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Fate Flower by Quintillion won the Art Spotlight!
"She loves me, she loves me not..."
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Site Contest: March 2020

So, you've been doing a decent job at fighting your way through the Snarls. Impressive. Good work. I applaud your efforts. Woo.

Now that we've dispensed with the tiresome required praise, we can discuss more important matters. Namely, that you're still only a fraction of the way there, have sustained massive property damage, and still have a very high likelihood of dying at the first sign of any actual threat.

Why are you looking at me like that? I'm being helpful.

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March Update: A Face to the Voice

Ohh, the Tatters are so terribly inflamed... I've never seen them like this! And every route to familiar Remnants has been swallowed up - it's as though every possible passage just keeps twisting back on itself, forming one single road...

I'm getting so tired... hff... hff... It feels as though I've been running for days... But I won't be frightened! If this is the game that mysterious figure wants to play - so be it! I'll keep running towards them... I'll run as fast as I can!

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March Update: Under Attack

[Catch up on the Event so far]


Shh, shhh, little ones, it's all right... I'm so sorry that something has you all so miserable and afraid! I only wish that you could explain what upset you so much when you were traveling through the Tatters... or that anyone could tell me what's causing this terrible, sickening feeling. Could it truly be caused by that strange "vibration" that the Ulusives of the Solarium described to me? So many of these little Kith are trembling...

Can I offer you all some new toys? A book to read? I know it seems scary, but I promise you'll find that the Remnant of Hope is a marvelous place to be. There's so much joy awaiting you all! And in the meantime, I'm right here. Just... talk to me. Please, let me help... I want so badly to help...

Oh! What's that sound in the Tatters? Is another batch of Kith coming through already? Well, I'll... I'll do my best!

Hello, my dears, and welcome to-

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Code Update: 3/10/20

Hello again, everyone! It's time for another code update, this time bringing you a final domain name change to tatteredworld.com - no more "the"! All previous domains will still automatically redirect to the new domain, so any bookmarks or links you've used on the old domain names should still work just fine.

As with last time, this means all the Games have been updated to use the new domain. If you notice an issue with the games not loading properly, please try clearing your cache and giving the page a hard refresh before letting me know what the problem is in the Technical Support Forum. A couple bug fixes, such as the Paper Airplane rewarding 1 ability point instead of 3, have also been included in this update.

Hidden away behind any code you'll see are some big, BIG changes to the site. We've tested this on our alpha site as much as we can, but it's likely that at least something new and unusual will appear when adding these changes over the next two weeks. As always, if you notice a strange problem happening on the site, please report it in the Technical Support Forum so we can take a look and try to get it fixed as soon as possible!

Thank you all again for helping to make Tattered World the best it can be!

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New Items: Solarium Kith Onesies!

Thank you for c-coming with me and Hypothesis to visit the Cosmic Solarium, Iris. I can't really believe that it's been a year since my last visit… It's k-kinda funny to see how many visitors from all the Remnants are running around the Crust. Funny in a g-good way, I mean... Anyway, I'm sure we can find you some Kith to talk to soon, but first -

OBJECTIVE: Nibblug, designation Hypothesis = planning to reunite with other fellow Nibblugs in the Core! Much data about Hope requires transmission to fellow Kith, with many delicious new flavors to describe!

Additionally, upon the advisement of little sister, designation Piper, Lycus and I have procured many gifts for our friends aboard the station! HYPOTHESIS: the distribution of these gifts will lead to a successful visit for all involved!

Um, yeah... we d-didn't bring anything for the Commander or the Bridge Crew, aside from all of these diplomatic gifts that Mom and Dad sent along with us, but since Hypothesis and I haven't seen our Solarium friends in a while, we thought it m-might be nice to have a little bit of... um, a personal touch? And Piper said that the Shadow Stage Kith Onesies went over really w-well when she went to visit the Witch, so...

Hopefully it's not an awkward idea, but we c-commissioned Andre for some Cosmic Solarium Kith Onesies.

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