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Kith #404 is Link, who can usually be found adventuring through dungeons or cooking food in the comfort of his enchanted kitchen.
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Code Update: 4/26/17

Written by Admin  Posted on April 26, 2017
We've got a lot of little updates ready for you today! Without further ado, a list of improvements:

Trade History now paginates with links to each trade, so you can always refer back to an old trade if you want to review it! Note: due to caching, you may not see this update until after completing/canceling a new trade and clearing your browser's cache.

Caching has been added to the Dressing Room, Trades, and Marketplace. This was just the "easy" caching, so we can possibly cache more to further reduce the load time, but users with large inventories should notice a difference already!

The Users Online page should now paginate correctly, allowing the buttons to be used on page 2.

The "Fullscreen" button on the Game pages has been renamed "Fit to Screen". Many thanks to Sylvandyr for that great suggestion!

The Kith Quote for playing games should now also show on the Flip A Coin page. Thank you theblackbird for reporting that!

The "Post Feedback" button on News articles has been renamed "Read More". Thanks to Shazzbaa for that suggestion!

Some incorrect text on the timers has been corrected. Thank you sQld for reporting that!

The Name field should no longer autofill with another username when you're viewing a logged out profile page.

Edit: some of the updates may take a while to appear on your account due to caching! Please try clearing your browser's cache and waiting a while before making a bug report.

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