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Royal Hearth by Dread won the Clothing Design Spotlight! I tried, tried to capture just a sliver of her spirit, of what I could gleam, even if it is just a fraction of her warmth and strength and charm.But if I was able to forge even a fraction of the inspiration I see in your eyes every time you speak of her, then...maybe I did ok.
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New Items: Umbrellas

Written by Admin  Posted on April 30, 2017
April Showers
Waaaaaaaah, It’s been SO rainy lately! The river’s all fat and our water wheels been goin’ soooo fast! Andre dun want me goin’ near the machinery ‘cuz he thinks I’ll get turned into yarn-Fray. But I can’t go outside and play ‘cuz “it’s too muddy!” An’ now- now the rain is gettin’ INSIDE the house! It’s like the ceiling is cryin’! Don’t cry Tailored Fashions! Please? I’ve been havin’ to sleep under a bucket ‘til it gets dry enough to fix the roof.

Is anyone else having leak problems? Well I have brought a solution for this weather problem! Behold, FLAP-FLAPS!

Actually, Fray, these are called Umbrellas.
I know, but they go all flap flap flap! I wonder if humans can fly with these if they flap just right... Er, but, dun go jumpin’ off anything with them! We’ve got ‘em in the usual fourteen colors plus a pretty Hope spirit color! You can either have an Open Umbrella to hide under, or take a Closed Umbrella with you on your adventures in case it rains later! Now nobody has to get wet unless they wanna!

I hope these help everyone with the wet season. I know the rain is important for all the flowers to grow strong and healthy, but I wish this roof didn’t spring leaks every year...

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