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Bobble the Blepper by Voldemortimer won the Craft Spotlight!
This is Bobble my small blepper child!! They like tomatos!
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April Event: Enchanted Reading

Written by Admin  Posted on April 27, 2017
I’ve got good news to share! The books in the Enchanted Forest work almost the same as the books in Hope, at least in terms of whether or not they can be copied by machine. Thankfully, there’s no need to have multiples in Hope, so I can take my copier with me wherever I go.

You’ve all been so helpful with introducing me to the people of the Enchanted Forest, and I want to thank you. So much. Everyone seems excited to see what this copier can do! And here I thought magic would be the most complicated thing to learn, but goodness, trying to explain machinery to them has been… Anyway, I’m proud to announce the opening of my new bookstore: Enchanted Reading! I’ve even got my hands on some brand new books to offer to anyone in the Enchanted Forest, so please come by and say hello! Please? I.. I’m trying really hard to be positive out here on my own, but it’s… it can get a little lonely, being so different.

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