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You are not Alone by Ruevian won the Writing Spotlight! This is the tale of a sorrowful princess and the lonely monster that became her family.
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Tattered Weave History [LOCKED]

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Tattered Weave History [LOCKED] 2

Tattered Weave History

by Diana » April 18, 2017 02:24 AM

Last Edited: November 01, 2018 12:29 PM

Here is a recorded history of the Tattered Weave!
Each month has a list of major events and updates, with links provided to the News and to detailed posts in this thread for information like items and dialog that are no longer available.

Remember, your actions shape our world!
Make friends, make choices, make a difference!
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Re: Tattered Weave History

by Diana » April 18, 2017 02:27 AM

Last Edited: April 18, 2017 12:52 PM

June 2016: First Class Begins

For anyone curious, here's a look at some of our Kickstarter rewards. The items designed by our backers and some of the item rewards are still offered in the Premium Shop!

First Class Item Badge Bundle
First Class Recipe Badge Bundle
Aesthetic Badge Bundle
Cosmic Badge Bundle
Frosted Badge Bundle
Monarch Badge Bundle
Neo Badge Bundle
Heroic Medallion

Each of our backers also received the First Class uniform, which includes:

First Class Uniform Blazer
First Class Uniform Pants
First Class Uniform Skirt
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Re: Tattered Weave History

by Diana » April 18, 2017 02:28 AM

Last Edited: April 18, 2017 12:54 PM

October 2016: Year 1 Begins

Every year has a new uniform, with the exception of our Kickstarter backers also owning a First Class uniform. The Year 1 uniform included:

Year 1 Uniform Blazer
Year 1 Uniform Slacks
Year 1 Uniform Skirt
Year 1 Uniform Miniskirt
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Re: Tattered Weave History

by Diana » April 18, 2017 02:29 AM

Last Edited: April 18, 2017 01:00 PM

November 2016: Hopeless Halloween

Spooktacular Seeba sold these limited-time items at the Abandoned Arcade:

Eye Scream Sundae Recipe
Vengeful Boonanas Recipe
Boonanas Recipe
Dot Eyes
Expressionless Eyes
Murderous Eyes
Stitched Mouth
Ghostly Pale Makeup
Fake Blood
Jack Nose Face Paint
Jack Grin Face Paint
Jack Eyes Face Paint
Pumpkin's Grin Face Paint
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Re: Tattered Weave History

by Diana » April 18, 2017 02:31 AM

Last Edited: April 18, 2017 01:05 PM

November & December 2016: Experiment Progress

Lycus created new safety equipment for the lab with each of his experiments until he finished the event with the discovery of the Enchanted Forest. All of these items were free during the event, but they are still available for sale in the Premium Shop!

The Lab Bundle Badge contains the apparel he created, while the Scanner allows a user to discover the Enchanted Forest themselves.
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Re: Tattered Weave History

by Diana » April 18, 2017 02:32 AM

Last Edited: April 18, 2017 01:19 PM

February 2017: A Frayed Alliance

Some dialog was changed after the event ended, so that the Unique Quests would still be easy to follow for new users. Here is the original dialog offered during the event:

Fray's shop dialog
I don’ mean to break things, but it always happens..

Nobody likes me.

Am I really a bad Kith?

Andre won’ speak to me anymore, not even to yell at me. He went to the Campus Supplies store an’ never came back.

I just wanna be a tailor. I wanna make stuff instead of break stuff. Look, I’m gonna prove how good I am at tailorin’! I’m runnin’ the shop, sellin’ the stuff, and givin’ the quests! See for yourself at the Hourly, Daily, and Unique Quests page!!

I don’ wanna go back to the Tatters…

I wanted to help make things for the shop, but Andre never likes my designs… Fingerless gloves are cool, right?

Fray's Daily Quest
Title: Feeling Frail
Blurb: Huff.. puff…
Request: I didn’ realize how much hard work goes into runnin’ a shop… I’m so tired of countin’ Shards and foldin’ clothes…
Complete: You’re right, *|USERNAME|*! Never give up! I gotta keep goin’! I can do anything if I try!!
Reject: But I can’t give up!

