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Premium Shop

Written by Admin  Posted on September 22, 2016
Premium Praise!

That’s right, the Premium shop is now officially open for business! Since we’ve had some interest in supporting more features with premium purchases, we decided to open it during Closed Beta rather than postpone until Open Beta. As an extra thank-you for all the hard work you’ve done with testing the site and helping us perfect our craft, Nicolas will be offering a Story Quest for 1 week worth 500 free Gems!

We expect the Premium Kith Stages to be uploaded soon. We’ll be adding those to the Headmaster’s Office once they’re ready. Those of you who backed at the Charismatic tier and up will be receiving a Heroic Medallion, which you can exchange during Closed Beta for the Kith type you want (right now the items are type-specific; we’re working on a way to do this better next time!) at the Story Quest page. You can only choose one, so choose wisely!

Finally, have some more lovely little updates! We’ve added a Description to the User Profile page, so now you can tell us a bit more about yourself than the “I am/Call me” fields allow. We’ve also modified the User Profile and Gallery to be viewable when logged out. At last, you can show off to your friends and convince them to join the site next month! ;)

Many thanks to Shazzbaa for suggesting this: the Cooking page now has a “Ready” tab that quickly shows you any Recipes for which you’ve acquired all ingredients & tools! No more hunting through the pages of Known Recipes to remember which one works with what you just collected.

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