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New Recipes: Elven Tea!

Written by Admin  Posted on March 14, 2018
Ugh, my back... I can't wait for this thaw to be finished. It needs to be spring already.

All right Tadpoles, I've tested many of you; pushed your resolve. And, I'm happy to say, you've proven your devotion to more than just the culinary arts, you've proven it to me as well. So, it's time. With the spring thaw comes the fresh young tea leaves and so I think you are all ready to tackle the great art of Elven tea.

I have a lot of fond memories with all these teas, so any one is as good as another. But I think it wise to have you start with a Simple White Tea. A proper cup of tea needs to be carefully heated; if your water gets too hot you'll scorch the leaves and ruin the flavor. You'll notice it even more in this tea since there is so little to mask the flavor. Make sure you use fresh spring water! Water that has sat around too long - or worse, been stuck in a bottle - may have developed a stale aftertaste. Royal honey is traditional here, so make sure to spend some time around your Beehive Log or know a good supplier. Miffed bees make for bitter brews.

Dandelion Spring Tea is the springtime classic as all the flowers start waking up from winter. You'll need to get a few for this recipe if you're making your own honey, but I find the extra effort makes it all the sweeter in the end. Something that isn't as sweet but may be needed with these last few cases of winter chills is Elven Wellness Tea. I won't lie to you, tadpoles, this stuff tastes awful. But it will do you good for what ails you. I've had it many a night to help soothe my aches. Just make sure to have something sweet on standby to help with that taste. Ah, if you're not a sweets fan then you can try burning out the taste with something sour. Chasing it down with some Sour Purple Tea can do wonders; and don't worry, it isn't nearly as bitter as it sounds.

Personally though, I'd rather a hot cup of Cranberry Ginger Tea or Relaxing Green Tea as my everyday drinking tea. I used to drink a lot of Orange Blossom Tea but I can barely stomach it these days anymore... And of course, now that winter is nearly over, you might not see the appeal of Red Hot Honey Tea but for you tadpoles who have the habit of making your tea and forgetting it, you'll be happy to know this cup will wait on you to properly finish it. It's been quite the long journey since I first began teaching you my collection of recipes, but I'm proud of you all that have applied yourselves. It does my old heart good to know that someone will carry on these recipes after I'm gone.

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