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Facing the Everstorm by Dread won the Writing Spotlight! So push and pull!! we’ll make it out, this witch won’t have her day. Push and pull! we’ll make it through, We’re now on our way
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Site Contest 3/27/17 Closed

Our weekly Site Contest is closed! Thank you to everyone who participated in our Challenge, as an entrant or a Cheering fan. We've collected the data on the entries and will be verifying the winners and deciding any ties over the weekend, so expect to see the winner announced next week on Monday.

Speaking of which, next week's Site Contest category will be a Writing contest! We can't wait to see your take on our characters and lore. And you'll have some great fiction fodder for ideas coming tomorrow~

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Bug Fix: Flip a Coin

As some of you noticed (and very helpfully reported!), the new Flip a Coin game came with a few of its own bugs. We've found and fixed the following issues:

- Playing Flip a Coin didn't count for Quests asking you to play a game. Now it does count as a Quest completion!
- The mobile tab was misaligned, but now it should look correct on mobile devices.
- The final "lucky" win of 10,240 Shards was not actually paying out. We've pushed a fix for that now, and I will be manually awarding 10,240 Shards to the accounts of anyone who is in possession of Piper's Pixel Hair Bow. If you received the Piper's Pixel Hair Bow and then traded/sold it to another user, please message me so that I can give the Shards to you for winning rather than the user who owns the Piper's Pixel Hair Bow!

Thanks again for your patience and help making Tattered Weave the best it can be!

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New Game: Flip a Coin!

OMG, this week has been the BEST week ever!! Dizzy and Burnie are my new best friends and we came up with SUCH FUN PRANKS GAMES FOR YOU!

See, Dizzy was telling me all about what’s up with Skyler, and I thought to myself, dang! It's such a shame that all the Avoreals offered Skyler were spells to change herself to be like them, rather than making changes to accommodate her differences. That got me thinking about my games. I’m still pretty new to this, but they do all have one obvious thing in common… They’re not playable by anyone with screen readers! I brainstormed for a while with my family and Dizzy helping out, and here’s what I came up with:

Flip a Coin!

This new game is a simple game of chance. Flip a coin to double your money over and over again, as many times as you feel lucky! Heads, you win twice your Shards; tails, you lose it all. If you’re really lucky, I’ll even give you a secret prize… Of course, I don’t want to exclude new players who don’t have a lot of startup funds, so what I’ve done is added a FREE coin flip every 5 minutes!

And, of course, to celebrate the release of a new game I’m bringing back my month-long x2 Shards event! Every game will pay out TWICE the Shards that it normally does! WHEE!!

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New Items: Accessibility

How fascinating… Have you met our visitor from the Enchanted Forest? Miranda brought Skyler to my Office yesterday for introductions, and I must heartily agree that she is quite a brilliant young woman. Did you know she even has a leverage system on the inside of her prosthetic to lengthen the hook part for better maneuverability? What a marvelous design! I must get a look at those schematics someday when she’s feeling less shy.

Our discussions prompted an inquiry into Hope’s own accessibility, as of course there are students with a variety of different needs. Miranda suggested putting the Accessibility: Wheelchairs and Accessibility: Hearing Aids & Canes into my Office, so that they could be available at all times.

While the Long Cane only comes in a single color, since it’s meant to guide blind students, the White Walking Cane comes in 10 different colors for your accessorizing pleasure! The White Hearing Aid also comes in 10 colors for our stylish students that are hard of hearing.

For students with mobility concerns, we have not only these 10 colors on the blankets of our White Blanket Wheelchair, but also some of Andre’s best pattern work! You could accessorize your wheelchair with a blanket in rainbow, colored Flannel, Zebra/Tiger/Leopard/Giraffe prints, colored Camo prints, and even the school Spirit color!

Skyler seemed surprised and intrigued by the devices - apparently the Enchanted Forest has no similar equivalents, instead using magic to aid their citizens. I feel quite the fool for not making these available sooner! Hope is an inclusive community and we welcome all students here. Please do stop by to visit again sometime!

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March Event Complete: I Made It!

I.. I made it! I, I really did it!

Look at my new arm! I built it myself - a-all thanks to you, of course… I couldn’t have done it without all of you from Hope. Thank you so much for your help!

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