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Blooming at night by Haiz won the Avatar Spotlight! In the quiet comfort of the spring night, darkness wrapped around you like a safe and soft blanket - stars shine, rain falls, flowers bloom
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Event Update: A Premium Plot Revealed!

Hello again, Estella; Jay; Kei. Thank you for taking your captivity in stride without provoking any unfortunate incidents. All of us here in the circus, fairies and changelings alike, have gathered to witness the final day of your inadvertent visit.

Yes, the final day.

Can you feel it? How the wind shifts and stretches. The way the colors pulse brighter and brighter. The rising crescendos of the unearthly music, sung by Cirque Faerial itself… It’s finished.

Piper has made her Agreement at last.

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Event Update: Toying With You

Toys strewn everywhere - games assembled out of stolen goods - this must be Cirque Faerial’s version of an arcade!

But… I don't see or hear any signs of Piper at all. That's a little w-worrying…

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New Items: July User Submissions

ALRIGHT! No one is getting past me this time! Shady's trusted me with guarding these super important User Custom submissions with my LIFE! I ain't letting NO ONE get by me and steal them before they can debut in the Backstage Broker.

Thankfully the list isn't too big so it's really not that hard to keep my eyes on them all at once, but I can see why Shady has been so worried about old 'acquaintances' showing up for some 'revenge'.

Well, I better get this done sooner rather than later - the longer I yap, the closer the enemy might flap!

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Site Contest Winners: July 2023 Event - And Other Victories!

Ooh, Hotshot, just look at how many of these, like, total suckers entered my July Site Contest scheme? Awww, a ton of them opened up about the things they love most… giving us a DIRECT path to analyze their greatest weaknesses! SO totally evil, right?

Looks like the person who earned the most Cheers on their entry, the winner of this month's Site Contest, is - drumroll, please... Curtain Call by Moth King of Moths!

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Event Update: A Daredevil Disaster

Hotshot, that was totally unbelievable! I thought I was the queen of junk food shenanigans - you should see some of the soda-spraying tricks I've mastered… But this? Jumping over a cage of spikes, kicking through a steel door, and setting an entire food stall on fire with your breath, just to deep-fry some cola?! Which I thought was a weird idea at first, but… MMMM. Seriously, how do ALL the snacks up here taste THIS good…

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