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Spooky Manor by Moth King of Moths won the Clothing Design Spotlight! When the crypt doors creak, and the tombstones quake, a man steps out to join the wake. He tips his hat and straightens his tie. The time will come when all must die.
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New Kith: Hermithog!

What's this? A bold new Ally has come from the Tatters! It took them a long time to form, but with the help of a First Class Kickstarter backer, they're finally here. The Hermithog is a soft creature that protects itself with a strong shell in dazzling colors chosen by the Kith. Though the shell is its home, these Kith are looking to move in with you! Pick up a Hermithog Charm from the Headmaster's Office and bring it to the Tatters if you'd like to make friends with our newest arrival!

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Experiment Progress: Theoretical

Eureka! We’re getting closer to a real breakthrough… B-but you’ll need to put on a Lab Coat if you’re going to o-officially assist in this experiment. For the sake of posterity a-and such. You can pick one up in the University Lab for the next 24 hours! Actually, you might want to grab two or three in case the first catches on fire...

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New Items: Water Toys!

Brr, it’s getting cold out. Guess what that means! All those summer pool toys are on sale at my Arcade! Now you can own a Pool Raft or a Pool Noodle, which can be like a home base while your Kith dives for Sinking Pool Rings at different depths! Look, I’ve even got Water Wings for the reluctant swimmers among your Kith. Bring yours over to the University gym’s pool during public hours, or cram it into your own Inflatable Pool at home!

Not a fan of big bodies of water? That’s okay, repurpose your Inflatable Pool into a Ball Pit and keep your Rubber Ducky in the bathtub instead! The Toy Steamboat is waterproof, but, uhh, you might want to keep the Model Ship and Ship in a Bottle on the mantle if your Kith has an impulsive personality…

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Kickstarter Rewards: First Class Recipes!

Mmm, do you all smell that? Ah, the cafeteria staff have outdone themselves this time! Just look at my lunch today!

Now you too can dine on the culinary genius of the Voodoo Kabob, Philo Doughnaught and Writer's Brew designed by our Kickstarter backers. These items are available at the Headmaster's Office in the First Class Recipe Badge Bundle, which gives you one of each recipe as well as the full grocery list needed to cook them each once, or in the Pick A Part: First Class Badge, which lets you pick one single recipe.

Of course, since I am sure you will find these recipes tasty enough to cook again and again I have asked Jay over at the General Store to start stocking some new items to help cook these dishes up. You will now be able to purchase the Writer's Brew Coffee Beans, Mustard, and Meatballs Recipe.

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Experiment Progress: Experimental

Aha... ahaha... mwahahaha... At last! It works! It finally WORKS!

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