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Marketplace Now Available!

Written by Admin  Posted on December 12, 2016
The User Marketplace is finally here! You can find the Marketplace under the Community tab, just like Trades. Check out some of the exciting features:

You can sell items in 'lots' that can include multiple items - create your own bundles! Quest-savvy salespeople can use this to make a great profit by selling items commonly needed for certain Quests. Fashionable sellers can pair up outfits this way to share their clever layering ideas!

Each lot can have a unique Name and Description, which helps customize your lot so the right buyer finds exactly what they want.

The Search feature looks through the entirety of a lot, so now you can find matching colors or set items easily!

Any lot containing multiple items will display the number of items in the lot so you can tell at a glance when a lot has more than one item for sale.

This is a brand new feature, so please bear in mind that we may find some bugs as we go! We have thoroughly tested it ourselves on the alpha servers, but bugs can be quite sneaky. Please report any issues to the Technical Support Forum as they come up!

Exploiting a bug to duplicate items or trick other users is against the rules and will result in a warning and a locked account while we investigate. Please play fair!

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