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Masked by Rogue won the Gallery Spotlight! A Mask can hold a thousand stories... Some sad, some bad, and some just too confusing to mention. But they have a role to reveal to the dear audience and to distract others from pain and hurt, or to add to merriment and joy.

Until the next one is required...!
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Code Update: 11/29/22

It's time for a quick code update! Today we have some much-requested updates to the Achievements page, including the thrilling addition of a task counter to every achievement! At long last, you can view your progress on every achievement that you have yet to complete.

We've also removed the stack of "You earned a new title" notifications at the top of the Achievements page, so that you will only be notified via site notifications and the page notifications won't stack up obnoxiously anymore.

This change required a lot of approximate math, so it's very possible that we did not count every achievement requirement in a way that makes sense to your perspective as the user. Please let us know in this thread if there's any oddity with the counter that you feel is not adding up! We will be monitoring feedback in this thread to make sure that the achievement counter serves a useful purpose for every single achievement.

Thank you all again for helping to make Tattered World the best it can be!

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Event Update: Voting Begins!

So, y'all had yourselves a rest, mullin' over these three mystery melodies - may I ask your final thoughts? Now's the time to make up your minds, my friends. Would one last sneak peek help you decide? I must say, Treble's been baskin' in all that praise that y'all have been givin' him about his photography! And it seems that some of the students have spun up some extra film for him, and he's gotten real taken by their concept of takin' "selfies"… I caught him polishin' up his fangs and practicin' his threatenin' smiles before snappin' some extra snaps of himself. Heh… That's my fine fearsome fellow, ouais!

So now he's roarin' and rarin' to present one final batch of beauties to razzle-dazzle and raise your interest!

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Site Contest: November 2022

Now, have you all been having fun? My, my, we sure were glad we could step up to host the November Site Contest! And, given that we’re having ourselves a little rest before things heat up again tomorrow… not to mention the fact that you all have been helping us clean out our cargo holds so sweetly… maybe this is another opportunity to celebrate together?

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Code Update: 11/15/22

Hello, everyone! It's almost time for the November Site Contest, but first I have some nice little code updates coming to the site!

After making a change to the shop restocks last week, we have monitored the database logs and incoming user reports and the issue seems to be taken care of at last. Woohoo! This should be the final shop update necessary before we can diversify shop tabs and make the shopping experience a little easier on everyone.

Though it won't apply to the rest of the ongoing Lucky Venture Event, we have added a notification system to the Event page. For all future events, anyone who has participated in the Event will receive a notification every time a new checkpoint in that Event is reached!

The Try a battle quest requirement has been tweaked and should be fixed now, so that even if you lose a battle it still fulfills the requirements.

The Wishlist page has been updated so that the item pop-up displays the same information as item pop-ups elsewhere on site.

That's all for now! As always, please report any bugs to the Technical Support Forum and we will try to get those fixed as soon as possible. Thank you all for helping to make Tattered World the best it can be!

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Event Update: New Remnant Clothes!


Look at you all, emptying out our hold and unlocking all the items we have to offer - and so swiftly! Color us real impressed, mmmmhmmm~ I must say, it’s been a real treat watching you all jump into action!

Now let’s continue our little fun with a few more images from the star of our show… Treble, what do you want to show us?

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