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Love as Vast as the Galaxy by Leslie won the Kith Spotlight! She glides through the stars...
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Code Update: 6/9/20

Good morning! I've got an early update to the site today. Once again, many of these changes are on the backend so you won't see most of them. For example, we've edited the user logs so that admins can track down missing items if that bug comes up again (or help you find the item if it was a misclick instead of a bug). One of these backend changes is a huge update to the currency logs, so the servers may crash and cause issues for the site today as that process tries to run. In this case, if you notice any problems in the next 24 hours, please wait 5 minutes and refresh the page to see if it goes away on its own before reporting the problem in the Technical Support Forum.

We've also got a few updates that are more directly beneficial for you, though! We've added a few tentative changes to the Tailoring page to try to speed it up with optimizations, so hopefully that helps anyone with lots of patterns and materials with the long loading times.

After some discussion in the Suggestions Forum, we've decided to adjust the way Chrysa's Quests reward Reputation. The randomness of her Hourly Quests has been diminished by prioritizing each of the Quests that reward Reputation with other characters until everyone in the Golden Colosseum has reached Friendly Reputation with you. We've also set her Daily Quest to pause when Chrysa reaches Friendly if the other characters are not yet Friendly. These changes may take up to 24 hours to appear on your account.

Thank you all again for making Tattered World the best it can be!

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Site Contest: June 2020

Ooh, there's the Scrying Spell from the Golden Colosseum - that must be The Early Winter role-calling in to start the June Site Contest!

Hiya, Winter! I'm super excited that we finally get a chance to talk! Are you ready for Fun and Games? (FUN FUN FUN!)

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New Premium Items: Celestial Witch Set!

Uh oh, is it time for my bit already? Hang on, I got it, I promise! Just lemme find the script and - EEP! How come this letter's so long?! I... I didn't know it unscrolled... The Early Winter sure likes to be prepared, huh?

Long, loooong winter...

Yeah... well, maybe he's a little scared to come visit, so he's asking lots of questions to feel more comfy! I bet that's it. Some people get all worried about trying new recipes and wanna read the whole thing before they start instead of having fun as you go along the steps one by one! That's okay, we'll show Winter that any haunting fears are friendly ghosts in the making!

Having fun making Winter FEAR!!

Castwiiiiiick, don't tease him before he even gets here! I'm sure he'll be super-duper friendly and nice when we finally meet him in person. Besides, this might not be so bad! How about I make us lots of yummy snacks, and then we can just go in order down this big ol' list?

Here we go! Question #1 out of 156…

Posted by: "Kosmas, Mystic of Winter, Disciple of Menodora"
Compare and contrast how the historical assignment and transmission of Roles within your Remnant differ throughout the Narrative and Post-Narrative Eras. Please cite specific instances of costuming, script additions and subtractions, and external expectations within the community. Supplemental illustrations are preferred, in order to aid with transference into starlight and preservation in constellation form.

Ummmm… Uummmmmm…....

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Code Update: 6/2/20

It's time for another code update! A lot of today's update is hidden in the backend for the Battle and Quest systems, but the major improvement you'll get to see is mobile functionality on the Battle system! Images should now scale to whichever size screen you have, whether it be on desktop, phone, or tablet. The tabs are working on both mobile and desktop, and the font should be readable even on small screens. Woohoo! This is a huge step forward for development, and we'll be bringing you some exciting Strategy updates later this month as well.

The High Score page bug has been difficult to pin down, so we're hoping today's update fixes the issue but it may still be having problems. The easiest way for us to test this is by using the live site rather than our test site, so please let us know on the Technical Support Forum if you notice something off with the High Scores.

We've added pagination to the University Lab if Lycus has over 100 unique items donated at a time. The recent donation spree was a real doozy!

Finally, we've added a couple of changes to Kith in the database. We're now keeping records of Kith that are left in the Tatters for over 7 days, when before those records were being deleted. You can also view a Solitary Kith's profile page now, when before it produced an error page due to not having an associated user account. We're considering adding a profile link on the Solitary Kith page if that would be of interest to users. Hopefully this makes planning for Solitary Kith Alliances easier!

Thank you all again for making Tattered World the best it can be!

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New Items: May Recolors!

Ugh, why does it already have to be so hot? At least the nurse's office is air-conditioned... We've got fans for the Backstage Broker and the dumpster, but nothing beats nice, frigid AC. And lucky for all y'all kiddos, I was able to pick up a new batch of custom items from the princess of the perm, queen of the coif, and Kei's leading source of competition (not that his store has room for anything new anyway), Ruevian!

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