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Belle of the Ball by Dread won the Custom Clothing Spotlight! Turn all the noble heads at the illuminary gala with this regal ensemble- mask sold separately.
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Site Contest Winners: February 2024 & An Inorganic Interlude...

I have scoured the transmissions that I intercepted and the messages that I received, and the emotions within should not have been sufficient to disrupt me. Nor, too, should there have been any discrepancies from the winner of this month's simplistic “Site Contest” protocol, Dollmaker in a parallel universe by Rosette Red – and yet the eRrORs generated by those CheErInG for its selection were pArTICuLaRLY INTENSE –

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Happy Palentine's Day!

Happy Palentine's Day!

All Letters of Trade that were sent before the February 12th midnight CHT deadline have now received responses! If you feel that you'd like to share your Trade with others, or see how other people's Trades unfolded, feel free to check out the 2024 Palentine's Trade Thread!

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Event Update: A Palentine's Heart-to-Heart

Code analysis attempt 119… Wait, no. 120? 118? *koff*… *hchh*… Damn, how many hours has it been…

At least I’ve got the stragglers taking shifts driving the shuttle, since I obviously don't trust autopilot now. Gives me more time to focus on tearing apart the code Specter is using to manipulate the robots – oh, AND the Tatters apparently?! Which, by the way, doesn’t make any wrecked-up sense!

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Code Update: 2/5/24

Hello everyone! Despite all the malicious code coming from Specter 2.0, I have some happy news to report! We've worked on some pretty major backend changes that should speed up the site on the Tailoring page, High Scores pages, and various Kith-related pages.

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New Premium Items: E.E.P., an Alien Attack!

Initiate dictation of Commander’s Log, Code 37B9X - No. Not Commander, I suppose. Not anymore.

Just… Kyprian.

This is the final record that I will dictate from the deck of the Bridge, while waiting to be escorted out. The vote of no-confidence in my ability to lead has just concluded, and I…

A majority have voted that I am to be - stripped from command. A far larger majority than I ever thought possible…

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