Fray's Hourly Quests
Title: A Frequent Refrain
Blurb: Where did I put everything? What am I looking for again??
Request: Uh oh. *|USERNAME|*, I, I’m runnin’ out of stock here! What should I do? I dunno how to make these fancy clothes yet! Do you see one around here??
Complete: Heyyy, there it is!! Wow, gosh, isn’t this amazing? Can you believe Andre made this all by himself? Mmm, I wish I was that good.. No, someday, I WILL be! Yeah!! I’m sure if I take this apart, I can figure out how to put it back together, right?
Reject: What was I looking for again? It's so hard to remember where everything goes!

Title: Causing An Affray
Blurb: Oops, I made a mess..
Request: I thought I saw the box of ribbons move! I had to attack it before it attacked me! Umm.. How do I clean this up?
Complete: Yay! Good as new! Thanks, *|USERNAME|*! Do you want some discount ribbon tatters? They’re super fun to pounce and chase. No? Uh.. How ‘bout a refund instead?
Reject: I got an idea! Fur is absorbent, right? I can fight mess with mess!

Unique Quests: A Frayed Alliance
Character: Fray
Title: Making Amends
Blurb: I didn' mean to…
Request: What’s your name? *|USERNAME|*, can you help me? I broke Andre’s necklace, and I wanna show him how sorry I am, AND prove that I can be a good tailor just like him! So I wanna make a new necklace like his.
Quest Requirements: random Hope apparel
Complete: TAH DAH! Whaddya think, *|USERNAME|*? It’s pretty good for a first try, isn’ it? Do you think Andre will like it?
Quest Rewards: Poorly Made Necklace

Character: Fray
Title: Framed A Different Way
Blurb: Is change for the better?
Request: *|USERNAME|*… Would Andre like me if I was different? If I can’t be a tailor the way I am, then.. should I change? If you think so, pick the Change of Heart you think I should use, an’ send it to me in a Trade. If not… If not, then complete this Quest an’ tell me: how else can I follow my dreams?
Quest Requirement: Change of Heart
Complete: Whoa! *|USERNAME|*, these are all great ideas!! I CAN be a tailor, just like I always wanted! I knew I belonged here! I just didn’ get my chance yet! I’m gonna go tell Andre right now!
Quest Reward: Change of Heart (Fray gave it back.)
Reject: (Users could also choose to send Fray a Trade with the Choice of Heart they believed would suit him best. Since the number of users who completed the Quest was greater than the number of users who send Fray a Trade, Fray ultimately decided to remain Impulsive in nature.)

Character: Miranda
Title: Defrayment
Blurb: Payback has never looked so adorable.
Request: Haha, *|USERNAME|*, you should have seen it! Fray came bounding in with a Change of Heart to show Andre what he’d learned while running the Tailoring Shop. The little Kith was so excited it was a bit difficult to understand him, but Andre got the idea, and then…
Quest Requirements: Change Of Heart
Complete: Surprise! Andre’s spent his time here working on new Friendship Necklaces for all his newfound friends. Thank you so much, *|USERNAME|*. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen him so open to meeting people. If we could all push past our fears to follow our dreams… I think that’s the best path to happiness.
Quest Rewards: Friendship Necklace
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Re: Tattered Weave History

by Diana » April 18, 2017 02:34 AM

Last Edited: April 18, 2017 01:35 PM

March 2017: I Know What I Can Do

While asking for the users' help to collect Shards and items to build her prosthetic arm, Skyler offered items for sale and had a couple limited-time Quests available.

Skyler's shop dialog
Neutral: …(I have read many books)
Friendly: …(I have learned so much from books)
Helpful: …(I know what to do now)
Devoted: …I.. I’m ready.

