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Changlingby sQld won the Avatar Spotlight! I come from the other side to take back what is mine.
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New Premium Items: Harmonic Hardware Set!

...zzzz.... zzzz... wh....

Wh-what?! AH!! WHAT TIME IS IT?!

Scorch it... This late already? Sigh. At least I haven’t slept through my meeting - thanks ever so for waking me. No, there’s no need to concern, it is merely that I may have stayed up slightly later than usual, poring over the reports and filing documentation... There’s been so much to review...

The good news is that we've put together as many preparations as we can to defend against any possible return of that rogue AI, Specter, and we shall continue to be extremely alert. But, strangely... while attempting to corroborate her claims and investigate their implications, I feel like I’ve been stumbling into a black hole of questions, sinking deeper and deeper... And between my own reports, and the meetings with Marcus about his historical findings, and with Dione and the Shimmerfins about the nature of their abilities... There’s so much new information I have to consider, and explain to others... (The joys of being the Commander...)

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New Items: November User Submissions!

Happy end of November everyone! I hope you have all managed to eat lots of good food this fall to prepare for the coming winter! The winds have been getting real chilly lately so I've been trying to pack on a few extra ounces before the inevitable barrage of snow starts.

You know what I've also been trying to pack on? Recolors!

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New Items: Warming Winter Recipes!

Brrr... A chill wind's blowing. Looks like winter may come early this year. Are you tadpoles prepared to weather the cold? Bah, just come inside already. My Sunstone's warm enough for all.

The surest way to shake off the cold is by making a fresh, hot meal. Grab your Elven Quickblade and join me in the Enchanted Kitchen - I'll teach you a few new recipes that will fill your belly nice and warm.

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Site Contest Winners: November 2021

We've concluded our November Site Contest, it seems. Hhhehh... It worked out well, seeing the rich variety of ideal worlds that you presented to us. I've always felt that the deep seafloor, free of distractions, was a fine place to dwell on problems, seeking out self reflection... But even I have found that the strength of discussing and consulting with a close friend can offer insights that were inscrutable in solitude.

I would like to commend those of you who showcased the trinkets you had collected, and shared the values you found in them...

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November Update: Map Exploration!

Our big update of the month is here, and it's on the Explore pages!

Each and every map has been updated with new code that makes it more interactive, and will now work on both desktop and mobile! Before this update, our map exploration only worked on desktop, and it wasn't always clear where you needed to click to explore the map. Now there are handy arrow buttons to show you where the map can scroll, and each NPC has a pointed marker that is always visible so you know where to find them! Clicking on the NPC's marker will highlight their shop and give you a brief description of what to expect from that shop. Please note that it may take up to an hour for these changes to appear on your account, and make sure your browsers are up to date in order to utilize this new feature!

After many long and tedious months of work, our moderator team has finished updating every clothing item with tags! A huge thanks to Dread in particular for her constant, dedicated effort to getting old items tagged and organized onto a new Tags reference page.

I'm also very excited to share the news that our team is making great progress on some additional feature updates that will arrive in December and January... I can't tell you much more than that yet, but I think you'll all like what's coming!

Until then, please report any bugs or problems in the Technical Support Forum so we can take a look and fix it as soon as possible.

Thank you all again for helping to make Tattered World the best it can be!

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