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Soaring by Spacegal won the Games Spotlight! This paper airplane has reached new heights! Soarin' to the ten thousands! :D.
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Event Update: New Remnant Clothes!


Look at you all, emptying out our hold and unlocking all the items we have to offer - and so swiftly! Color us real impressed, mmmmhmmm~ I must say, it’s been a real treat watching you all jump into action!

Now let’s continue our little fun with a few more images from the star of our show… Treble, what do you want to show us?

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Code Update: 11/8/22

Sorry everyone, please note that we are experiencing technical difficulties in the shops due to a code update gone wrong. We are working on fixing this as soon as possible for you. Thank you for your patience!

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Event Update: New Remnant Books!

My, my, my, aren't you all mighty! Clearing us out of all of our cargo so quick… It looks like you've freed up room in our hold, and just in time, too. We’ve got a lot of books to unload, and there are some fine details in there…

And who wants some pictures to go with them? Here comes Treble, moseying along with a few extra snaps to show us!

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Event Update: New Remnant Toys!

Alors, y'all have done it - and mighty quick, I must say! Yes indeed, y'all have cleared out the first batch of brimmin' boxes from our cargo hold, and now we're ready to wrangle up the next round! I think we may have time to tell y'all a few more tales and details, too…

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New Premium Items: Delving Deep Set!

Thanks for c-coming with me to investigate the Tatters, Jay… It feels like the arrival of the Venture has, er... to p-put it bluntly, thrown the entire University into a c-complete uproar. Again! Miranda won't stop talking about the "historical p-potential" of the Gallery, searching her books for comparisons… Kei really likes the sound of those rowdy miners and their shiny gemstones - I g-guess it reminds him of his big family? And after one taste of that new junk food, Piper's even more eager to learn more about the magic of those faeries - fairies? F-fae? Fair folk? Argh, can't they just pick one way to spell it?

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