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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! by Elfy won the Quest Design Spotlight!
Lycus mentioned to me that the lab has been simply overrun with spare clothes! Why don't we put together a clothing drive, to help those in need? Do you have something to spare?
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Code Update: 2/20/18

Written by Admin  Posted on February 20, 2018
Hi again, everyone, it's time for a few MAJOR changes, so please read over today's update carefully!

Our biggest change involves Character Reputation. After much deliberation, we've decided that you will not lose a level of Reputation once you've earned it. This applies to the red hearts shown for the Character, and does not include the golden hearts for Complete Devotion. The daily -1 point of Reputation still occurs for everyone, but will never take away a "heart" that you've earned.

Though this change adds some complexity to the Reputation system, we think this is the best move to help everyone enjoy the site long-term. The Complete Devotion rewards remain a challenge for users who must check in daily to maintain that Extra Shelf, but going on hiatus or forgetting to do quests for a while is no longer as much of a penalty as it was.

The Foreign Alliance has been updated to eliminate a possible exploit in Kith Alliance slots. As it works now, a Foreign Alliance can be used to send any number of Kith through a Trade. The recipient of the Trade will gain as many Kith Alliance slots as the Kith they are sent. However, if they wish to send Kith in exchange, they will also need a Foreign Alliance. Due to this change, we have reduced the price of the Foreign Alliance to 1000 Gems.

Your Inventory will remember what page you're on after using an item! HUZZAH! At last!

Blocked words will now be filtered to read [censored] in the post rather than disallowing the post with an error message.

The Preview button for premium items should now scale correctly for mobile users! Woohoo!

We've also squashed a few sneaky bugs lurking behind the scenes which should make the Forums and Quests a bit better for everyone.

Should you run into any issues, please report them in the Technical Support Forum.

As always, we thank you all for your patience & understanding as we work together to improve the site. It's your feedback that helps make Tattered Weave the best it can be!

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