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New Items: February Recolors!

Written by Admin  Posted on February 28, 2018
Hey, students! Do you all know what today is? It's the last day of the month, which means the last possible chance for me to get this month's monthly recolors in! GUESS WHO FORGOT THAT FEBRUARY WAS A SHORT MONTH!?

But to be fair, you guys already got a taste of those sweet, sweet re-colors for Palentine's. However, I have more for you today! So let's talk about those now! To start, you all remember that socks got a tiny expansion with the new hot pink color, but now I've got another new color for you: GRAY! That's right, no longer will you be forced to use dusk! You'll now be able to craft Gray Thigh High Socks along with Gray And Black Stripe Stockings, Gray And White Stripe Stockings, Monochrome Licorice Stripe Stockings, Monochrome Candy Stripe Stockings, and Monochrome Tri-Color Stockings. And for you sock addicts, I've got more good news! Spirit Thigh High Socks have also been given a similar expansion to include Spirit And Black Stripe Stockings, Spirit And White Stripe Stockings, Spirit Licorice Stripe Stockings, Spirit Candy Stripe Stockings, and Spirit Tri-Color Stockings!

Speaking of gray, I forgot to include a proper gray T-shirt last month and now have one all set for you. Along with the Gray Plain T-Shirt, you can also find the new Lime Plain T-Shirt tagging along with it! To be fair (and to prevent anyone from pointing out that I forgot it) I also have a Lime Plain Tank Top to go with these as well! Yay!

Now for the BIG set! I bet you were all expecting these after Palentine's but - drum roll please...

Sports Shades, Circle Shades, Rocker Shades, Oval Shades, and Aviator Shades have all been expanded with not one, not three, but NINE new colors! You'll now be able to craft them in Wine, Silver, Purple, Mint, Gold, Green, Red, Spirit, and the very special color I am most proud of: Prism! This brings shades up to a total of 14 colors! Hope you guys have been stocking up on glass.

I hope everyone enjoys these and I look forward to this month's recolor requests!

P.S.- Kei is now stocking a new pattern for Shadowed Face Pattern that has 34 new recolors! Okigoodluckhavefunstaysafedon'tkillmecollectorsbyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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