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Bow down to MASTER! by Hisscale won the Kith Spotlight!
A creature on the verge of embracing the entirety of the Universe.
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New Premium Items: Lucky Venture Spy!

Thanks for agreeing to meet with me, Kiddos, I know everything's real busy with this 'Event' going on. Now, I know y'all are smart, you gotta already feel something's off with this here Lucky Venture, right? Ain't it all just a little too convenient that we've never seen hide nor hair of these folks before but they've supposedly been all over the Tatters? And they show up now that we know how to fully explore out there and defend ourselves from Snarls? Something stinks, and I don't mean that leftover takeout Jr stashed away somewhere in the walls.

I can't go investigate myself; the bright lights and glitter of the casino kills my eyes. That's where you kiddos come in. You gotta go undercover and sleuth out what these con artists really want.

Of course I'm not expecting you to go out there unprepared! I've rounded up some old bits and bobs to suit the best role for the job.

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Code Update & Referral Rewards!

Good morning, everyone! I hope you're all enjoying your time aboard the Lucky Venture, which we've been referring to as a "mini Remnant" while working on it for the past few months. I have a lot of updates for you on the event itself listed below, so please read through if you're interested in what's changed since launch yesterday.

In more exciting news, today begins another exciting month-long promotion: 2X Referral Rewards!

For the entire month of May, we're offering twice the rewards for any referrals, new or old. Starting right now, new referrals will earn you 2 Gems per referral instead of the usual 1, and any referred users who purchase Gems during this promotion will grant a whopping 10% free bonus Gems to the referrer, instead of the usual 5%!

This promotion is also the launch of a new reoccurring email campaign, the Tattered World Newsletter! Learn about recent updates, NPC tidbits, and upcoming sneak peeks with some in-character writing and funny image edits. New users can opt in while registering their account, and existing users can opt in by checking the box on their Settings page.

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May Event: The Lucky Venture!

Lycus! Lycus, there you are, COME ON, you've got to get out of this lab and come outside RIGHT NOW–

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New Items: April User Submissions AGAIN!

Good evening, Allies and Gentlekith, it is ever so good to see you all again. I, Fray Von Fancypants, first of his name, would like to welcome you all to another exquisite monthly user submission update and-



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New Items: Spill The Tea!

Shhh! Can you hear it? (Shhhhh!) Castwick, shhh! (sh!)


It's faint, but this is as far as I'm allowed to go in the forest without Grandma to keep watch. My ears may still be growing, but for some reason I can't stop hearing that - that - whatever that sound is. Maybe it's music? Really weird, jumpy, unstable music?? (Hear music sound!)

It's okay, that's why I brought all my cooking stuff! We're gonna brew up some potions to ask the spirits to help! Mr. Dollmaker always says the dead are better at sensing things beyond the senses than the living are, and spooky sounds are definitely something ghosts are good at! Ready, Castwick? (READY!)

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