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Flower Basket Veilous by Haiz won the Custom Kith Spotlight! Maybe love was the friends we found along the wayside.
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New Premium Kith: Disdain Kith!

So… this is it. A working model of how Specter’s been mutating. *koff*… I… finished it. Not that it’s gonna help, given what this data shows…


Damnit! More Snarls incoming?! No, wait – they’re getting driven off again by all those creepy Tattered Kith that’ve started hanging outside the shuttle.

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Code Update: 4/6/2024

Just a quick little update for everyone! The artwork of the Scourge of Disdain has been updated from an outdated version, so the correct version is now showing on site and the checkpoints to reach the next Scourge of Disdain form have been adjusted. Forum posts are also contributing 10 event points toward the Solarium S.O.S. Event to make up for the lengthy time it took us to fix that bug in the forums, so your posts are helping defeat Specter (and earn achievements) more than ever before!

Thank you all for helping to make Tattered World the best it can be!

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Code Update: 3/4/2024

Hello again, everyone! We've pushed up a bunch of bug fixes today that should correct any of the outstanding achievement issues as well as enable forum posts to reward event points every hour as planned in last week's event update. Please note that it may take another 24 hours for these changes to appear on your account. On the bright side, the achievements should all work retroactively to count any battles you've already tried and/or won!

We are also planning a time for the site to be taken offline for a major code update: please note that on March 18th between 9am and 2pm CHT (aka EST) the site will be completely unavailable while we implement this update! If this date changes, we will let you know in another code update announcement beforehand.

Thank you all for helping to make Tattered World the best it can be!

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New Items: Februrary User Submissions!

Eight hundred and forty two patterns to make, Eight hundred and forty two pattern to print~

Print one out, stock it about, Eight hundred and forty three pattern to make~!

Sigh... I'm bored. After first just floating around in darkness, gently bouncing off the walls only to continue drifting was actually kind of relaxing, but now? I'm all out of snacks and just... really bored. I thought someone would have come down here looking for me by now but I guess whoever runs this section went on like vacation?

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Event Update: S.O.S. Scourge Attack!

Okay. Right. Just need to… hhh… knock on the door. Come on, Kyprian, just knock…

It’s fine. It’ll be fine! Elliot sent you the transmission. He specifically said that he wanted to talk–

Well, no, he said that he needed to talk.

Which is still more than I've gotten in a long, long time…

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