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Boy oh boy, do we have a lot of updates for you today! Buckle up for safety and visit the Story Quest page to check in with Lycus about his experiments on the Tattered Weave. You’re inching closer to a real “Eureka!” moment that will change everything! (Please report here if you still get duplicate Quests!)

And if you want to talk big changes, how’s this? Kith are no longer limited to 400 ability points! Please keep an eye out for any bugs, but we have tested this on the alpha servers and we’re pretty sure we got them all squished.

Slide on into the Dressing Room for a small but much-needed improvement. Your Inventory widget now has a Search Bar so you can quickly sort through your pages upon pages of clothing to find what you need! This really comes in handy if you’re matching colors, because you can type “Blue” or “Light Blue” and get exactly the shade you’re looking for.

Next to be updated are the games! Users were interested in seeing their Shard earnings more than a Score, so I’ve changed the Score to show you exactly how many Shards you’re earning as you play. I’ve also increased the payout on Paper Airplane and the secret level of Hoof It. The file size of each game is slightly smaller, so for those of you on slow connections, please clear your cache and you should see some improvement in download time! The audio files have been shrunk down, too, in the hope that slower connections can now stream the long soundtracks.

Both Paper Airplane and Memory have some attempted bug fixes. I have changed the math on Paper Airplane so that it should grant continuous attribute points even for high scores. I can’t test that easily myself because, well, I am just not that good at playing Paper Airplane. In Memory, I’ve created a workaround for the problem that causes it to occasionally go blank and become unclickable. When that happens, the game should now automatically reset the board after a few seconds and let you continue playing at the same level. I’m afraid I can’t test this fix myself because I have never encountered the problem no matter what I tried. Please let me know here if you still run into either of these issues while playing!

Click Read More to see details of some other minor bug fixes and updates we’ve made.

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Marketplace Now Available!

The User Marketplace is finally here! You can find the Marketplace under the Community tab, just like Trades. Check out some of the exciting features:

You can sell items in 'lots' that can include multiple items - create your own bundles! Quest-savvy salespeople can use this to make a great profit by selling items commonly needed for certain Quests. Fashionable sellers can pair up outfits this way to share their clever layering ideas!

Each lot can have a unique Name and Description, which helps customize your lot so the right buyer finds exactly what they want.

The Search feature looks through the entirety of a lot, so now you can find matching colors or set items easily!

Any lot containing multiple items will display the number of items in the lot so you can tell at a glance when a lot has more than one item for sale.

This is a brand new feature, so please bear in mind that we may find some bugs as we go! We have thoroughly tested it ourselves on the alpha servers, but bugs can be quite sneaky. Please report any issues to the Technical Support Forum as they come up!

Exploiting a bug to duplicate items or trick other users is against the rules and will result in a warning and a locked account while we investigate. Please play fair!

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New Items: Wedding Apparel!

Have you heard the good news? We’ve finally got a way to keep track of your latest gossip! User profiles now have a Forum section that shows off your latest posts. It’s so hard to remember every little conversation you have without a reference sheet, you know? Really not my fault at all.

I believe this calls for a celebration! Break out your nice clothes, everyone, and get ready for the most special of all outfits! Andre worked so hard to put all the love and care into the Wedding Set that each piece deserves. I even managed to get him in the same room as Kei to coordinate the Two Tone Eyeshadow, tee hee~ The Silk Tuxedo and Tux Pants make a great pair, whether you match the colors or not. Add a Silk Handkerchief to your pocket for extra classy flair! The Veil makes a beautiful accessory to any outfit, especially with certain hairstyles and bangs. And of course, you can’t forget the sparkling Wedding Dress, crafted with Andre’s gorgeous beadwork to make it sparkle in the spotlight.

You can find the Wedding Badge Bundle and the Pick A Part: Wedding Badge for sale in the Headmaster’s Office anytime! Savvy shoppers can preview the set over here.

What’s that? Who’s getting married? Don’t sweat the details! I’m sure the right match will happen in due time~

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Bug Fix: 12/7/16

Hello again! It's time for some updates on the eternal hunt for immortality bugs.

As some of you know firsthand, we tried to fix some problems with the Quest system yesterday with no luck. Today we've put in place a few changes that I hope will suffice. For one, we are not currently able to auto-decline the Hourly and Daily Quests. I've added some text at the top of each page that hopefully explains to new users that there is NO detriment to Declining these Quests.

The other problem we had in the Quest system was duplicates. For some reason, the Story Quests were duplicating so that you would see 2 of the same Quest. One fix we tried actually duplicated the Requirements and Rewards as well, which was a big mistake. We've rolled that back and we're trying something new now. Story Quests should now become available to you only when you click the "I can help!" button. We believe this may eliminate the duplication problem. Please report here if you still get duplicates!

In some good news: we heard your suggestions to add some way to check which Tools are Equipped in your Kitchen. Check out the new tabs! We hope this makes Cooking more convenient for everyone.

Finally: the Marketplace is done! WAHOO! We're making our last round of testing, but this means you should be able to use the Marketplace to set up your Store very, very soon!

As always, thank you all for your help making Tattered Weave the best it can be!

Edit: Club reminded me of one other minor update that happened last night. Tabs are now labeled with the page titles! No more clicking on 6 tabs to find the right one! YAY!

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New Items: Books!

Reading by Candle Light

Ah, there goes another brown out...
What is Lycus doing over in the Lab that is using so much power? I’m sorry everyone, I intended to have a much bigger book release for you tonight but when the lights keep flickering like this I can’t focus! Hopefully the few books I did manage to get together will tide you over until all of this settles down. Still... I hope Lycus is being safe with whatever he’s doing...

Our first book is a good one for younger Kith who might not have developed an interest in reading yet. It's a fun Sticker Activity Book! I will remind you to please make sure the stickers are going on appropriate sticker locations and not other books. Or desks... or any school property. I shouldn’t have to say that, but here we are. Disclaimers.

Next is the enigmatic and exciting world of cryptography. Secret Codes can teach you all the ins-and-outs creating your own codes as well as how to crack some of the most famous codes we still know about from back before the Cataclysm. This provides not just a great experience for learning problem solving, but you and your Kith can develop you own secret messaging system like spies! Um… Don't use this as an excuse to pass notes in class. Encoded or not, it is still against the rules.

And our final book, Circle of Life, explains the order of the natural world. Life and death, while sad, are a fact of life and a necessity for how we live. This book takes a less grim look at the subject to help explain to young children or inexperienced Kith not just the idea of the food chain, but how decomposition helps everyone.

W-wha- ugh, well there goes the power again. I swear, if he starts a fire on his half of the building I’ll… Headmaster Artois has seem so worried lately. Um, do you think you could check in with Lycus down in the lab? I'll get these books up on the shelves here in the Campus Supplies in the meanwhile. Maybe take a fire extinguisher with you...

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