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I Caught a High Score THIS Big by Taiga won the Game Spotlight! You like this new game... Trash Grab is it? Oh yeah, it's fun especially once you hit the bonus round, that's where it really kicks it up a notch, not to mention all that fanse--- huh? Wait... you HAVEN'T hit the bonus round?
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Daily Quests

Written by Admin  Posted on June 25, 2016
A quest a day keeps the bugs away!

Or so I hope! I've added Daily Quests as of tonight; they may take up to 24 hours to become available for your account. Completing these every day will earn you some rewards, as well as maintain your Reputation with each Character!

As necey pointed out, having the Quests disabled meant that every Character except Piper was slowly losing Reputation points because they felt ignored. For any week 1 or 2 backers who have used their Letter of Recommendations, please send me a message and I will grant you another batch of Letters to make up for that loss of Reputation points.

More Quests are on the way next week! These Quests may also receive some updates as we add more items to the site.

Edit: Ah, I'm sorry, I know the Quest Log page is unclear right now. I have a meeting on Monday to discuss with our team how best to fix that from a design perspective. So! Daily Quests can be found under the "Active" tab on your Quest Log page. They are NOT found on the Character's page in the town; that is where Hourly Quests appear. If you have any questions, check out the Help tab on the Quest Log or send me a message!

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