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Kith-Shaped Nuggets by Dread won the Item Design Spotlight! No kith were harmed in the making of these nuggets.
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Site Contest Winners: February 2023

Man, I really owe you guys - with all those fabulous entries to distract her, Robin barely glanced my way! So let's start things off by celebrating the winners of this month's Site Contest... Light of My Life by Moth King of Moths in the Avatar category, and A Confession in the Ocean Abyss by Gloria in the Art category!

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Code Update: 2/13/23

Happy Palentine's Day, everyone! I've been working on some bug fixes in between writing replies to all your fun forum pings and trade messages, the biggest fix of which is to the Continue Battle page that had turned into an error page for a lot of folks. That should be back to normal now!

I also have a small update on the Letter of Trade items - the free ones given out via quests have been renamed to be a Personal Letter of Trade, which are now account-locked to each user to prevent multi-accounting abuse. The standard Letter of Trade bought in the premium shop can still be traded, gifted, wishlisted, sold, etc. though!

This will not affect any existing in-progress trades or marketplace lots, but it will prevent future trades and marketplace lots from being able to trade or sell the Personal Letter of Trade.

Thank you all for helping to make Tattered World the best it can be!

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February Event: Palentine's Day!

Oh my, it's here at last! My very favorite time of year… Palentine's!!!

Every year we gather to celebrate love in all its forms - familial, platonic, romantic, and anything else you can imagine… And there are plenty of goodies, too!

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Site Contest: February 2023

PSST! C'mere… No, a little closer. Keep your voices down, okay? I know, I know, normally I'm the kind of guy who's used to speaking real loud - doubly so when it's Palentine's! What better time of year to send out a special announcement over the Hope "loudspeakers", right? Ahaha! But… This February Site Contest theme is Confessions, and I've got a big one on my mind…

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New Premium Stages: Tattered Kith!

Enheduanna: Oh… More young Kith approaching…

Yes. Thank you for your… compliments. Yes. My understanding of the Snarls was… impressive. Yes, I… am aware.

Always, always aware…

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