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Moth Kingdom Memorial Hoard by Moth King of Moths won the Gallery Spotlight! Precious things are not always worth their weight in gold. Sometimes all that glitters are the tears of a long lost memory. Not of sorrow, but of the strength of the mark they left behind.
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October Event: A Suspect Meeting

Written by Admin  Posted on October 02, 2019
[Catch up on the Event so far]


Thanks for meeting me back here, all of you. I know sneaking in through the service entrance probably wasn't what you expected, but there's a lot going on. Eh, we don't have time to mince words any more, so I'm going to leave the dancing to the people in the ballroom and get straight to the point:

There may be a secret plot to overthrow Princess Celariel during this Illuminary Gala.

Not a word to anyone! Only Lenta, the Princess, and I know about this, and frankly, we hoped to keep you all safe by keeping it that way. But with the Gala about to start in earnest, our responsibilities have us tied so tight we can barely breathe. Blast! We've made little headway and we're under more scrutiny than ever, so I hate to say it, but we need your help to uncover the truth.

I'll explain as we go. Follow me to the balcony above the Throne Room, but keep your voices down - Her Highness has company...

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