Skyler's Daily Quest
Title: …(sigh)
Blurb: …(collecting so much is hard)
Request: …(collecting so much in so short a time is hard. I’ve used up most of my Shards, but I’m not finished..)
Quest Requirements: Shards
Complete: O-oh! I.. (but… I feel bad taking a ‘donation’, *|USERNAME|*… I.. Isn’t there some way I could earn it?)
Quest Rewards: nothing

Skyler's Hourly Quest
Title: …
Blurb: …(these books have taught me)
Request: …now I need to find.. the right parts.
Quest Requirements: miscellaneous repair items
Complete: …! …(thanks)
Quest Rewards: books from the Enchanted Forest

Miranda & Skyler's shared shop dialog

Whose speech bubble is this, exactly? I can’t tell who’s speaking!


We don’t only sell books, here, because students also need access to uniforms and other school supplies. Would you like to try something on?

Welcome, new students! Please don’t be alarmed by my friend Skyler. She’s an Avoreal, a magical race of winged humanoids from the Enchanted Forest. She’s learning about our world just like you!

Skyler, could you please speak up? I can’t always hear you when you whisper or mumble.


Have you read this one before?

So, Skyler, what’s the Enchanted Forest like? Why did you leave?

It’s okay, Skyler, don’t worry about it! We can sweep up any feathers after the shop closes. I’m sure no one minds.

…(what do you study in school?)

…(aren’t we supposed to whisper in the library? Huh? It’s not a library anymore? What happened?)


…I can reach the high shelves if you need help..

…oh! Sorry, I was lost in thought. How can I help you?

…(shhh, Miranda is day-sleeping. She told me that when she looks away into nothing like that, it’s ‘daydreaming’ so we shouldn’t disturb her sleep!)

The Enchanted Forest sounds fantastical, but Skyler’s experience… makes me wonder.

Skyler, could you lend me a hand? What? Why are you laugh- OH! Oh! Oh, Skyler, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean it like that!


Skyler… It was so brave of you to come here. Crossing the Tatters to another Remnant of the world.. It’s like something out of a fairy tale.

…(Miranda, what are you thinking about?)

…(*|USERNAME|*, do you think I should start a book collection? Wouldn’t that be amazing?)

..this place really is the best. Sure, the Enchanted Forest is my home, but it doesn’t have a bookstore like Hope does!

…it’s so nice that everyone shares their knowledge here, all for the sake of learning, and changing for the better…

Since Dizzy brought Skyler over to Hope from the Enchanted Forest, she hung out with Piper for a few days. Piper had some additional shop dialog while she was there:
Have you met my new friend, Dizzy? She’s from the Enchanted Forest! Look at all the magical toys she makes!


Dizzy came here from the Enchanted Forest through the Tatters because she has a Kith! I wish I had a Kith…

Dizzy, that’s a great idea for a game! Oh my gosh, I’m gonna start working on it right away!!
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Re: Tattered Weave History

by Diana » April 18, 2017 02:35 AM

Last Edited: April 18, 2017 01:40 PM

April Fools 2017

Posting in the Forums is a great way to get noticed, both by admins/mods as well as shady characters. All of our April Fools items were teasing references and jokes about some of the sillier posts we've seen on the Forums.

Fifty Stripes Darker
Fifty Shades Of Stripes
Pressed Between The Pages
Growing Close
Miss Fortune
Recipe For Romance
Teacher's Pet
Destination Love
I Like A Lycanthrope
Maybe It's Magic
The First Cut
Paying Debts
Kith And Tell
Bird-end By Bromance
Royalty Or Loyalty?
Fashion Police
When A Tree Falls
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Re: Tattered Weave History

by Diana » April 18, 2017 02:36 AM

Last Edited: April 18, 2017 02:07 PM

April 2017: To Adventure!

