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Belle of the Ball by Dread won the Custom Clothing Spotlight! Turn all the noble heads at the illuminary gala with this regal ensemble- mask sold separately.
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Kickstarter Rewards: First Class Items!

Intriguing... I have some exciting news for you! A number of First Class Designer items have been discovered in Hope, some of them more mysterious than others. Peruse the creative genius of the Mermaid's Shadow Elixir, Blepper Bento Boxed Lunch, Antique Lamp, Celestial Compass, Emerald Eye of Vision, Kith Memento, Oakelven Shield Crest, Blepper Blep Toy, Winged Bunny Plush, Caique Plush, and Flaming Fan designed by our Kickstarter backers. These items are available at the Headmaster's Office in the First Class Item Badge Bundle, which gives you one of each item in the set, or the Pick A Part: First Class Badge, which lets you pick one single item from the set.

Each of these items grants a bonus to all Kith abilities and personalities.

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New Items: Pizza!

By the Slice

Well, I have good news and bad news, folks. Bad news: my pizza oven is finally kaput. It's been holding on by a thread for the last few months but it won't heat up anymore. That means no more selling pizza here in the store. However, the silver lining is that I've managed to get my hands on a steady enough flow of Yeast to start selling it here so you all can make dough at home. I'm going to put out my stock of Pepperoni and Olive Oil along with my recipes for Pizza Dough, Cheese Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza, Meat Lover's Pizza, and Veggie Pizza so you can all still get your fix at home. It might be a little more work, but when you can lay out a pizza the exact way you like it, all the extra work is worth it, trust me.

Speaking of making food the way you like it, I’ve got a fun add-on for your homemade hot chocolate. With the weather getting colder, I have a new bag of Assorted Marshmallows that pairs up nicely with the Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows Recipe. No more bringing mugs to me to drop a marshmallow or two into, okay? I gave a bag to Piper and she's already consumed them all. I didn't even know that kid’s mouth could get that big...

Swing on down to the General Store and pick up some new recipes to give those lazy pizza stones some use.

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Game Updates

It's time for another round of bug updates, this time for our wonderful games!

I've created a new Sticky in the Technical Support Forum that is dedicated to troubleshooting games, so that I can consolidate all the different reports into one easy-to-find place. Included in that thread is a link to Game Testing, which explains how to use the Developer Tools for the very few users who are still having problems receiving game rewards. I'm happy to see that less than 1% of users are still experiencing issues with game rewards!

Click Read More to see details of today's bug fixes in the games.

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Kickstarter Rewards: First Class Clothes!

What a marvelous Halloween that was! My dear Piper loves the holiday so much, and seeing you all enjoy her “event” warms my heart. I’m incredibly impressed with the costume talent shown this year, despite a lack of traditional costumes!

Though the Abandoned Arcade is shutting down tonight at midnight (Eastern) you don’t have to stop the fashion fun. Dot Eyes, Expressionless Eyes, Murder Eyes, Jack Eyes, Jack Nose, Jack Grin, Pumpkin Grin, Fangs, Stitch Mouth, Ghostly Pale Makeup, Fake Blood, Boonana Recipe, Vengeful Boonana Recipe, and Eye Scream Sundae Recipe are all disappearing until next year’s scare, but I’ve got our First Class designer apparel in stock at the Headmaster’s Office!

Peruse the creative genius of the Monarch, Neo, Cosmic, Aesthetic, and Frosted sets designed by our Kickstarter backers. These sets are available in the Badge Bundle, which gives you one of each item in the set, or the Pick A Part, which lets you pick one single item from the set.

Need a preview? Click here! We’re still working on a better way to show off previews in my office.

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New Items: Magazines!

No Spoilers!

Ahhhh, what a beautiful day! A perfect time to settle down in the greenhouse and read in the sunlight. Luckily I was able to scoop up all the latest issues of my favorite magazine publications earlier today~

Let's start with the most important one, Horoscope Monthly. Oh, silly, I’m not saying that my horoscope is always right, I’m just saying that I want to be clued in to certain disasters ahead of time to avoid them! Not to mention it gives me a good idea who to watch for the best gossip...

Oh! Andre has more work featured in this month’s Final Fashion. What a beautiful dress! That model is so lucky… I wonder if they let her keep it? Did you know I've modeled for them a few times? It is just fantastic! You get to meet the designer, get lots of pictures taken, and they have all these fans blowing for glamour shots - it's just so much fun! And half the time you get to keep the clothes since they were tailored for you anyway!

And now for the best one! You have to save The Rose for last if you are reading anything else. Just don't let yourself get too behind or you might get spoiled and that is just the worst. Let's see... oh ho... oh ho ho, oh my, Robert you naughty boy, spreading rumors that you are the secret rose giver? And, what... Casey is secretly a pair of twins switching in and out of the house?! No? Yes! What?! GASP!

Oh... oh no, I can't talk to anyone about this till they read it! Quick! Run down to the Campus Supplies store and buy your own copy and come back! Go! GO GO GO!

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