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An Invitation to the Illuminary Gala

Written by Admin  Posted on September 26, 2019
~*~To friends who live in Remnants far and near,
We send an invitation to our land,
For soon, the Forest holds a Gala here
With mingling and dancing hand-in-hand.

Thus named "Illuminary", both for light
And for the luminaries in our court,
These festive feasts are held when times are right
To strengthen ties through sharing and fair sport.

Across the centuries, there was one goal -
They served to honor those within our home.
But now, from Hope to Stage to Coral shoal,
We open up our doors to those who roam.

Our Forest shall be at its very best!
Will you agree to come and be our guest?~*~

Her Inspired Royal Highness, Princess Celariel the First, Regent of the Enchanted Forest, has cordially invited you to enter the Evening of Many Days and accompany her for this cycle's Illuminary Gala beginning in the month of October. The Princess is honored to announce that this cycle's Gala shall be hosted personally by the Royal Family, and shall include the traditional feasting, dancing, magical displays, and audiences with royalty.

Additionally, by special request from His Inspired Royal Majesty, King Eoin the Fourth, Heart of the Enchanted Forest, the crowning event of this cycle's Gala shall be the debut of a new
Rejuvenation Ritual, which shall serve to further strengthen and ensure the increased vitality of the Heart.

Please respond and indicate whether or not you shall be able to attend this time-honored event.

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