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The Neatest Kith by Shazzbaa won the Kith Spotlight! Dandelion is absolutely the neatest kith around -- no messy toybox or bookshelf in sight!
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Tattered World History: 2016


June 2016: First Class Begins

Our successful Kickstarter launches the First Class of Hope University on June 15, 2016! A detailed list of the items designed by our backers is available here.

July 2016: Questing

Daily and Hourly Quests are added to the site for the first time.

August 2016: Cooking

A Shady Character hosts the first Totally Legit Competition to prepare users for the new Cooking system.

Our first crafting system, Cooking, is added to the site!

September 2016: Hoof It

Piper adds Hoof It to the Arcade games on the site.

The Premium shop opens for the first time.

October 2016: Year 1 Begins

Referral rewards are added to the site for the first time.

Our site becomes available on mobile layouts for phones and tablets for the first time.
Registration becomes open to everyone for the first time, starting Year 1 at Hope University. The Year 1 Uniform can be previewed here.

November 2016: Hopeless Halloween

Piper and Seeba open a spooky limited-time Eye Scream Social store for Halloween. A detailed list of these items as well as a sneak peek at the creepy store is available here.

Lycus begins his first Experiment Progress event, asking users to help by donating items to science! He continues a few more times in the Forums, creating scientific safety apparel with each new discovery. A detailed list and preview of these items is available here.

December 2016: Discovering the Enchanted Forest

The Marketplace is added to the site for the first time.

Lycus finalizes his Experiment Progress event by creating the Scanner to discover the Enchanted Forest! A whole new Remnant is unlocked by completing the Unique Quest Discovering the Enchanted Forest. A detailed list and preview of these items is available here.

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