to use Secrets to access the Remnant, but you will still have to work to unlock access to these Quests over time!

Although the Golden Colosseum's shops are unlocked for all users by default, in order to meet new characters going forward, you will have to individually learn how to part the mists by completing specific Hourly Quests for Chrysa.

Unlike with the other Remnants, the Golden Colosseum Hourly Quests will be Reputation-locked, unlocking one character's Quests at a time. At first, Chrysa will be the only Golden Colosseum NPC who has Hourly and Daily Quests available! Some of her prophetic Quests will grant Reputation for a different NPC instead of the Oracle, based on the prophecy's subject.

Once you get a certain character to their Friendly Reputation level, their Hourly Quests and Daily Quests will unlock! Keep in mind that it may take up to an hour for new Hourly Quests to be appear, and up to 24 hours for new Daily Quests to appear. Furthermore, reaching Friendly reputation level with an NPC will also give you access to their special introductory Unique Quest.

This special unlock system will only apply to the Golden Colosseum. This means that even though new users will have the benefit of being able to access the Battle system and its associated items from the get-go, they'll still have to work hard to gradually meet and learn more about the Golden Colosseum NPCs by completing lots of Chrysa's Quests.

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New Premium Items: Forum Banners!

As we get closer to the launch of Hourly & Daily Quests for the cast of the Golden Colosseum, it's time to deck everyone out in new Forum Banners! You can visit this Forum Banner Previews thread to see what each banner looks like before choosing one for yourself. All of the shop banners can be purchased from the Pick A Part: NPC Shop Banner, but the Map of Golden Colosseum must be earned through Quests!

Since we awarded some Reputation points during the last event, we have created a limited-time Unique Quest that anyone can complete to earn a set of free Letters of Repudiation for any Golden Colosseum NPCs who gave out Reputation in their Event Quests. This Unique Quest will remain available until June 5th for anyone who prefers to reset their Reputation level before starting on the new Quests. Anyone who wishes to progress through the Golden Colosseum Quests spoiler-free should collect their letters and use them as soon as possible, or else you may receive the Achievements for having higher Reputation levels when those are released even if you use the letters before completing any of the new Quests. We plan to release the Quests and Achievements very soon, within the next couple of days.

I've also added the Solarium's Letters to the Headmaster's Office - apparently I forgot to add them when we released the Solarium Quests, whoops! As for the Colosseum Letters, you'll be able to pick those up from the shop once the Golden Colosseum Quests are released.

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Site Contest Winners: May 2020

Greetings, citizens. This is Commander Q. Kyprian of the Cosmic Solarium, coming to you with a broadcast in honor all those who participated in our radiant May Site Contest. I was impressed with all of the entries, and I hope that the many meaningful Alliances on display shall serve as a model for any citizens aboard the station who have made the commendable decision to form Alliances of their own.

The Bridge Crew and I would now like to celebrate the winners of this month's Site Contest: Love as Vast as the Galaxy by Leslie in the Kith Spotlight category, and Blooming at night by Haiz in the Avatar category.

Since both of you earned the most Cheers on your entries, you shall each receive 100 Gems, as well as the In the Spotlight Achievement, the Spotlight T-Shirt and the Spotlight Showcase.

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Code Update: 5/19/20

Time for another code update! Most of today's update is happening behind the scenes, improving battle functionality for future additions like trophies, Shard rewards, and new Strategy specializations like Paralysis and Poison. However, I slipped a few small quality-of-life updates into this batch as well!

We've changed last week's update to the item pop-up slightly, so that any usable items will now show the item icon by default. Food, Books, Toys, and other Kith-specific items like the Change of Heart will be changed to display your Active Kith's icon over the next few days, as this is a manual change we have to make on the admin side.

The Marketplace now has the same Search function on the My Sales page, so you can quickly find whichever lot you're looking for out of your own sales.

On the sidebar, the Active Kith section now has a dropdown button to easily switch your Active Kith from any page, as well as a button link to the Kith Allies page. You can also find each Kith's Last Activity on their Kith Profile page now, in case you want to check what they were doing last.

That's all for now, but we're gearing up for another series of big battle system updates as we push through beta! As always, if you find any bugs on site, please report them in the Technical Support Forum so we can address them for you as quickly as possible. Please note that it may take an hour or so for these changes to appear on your account.

Thank you all again for making Tattered World the best it can be!

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