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Splish Splash by Voldemortimer won the Avatar Spotlight! How am I so deep in the water at the shore you may be wondering? I am Still buried in sand..
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Site Contest Winners: March 2023

[Clapping his hands together and stomping his feet to get the attention of everyone who can hear the noise and feel the vibrations, Hearthsworn cheerfully announces that it is time to award prizes to this month's Site Contest winner! As Nicholas opens the envelope that reveals the winning entry, Hearthsworn proudly holds up the 100 Gems, the In the Spotlight Achievement, the Spotlight T-Shirt, and the Spotlight Showcase that are rewards for the user who won the most Cheers on their entry!]

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March Update: Hearthsworn's Secret

Our March Update continues this week with Hearthsworn's Secret Quest! Those of you who have earned a Devoted reputation with Hearthsworn from the Snow Globe can now complete his Unique Quest to earn another secret that can be used to unlock areas of the Tattered World!

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March Update: Driftglade's Secret

Continuing our March update, this week we bring you Driftglade's Secret quest! Those of you who have earned a Devoted reputation with Driftglade from the Snow Globe can now complete this special unique quest storyline to learn more about our very chill Dweller friend.

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Site Contest: March 2023

Hello, hello! Thank you so much for having me, Hearthsworn – ah, [he places the tip of his fingers on his chin and sweeps his arm downwards]. My apologies if my signing is slow - Hope's signs are not the same, but I have been practicing to learn your language better! And Iris assures me that she’ll translate for me if I speak aloud to supplement my clumsy attempts, ohoho.

We've all been looking forward to getting to know you and the other members of the Snow Globe! I am so glad that our communities have built up enough trust that the day has finally come for friends to share their most heartfelt Secrets with each other.

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New Premium Items: Snow Globe Scrying!

May I have your attention, please? I have an important announcement to make regarding the completion of an insightful inter-Remnant project that the Snow Globe’s Community Council has been working on for many months now. It is with great pleasure that I present to you today the Snow Globe Scrying Badge Bundle and Pick A Part: Snow Globe Scrying Badge!

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