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A Tribute to Two Dads by Moth King of Moths won the Craft Spotlight! Happy Father's day to two great dads!! Othidad and BatteryDad!!
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New Quests!

It's time to start bringing in more Story Quests! These take a bit longer to create than Hourly Quests, but the rewards are significant... And this is the first of many to come. Nicholas needs your help to figure out dinner! Visit the Quest Log to learn more.

I've also slipped a few new Hourly Quests into the system for Andre, Robin, Jay, and Miranda. Remember that it make take a couple hours for these to show up for your account, and they each have a small percentage chance of showing up every hour.

We've heard your suggestions for changing the Hourly and Daily Quests such that you don't have to Decline a Quest in order to get a new one. Later this week, we will be updating the Quests so that this change takes place for any Quests that have been declined or ignored. Only the Daily/Hourly Quests that are Active (when you have clicked "Accept") will remain. Thank you all for your feedback!

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Experiment Progress: Analytical

Yes! Yes! This is it! The breakthrough I needed! I can all but taste success!

Wha- oh, no, I-I’m not talking about the Beaker. You can have one in the next… uh… whoops, I d-didn’t notice the time - 23 hours.

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New Items: Chips and Sandwiches!

An Easy Lunch

Man, I have to make my own lunch today. I'm too lazy- I mean, busy to cook anything more then a sandwich. What do I want... Ham & Cheese? Meh. Peanut Butter & Jelly? Nah, not today. I think we’re out of grape jam anyway... Oh I know, I'll make a nice, simple Grilled Cheese Sandwich for lunch! We've still got some of Dad's homemade White Bread so it should be pretty good I think. Where did they put it- Oh, what? Why is it behind the Breadcrumbs? You can't get away from me, bread, you've got a date with my tummy.

And a sandwich alone does not feed a growing girl so I better bust out the bagged chips. That's right, munchy, crunchy, salty potato chips! I've heard some grumbling going around that the arcade only offers sweet treats - well no more! You want savory? I got savory!

But, uh, man, there are a lot of options here. One... two... thirteen?! Okay Piper, no more ordering inventory when hungry...

Let's see, we've got Cheddar Chips, but I’ve got enough cheese already. Original Chips, eh, those are boring when I have such a vast selection! Hm, maybe BBQ Chips, that would pair well with the cheese. Citrus Chips? Uh, no, that sounds weird. Dill Pickle Chips? Nah, those go with the ham sandwich better. Sweet Chili Chips? Those can go on the maybe list. Sriracha Chips? Nope. Too spicy! Xtreme Heat Chips? No thanks, I like my taste buds! Wasabi Ginger Chips also sound suspiciously spicy. Salt and Vinegar Chips might be good at cutting through any cheese mouth I get... Same with Sour Cream and Onion Chips. Salt and Pepper Chips would be a safe choice... Oh! Perfect! Ketchup Chips! All the flavor of tomato soup with none of the effort making it!

If you want to cook any sandwiches yourself you can get all the recipes over at Jay’s General Store, and I'll have the chips with me in the Arcade just next door!

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New Items: Socks!

Oh no, not another pair frayed... What am I going to do? At this rate all my fabric stock is going to be ruined. I know the solitary Kith are like babies but I hope they find something more interesting near the Tatters than my house! At least it looks like Miranda's surprise is safe...

See, Miranda has ‘loved’ a few of her stockings into a state that I would call ‘completely unwearable but for the fact that you are somehow wearing them right now’. So I’ve been preparing a whole new batch of fun and colorful socks to brighten up the cold.

To start, we have the Black Stripe Stockings and their partner White Stripe Stockings, simple banded socks in one of thirteen colors and either a black or white stripe. These can add a nice pop of color without being too busy if you’re looking for a layered outfit.

From there we have the Splatter Stockings and the Ink Stockings with a fun white or black paint splatter pattern over top one of thirteen colors. These have a grungy look that you might find better suited to the Denim Skirt than the school uniform.

Next are the sweet and spicy Licorice Stripe Stockings and Candy Stripe Stockings. These offer thin bands of black or white with two thick bands of color. Each comes in six wonderful 'flavors' of Berry, Citrus, Herbal, Frozen, Grape, and Caramel.

And some of you might remember these next stocking from Halloween! We have the Tri-Color Stockings in nine new colors: Berry, Fall Leaves, Buggy, Herbal, Blueberry, Frozen, Grape, Candy Cane, and Bubblegum.

Rounding us out, we have the not-so-warm, but very fashionable Fishnet Stockings in my usual fourteen colors. Hm, actually, Miranda might not like these so much due to the weather... but all the other stockings should be right up her alley. Have you ever seen her collection? It’s impressive.

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Game Event Over

Yeah, the game event is over. Bweeooweeooweeoo... Aww, don't look so sad! I even extended the 2x Shards rewards in games for a whole extra weekend for you. Don't worry, I'm sure we'll do this again!! Maybe if I can get some inspiration for a new game... I've been craving something totally new, y'know?

I mean, Hoof It still has a secret level to discover from the main menu... I hid it really well, so you'll have to click all the right buttons if you want Seeba to give you a shortcut!

And that rogue Memory bug is still giving me trouble, but Dad helped me get a new computer over the weekend. It's fast AND I get to keep it in my room! So, you should all definitely talk my dad into letting go of that silly "don't use it after bedtime" rule. C'mon, I'm so much more productive at night!!

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