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Spectrum Consort's and Siren's Robes by Rayne won the Recolor Spotlight! The Shadow Stage is full of colorful characters, but a color-lacking Thespian may turn to Spectrum to fill the rainbow void in their heart.
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New Items: September Recolors!!

Written by Admin  Posted on September 30, 2019

Oh!!! A fancy party?! I'm so excited!!!! I haveta make sure every Kith is lookin their best for the event! Andre even said I'm allowed t' offer special spit shines to any Kith who wants it! I'll throw it in free of charge with any make-over!

And I've got soooooo many cute new Kith friends to introduce today! Scullpanda has been helpin' me hone my spit polish abilities, an' look! The Chromatic Pluff is shiney as a sparklin' clean hiney!

But I gotta admit that giving the Enchantingly Sweet Nibblug their polish was a lot more fun. I've got a weak spot for sprinkles an' we had t' make sure they were all in the right spot! No two of the same color could be touching!! I didn't wanna disappoint Shazzbaa with a messy make-over after all. Least of all since she brought along another friend today and uh...well...
Look, between you an' me... the Bone Tyrant Blepper might need a deeper cleaning than I can give before the Gala... It was like trying t' keep a ice cream cone from meltin' in the summer heat! My tongue couldn't lick fast enough!!!

Dread's friend the Sword Hoarding Cinis tried to help us... but th' "shave an' a haircut" package wasn't really what we were looking for. But if you find you need somethin' sharp they're the perfect Kith to ask! You just gotta make SUPER sure to return whatever you borrow. We all know how Cinis are about their hoards!

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