This was our first event with a Unique Quest that expired at the end of the event, never to be available again. Because of this limitation, the rewards offered were greater than usual, and we sought feedback to determine whether similar events should be done in the future. Here is the Unique Quest from the event:

Miranda Leaves Home
Character: Miranda
Title: Choices, Choices
Blurb: Kith? Color? NAME? How can I choose?!
Request: Let’s see… What’s the first thing I need to do? I suppose I’ll have to - what’s it called again? “Ally” with a Kith. Oh, but how am I to choose between them? I can’t even make up my mind about what color I like best! *|USERNAME|*, what do you recommend? Tell me about it in the Event Discussion Forum, please!
Quest Requirement: post in the Event Discussion Forum
Complete: Hmm… I’ll have to think carefully about this. I mean, it’s my first ever Kith! And unlike Andre, I get to choose everything myself, so I-I want to make sure they’re perfect for me. Thank you for helping! Quest Reward: Personality Test

Title: Saying Farewell
Blurb: “Goodbye” doesn’t feel very good, does it?
Request: The hardest part of leaving… is saying goodbye. I’ve made so many friends in Hope that part of me wants to stay here forever… but I know that this is for the best. I’ll meet new friends in the Enchanted Forest, surely! And I don’t have to think of this as “forever” - someday I’ll come back home again. Right?
Quest Requirement: Shards
Complete: *|USERNAME|*? What’s this for? To help me get started in the Enchanted Forest, I presume? A-aw… Thank you. You’ll visit me, won’t you? Please? I won’t know anyone there but Dizzy, and it’d be nice to see a friendly face.
Quest Reward: Gems

Character: Andre
Title: Mess
Blurb: I’ll miss her…
Request: I thought so… Miranda didn’t say anything about it specifically, but I’ve seen the dreamy-eyed way she looks at Skyler and all the other students who’ve been to the Enchanted Forest. I figured it was - (sniffle) - i-it was only a matter of time before she wanted to go herself. It’s okay, I’ll say my goodbyes in person, thank you. Fray, come on, we - what is this mess. When did you even-? Argh, quick, grab the cleaning supplies!
Quest Requirements: random cleaning supplies
Complete: Thanks, *|USERNAME|*. I.. well, if I’m being honest, that was a nice distraction. Sometimes I kind of enjoy cleaning, if I have help. And, it gave me some time to put myself together… I don’t want to be all tears for her. Fray, let’s go; I’m ready to see Miranda off now. Yes, you can bring the card you made for her. She’ll really like that.
Quest Rewards: Cleaning Cart

Character: Nicholas
Title: Introduce
Blurb: I can offer a letter of introduction to that princess of theirs!
Request: Why, I think it’s a marvelous idea. A cultural exchange! Brilliant! What better candidate to represent Hope University than our own dear Miranda? Never have I known a smarter, braver, kinder.. (sobs)… Ohh! I’ve gone all blubbery! I’ll miss that dear girl so!
Quest Requirements: one random color of the White Handheld Handkerchief item
Complete: Ohh… sniff, sniff… Thank you, *|USERNAME|*, as always… You are too kind to an old crybaby. I am certain Miranda will shine brightly in the Enchanted Forest, as much as it pains me to see her go. She has become a dear, dear friend to me and my family over the years… I know she’ll make a good name for herself there, just as she has here in Hope.
Quest Rewards: Miranda's Letter of Recommendation

Character: Lycus
Title: Change
Blurb: N-no! She’ll c-change her mind!
Request: W-w-w-what? WHAT!? M-Mir- she- she’s l-l-leaving!? I- no! N-no, I-I mean, it’s- why? Why would she go? Wait! She has to have a Kith! Obviously a-a flaw in her plans there. But! I know I- we- WE can m-make it up to her! She has a sock collection, a-and I don’t believe she’s got her third pair of this one yet…
Quest Requirements: a random Socks item
Complete: …Do… Do you think… Is she really leaving? For.. for good? …I… I.. P-p-perhaps she’ll have a-a change of heart?
Quest Rewards: Change of Heart

