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Kith-shaped Nuggets by Dread won the Item Design Spotlight! Everyone knows dinosaur shaped nuggets are the superior nuggets, but right now the only nuggets available on site are some boring old cheeprometz nuggets (sorry EF, I love you). Kith-shaped nuggets are the natural in-universe branch from dinosaur, so help me reach my dream of adding the superior nugget to the site!
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New Patterns: Camo Apparel

Written by Admin  Posted on February 21, 2018
Well, with the warm memories of Palentine's Day fading behind us now we can all look forward to the arrival of spring! And with spring just around the corner that means it will be hunting season. Hope doesn't have much in the way of game, so there's lots of safety regulations to go through, but it's well worth it for some specialty meals.

This year I thought I'd try and help out with a few new designs which, even if they fail to be functional, will at least be stylish... I hope. You'll now be able to get the patterns for the Forest Camouflage Jacket and Forest Camouflage Pants from me in Tailored Fashions. These are limited to the colors of Forest, Desert, Tundra, and my personal favorite, Sweetheart. Maybe you can use the Sweetheart colors to go hunting in that Shadow Stage place? I've heard some tall tales about... living candy there. (Sometimes it's hard to tell fact from fiction depending on your source...)
An' I asked Kei to help me learn to face paint! Together we've made the new Forest Camouflage Face Paint that you can pick up in a pattern from Kei's Salon! Oh! An'! You also gotta keep your feeties safe!! So we've got a new pair of sturdy Hunting Boots, but they only come in black. If everybody's interested maybe we can ask for some more recolors of them! Also, in case you're goin' anywhere REALLY dangerous, I've got the super-duper important Hunting Rope you should take with you! A good adventurer always takes a flap-flap, ten-foot pole, seam-ripper, an' a length of rope!

Please, though, always follow the right safety precautions, like, make sure if any of you are going out hunting, to go with a friend and be careful of any other hunters in the area. I'm not sure what the rules in the other Remnants are but please try and be respectful. Also don't, um, play at being hunted? That's... not a thing right? I've heard these, uh... rumors about the Shadow Stage. A lot of concerning rumors... They're probably not true, haha, but.. Robin's not the only one who mentioned the dangers...
Like vampires.

No, Fray, not vampires... wolves.

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