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From Davy Jones's Locker by Rayne won the Avatar Spotlight! Many a soul has been claimed by the sea ne'er to resurface but some come back, clawing their way to shore out of the grasp of the deep searching for their living crewmates and long-lost treasure hoards.
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Open Beta Begins!

Written by Admin  Posted on October 20, 2016
Welcome new students!

Come one, come all, step right up! Aren’t you here to play games in my Arcade?

Oh, you just got here - right. Why don’t you start by looking through the Tutorial? That has all the basics. Make sure you meet a Kith! They’re looking for an Ally - that means YOU! Hey, if you don’t want a new friend, send them to me!

To celebrate our new arrivals, I’m announcing a very special month-long event in the Arcade. All games will reward 2X Shards for the next month! How’s that for a warm welcome?

I also have a bit of news about the Achievements: so, apparently they’re sorta working. You won’t receive any notifications, but you should be able to check your Achievements page (under the Account tab of the navigation bar) to see if you’ve earned anything special. Closed Beta users should be able to receive retroactive Achievements as well, but if you need any help, please post in the Technical Support Forum.

That goes for any of you newbies, too! If you have any problem, any time, you can always report it in the Technical Support Forum. We’ve also got a User Q&A Forum if you just wanna ask some questions to other users. Um, let’s see, what else… I think that’s it.

No, wait! One more thing: HAVE FUN!

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