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D&D Dice! by Hearticorn won the Item Design Spotlight!
Dice for all your dice needs! Wait... is this a 6 or a 9. IS IT A 6 OR A 9?
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Experiment Progress: Experimental

Aha... ahaha... mwahahaha... At last! It works! It finally WORKS!

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New Items: Coffee and Tea!!

Nice Hot Cuppa'

Hello lovelies~ Guess who has wonderful news for you all today? It's ME!
This morning brought with it beautiful sunshine and a big bumper crop of Raspberries, which means I can start supplying them to all of Hope. Oh, true, they’re a tidbit out of season, but trust me when I say they are no less delicious! And now that you have raspberries of your own, you can start cooking your own Raspberry Jam at home! Jay will have the Raspberry Jam Recipe for sale at her General Store.

Ooh, but you haven’t heard the juiciest news yet! Or should I say the coffeest? Tee hee! That’s right, Jay’s finally letting go of her stranglehold on coffee and selling the Press Pot and Blonde Roast Coffee Recipe, Dark Roast Coffee Recipe, Hazelnut Coffee Recipe, and Vanilla Coffee Recipe.

Of course, I’m going to be stocking all these beans here with me at the Greenhouse Garden. It's not that I don't trust Jay with them, I just know that coffee is the life blood of many a student and I need to get people into my greenhouse even as the weather turns wintry! For now I’m offering four bean blends: Blonde Roast Coffee Beans, Dark Roast Coffee Beans, Hazelnut Coffee Beans, and the ever popular Vanilla Coffee Beans. Keep in mind that these are all freshly roasted and whole, so if you plan on using them at home you’re going to need to grind them in a Grain Mill before you can put them into your Press Pot. Yes, it is a bit of extra work but it is waaaaay better than any pre-ground stuff you might get!

And if you are not the sort to want your caffeine in coffee form I can help you there as well! I have a whole bunch of wonderful new tea bags available! It has taken me a bit to get enough tea leaves for all of these but I think you will all find it was worth the wait! I have the highly traditional Green Tea Bag, Earl Gray Tea Bag, and White Tea Bag for you purists, as well as two more fun flavors with the Berry Tea Bag and Mint Tea Bag. (I also gave Jay my secret tips on the best way to brew the last two so check in with her for all these Recipes.)

I hope you all can find a good drink to snuggle up with as it gets colder, whatever your poison may be, from coffee to tea to simple, refreshing water. Hey, I’ll let you drink off the hose if that is your thing so long as you come visit me for a chat! I keep up plant production all year round in the greenhouse so don't go forgetting me just because of the season change!

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Bug Fix: 11/14/16

I’ve got some updates to share with you today of the non-experimental kind. The one I’m most excited to announce is that the Achievement bug that was causing users to receive Kith Personality Achievements incorrectly has been fixed! There may be a couple users who still run into problems due to the bug being on their account already, but future Kith Personality Achievements should all work properly. If you run into a problem (which will probably a couple users who might get an Achievement twice, or not at all) please report it on the Technical Support Forum and I can fix that for you in a jiffy.

The next update is to the Kith pages. On the Kith Catalog page, we have changed the name to Kith Allies. “Catalog” never sat well with me, because it sounded like I was browsing a magazine, so I decided to update the page title. We’ve removed the option to End Alliance from that page, since users had expressed concern about an accidental click. And finally, on the Kith Profile pages and your sidebar, we have added the Kith type next to its Personality! On mine, for example, Citrus is no longer just “Brave” but a “Brave Pluff”! I hope this helps new users learn the types of Kith as they browse around the site. :)

Click Read More to see details of bug fixes still in progress.

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Experiment Progress: Hypothesis

Everyone! I have an announcement. No, a-a breakthrough!

Ack, m-my notecards- I mean!

In my lab I have now installed a tracking bar to chart my progress. Items that are donated to the lab are for anyone in need to take, o-of course, but I can find a use for them eventually... say, after 24 hours. Yes, 24 hours exactly, that’s the 'Eureka!' moment. Eventually, with enough contributions to science, my experiments will be complete, unleashing - I mean - unveiling a new scientific discovery for all the world to use!

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Kickstarter Rewards: First Class Items!

Intriguing... I have some exciting news for you! A number of First Class Designer items have been discovered in Hope, some of them more mysterious than others. Peruse the creative genius of the Mermaid's Shadow Elixir, Blepper Bento Boxed Lunch, Antique Lamp, Celestial Compass, Emerald Eye of Vision, Kith Memento, Oakelven Shield Crest, Blepper Blep Toy, Winged Bunny Plush, Caique Plush, and Flaming Fan designed by our Kickstarter backers. These items are available at the Headmaster's Office in the First Class Item Badge Bundle, which gives you one of each item in the set, or the Pick A Part: First Class Badge, which lets you pick one single item from the set.

Each of these items grants a bonus to all Kith abilities and personalities.

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