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Inside the Everstorm by 1412 won the Writing Spotlight!
There was a sudden lack of noise as what could only be described as the opposite of thunder rolled through the tatters.
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New Premium Items: CR Scrying and Tentacles

Written by Admin  Posted on March 02, 2018
Uh, h-hello everyone. I know my father is normally the one to do the-these announcements but I am helping out while he stays home today. Marcus asked me to make sure he puts everything out correctly since the Headmaster's Office is laid out a bit differently than what he’s used to in Campus Supplies…

We've been doing some trips out to the Coral Reef and were given some beautiful new items for everyone to enjoy. For this month we will have the brand new Merfolk Tentacle Badge Bundle which contains the Purple Merfolk Tentacle Hair, Purple Merfolk Tentacle Legs, and Purple Merfolk Arm Frills. I'm sure you've all seen that one Hall Monitor wiggling around the Forums lately to test that it’s safe for students. You can get the bundle for 700 Gems or the Pick-A-Part for 300 Gems.

I'd also really appreciate if I could get some volunteers to try the new Everstorm Scrying Spell, Pirate's Cove Scrying Spell, and the Reef Beach Scrying Spell. You can get them in the CR Scrying Spell Badge Bundle at 1100 Gems for all three or get the Pick A Part for 500 Gems. If you could monitor what’s happening through the scrying spell, I… that is… It m-may be nothing, but.. I've picked up on some readings with my instruments here in the Lab and we’ve heard more than a few complaints about the currents being abnormally strong for this time of year, both from Pirates and Merfolk alike.

We will be cycling out the Enchanted Forest Kith Apparel bundles tomorrow, so today is your last chance to get them until the next special sale. However, speaking of restocking, Marcus was able to talk to the Merfolk in supplying us once again with the Merfolk Tail Badge Bundle. You will be able to get it and its Pick A Part until next month when it will be cycled out alongside new badges released here.

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