Title: Enjoy
Blurb: Moving to the Enchanted Forest sounds like so much fun!!
Request: COOL! Dizzy hung out here for a little while and she was the best! Skyler seems pretty awesome, too. The Enchanted Forest sounds super amazing!! If I could get Iris to let me Ally with a Kith, I’d be there in a heartbeat. Ooh! We should send her off with something fun to remember Hope by!
Quest Requirements: 1 of each rarity (common, uncommon, and rare) of Hope toys
Complete: Yeah!! That’s the stuff! I’m so excited for Miranda. She’ll have a blast! I wouldn’t have guessed she had it in her, haha. I see her in a totally new light now… GASP!! Oh man, *|USERNAME|*, I just had a great idea! New light, new look, right? Miranda should try some of Kei’s hair dye! Y’know, to make a good first impression and stuff!
Quest Rewards: Dye Kit

Character: Jay
Title: Fix
Blurb: I’m sure we can fix her up a little something before she goes.
Request: I’ll be damned… After all these years, I figured she was just one of those big dreamers with her head in books more than reality. I guess I was wrong! That’s real brave of her. Have you told Lycus yet? He’ll be crushed to see her go. Hmm… Can I bother you for a meal, by chance, *|USERNAME|*? I haven’t got the time to do it myself before she leaves.
Quest Requirements: one of Miranda's favorite foods
Complete: Perfect! Just in the nick of time, too. I’ll be seeing you, *|USERNAME|*. If you’re going by Miranda’s again, take this with you! Who knows when you might need to fix something up for her again?
Quest Rewards: Toolbox

Character: Kei
Title: Pack
Blurb: What will she take with her?
Request: Is she really going to leave Hope for the Enchanted Forest? Do they even have indoor plumbing? Oof, I sure couldn’t make that transition. She better pack well. Oh no! Aah! I completely forgot! Miranda loaned me some books ages ago, and I never gave it back… I have no idea where they are now. Do you think she’ll want those back now that she’s leaving?!
Quest Requirements: 1 of each rarity (common, uncommon, and rare) of Hope books
Complete: Ah! *|USERNAME|*, you’re my hero! Now I can say farewell with a clear conscience. Are you planning to go to the Enchanted Forest too? Not for too long, I hope! I’d miss you. Either way, it’s best to pack up before you go anywhere!
Quest Rewards: Backpack

Character: Robin
Title: Grow
Blurb: This is WAY outside her comfort zone, isn’t it?
Request: I thought the Tatters were, like, deadly! Didn’t Miranda listen to all the stories of people who got lost there?! Are you SURE she’ll be safe with just a Kith to guide her? Hmm… You know what she needs? A security blanket. Andre told me all about those blanket forts she loves so much. I think that would give her a lovely home-away-from-home, don’t you think?
Quest Requirements: Blanket, Pillow, Blanket Fort
Complete: It’s hard to believe this is really happening… Miranda’s always been such a staple of the University. Ha ha, staple, like, school supplies… I wish her the best. Are you going with her? Please be careful, *|USERNAME|*! Change can be good for you, sure… You make sure the change is for the better, okay? Here, take this to brighten your way. Live colorfully!
Quest Rewards: Basic Tattertint

Character: Iris
Title: Learn
Blurb: There’s always something new to learn about.
Request: Miranda is leaving? Goodness, and so soon after making her first Alliance! We should make sure she knows how to teach her Kith before she goes, don’t you think? *|USERNAME|*, let’s show Miranda how it’s done!
Quest Requirements: use 1 food, book, and toy item on your own Kith
Complete: Splendid! It’s always such joy to see Kith grow. I think Miranda’s ready to explore the Tatters now, just like you!
Quest Rewards: Pick A Part: First Class Item Badge

Character: Miranda
Title: Home Sweet Home
Blurb: There's no place like Hope.
Request: My goodness, I.. I’m so honored by your support. Everyone has been so kind to me about this… I’ll truly miss Hope while I’m gone. I’ll never forget how much this all means to me! Goodbye, everyone!
Quest Requirements: nothing
Complete: Enchanted Forest… here I come!
Quest Rewards: Starstruck Eyes
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