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May Event: High Score!

Written by Admin  Posted on May 26, 2017
Whoa, what's that in the Arcade? A NEW GAME! A DAILY HIGH SCORE!

That's right! I've totally outdone myself this time, bringing you a brand-new feature for this month's special event! Every game now has a daily high score that earns the winner 1 Gem!

Mom is helping me put together a record book for the history of all high scores, but that's going on something called a "landing page" that's still in "development" I guess? I dunno. Some shy rabbit-eared lady named Steph is in charge of that stuff, and Dad said she's super busy working on summer vacation this month. I'm not sure how you "work" on a vacation but... maybe she has like, a ton of party guests...?

Anyway, for this first week only, the user who earns the most daily high scores per game will get an extra-special award - the chance to design a toy for my Arcade! Wowza!! How's that for a grand prize? In the event of a tie, the user with the highest single score wins.

My shiny new addition to our list of games is This Little Piggy. I got the idea from watching Robin's cute new Oinkrometz from the Enchanted Forest! It's such a hungry li'l thing, gobbling up other plants and tripping over its own stem. Now you can sate your own piggy hunger by racing around a walled-in garden full of apples, sprouts, watering cans, and vicious lawn mowers! VROOM!! I've also included a little secret power for your piggy~ based off true events!

Oh! Oh, and, keyboard controls are available for This Little Piggy, but unsupported - so you can use the arrow keys to navigate and the spacebar to pause, but it may have the occasional little twitchy bug. Sorry! Keyboards don't always interact perfectly with the mouse & touch events that we use to support mobile gaming.

You might also notice a lovely little picture of our favorite Kith-keeper, Iris! Andre finally had time to sit down and sketch her likeness for the games, so now I can stopped using that photo of her in Stumped and This Little Piggy. Isn't she cute?

I've made some changes to the game payouts, so that now every game permanently pays out a little more than normal, but a little less than the x2 event. This will require some tweaking as we go! Please direct your thoughts to the Game Update thread here (such as if one game seems to have a way lower payout than others, in Shards or Kith ability points), and please report any problems (such as not receiving Shards) to the Technical Support thread here.

Most importantly... HAVE FUN!! Let the games begin!

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