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You are not Alone by Ruevian won the Writing Spotlight! This is the tale of a sorrowful princess and the lonely monster that became her family.
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Joined: August 01, 2016 Active Kith: Potato
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I am: shoeless Forum Posts: 5923
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  • 06/26
    Re: Valeria 3rd pose, tiny thing.

    Unfortunately, because of how the site was set up the boxes for character art are exactly that: boxes. So whenever more dynamic poses are used, there's a slight chance of this happening. It was decided that the movement and energy of this piece was more important than the little clipped bit, since otherwise it might sacrifice some of the bow /arrow, etc. It's always really neat when these little things are noticed by players anyways tho =w=

  • 06/26
    Re: FusionRP: The Remains [Closed]

    He could see colours in the background, but they were so blurred at this point, it might as well be a void. Manny kind of wished it'd just get it over with, he was so tired of feeling useless. Yukira had already been carrying Aem, who, even if she was well enough to shoot him, whatever killed her before might be back to finish the job. Owain was... not in fighting condition, last he saw. He blinked, and was surprised to see something come into focus. A single white string, across his field of view. He couldn't look away from it or find the ends, nor could he focus his vision away from it. With nothing left but pain and curiosity, Manny reached up and touched the string, which instantly wrapped itself around his fingers, his wrist his arm his neck -- Manny gasped as the healing finished it's job, eyes flickering open. His body was indeed healed from head to toe... except for the multiple scars he branded, which were now glowing a violent white, to the point of hurting if someone tried to look at them too closely. Manny tried to survey the situation: Aem was over him, beating him up? Yelling?? Yukira was over her, holding her down-- He didn't have time to find Owain before he was smacked again. Quickly he darted up and caught Aem's hand, and then grabbed her other hand, pulling them away from him to immobilize her attacks, giving a quick "Stop," before taking a heavy breath again, his lungs trying to remember how to supply again. For a moment, the pull of energy got far stronger, until Manny simple spoke, "I'm not doing anything!" And he wasn't. The glow was gone from his scars. The consumption of energy was no longer being drawn from Aem. And for anyone who looked around after they blinked, the area around them was still... the forestry in the immediate area being rearranged into even lines around them, the clearing just a little bit bigger than before.

  • 06/24
    Re: Mort's Weird Clothing


  • 06/20
    Re: FusionRP: The Remains [Closed]

    With a shot like that, with someone like her aiming at him, Manny was sure he should be out by now. But instead, his heavy lidded eyes still managed to catch just enough light that he could tell he was still concious through his blurred vision. There was noises... a shuffle? An argument? He couldn't tell what was speech and what was not. But, he hadn't heard another gun shot. That he was sure of, at least. There was a warmth beneath his hands, seeping through his fingers, but he could not move a single muscle in his body. Not even enough to fully close his eyes, but he could keep breathing. All the sounds were squished together into one heartbeat rhythm. With each thump echoing through his inner ears, he had a flashback to a time long ago. And then a different vision, and another one. How many times has he gotten hurt again?

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    You won't get shoes on me, no sir.

    Art by [@Voldemortimer]

    I spent a year trying to break the website and bothering Diana and Club with constant affection. They made me a god?? still not sure if that was the best idea............

    Anyways, please DM me with any questions about the site, mod things, or if you just wanna have a nice chat. Also I run the social media pages for TW, so reach out if you want your Tattered World fan content promoted! (We have a FB, Tumblr, and Twitter.)

    Art by [@Shazzbaa]


    Also the codes BOORTHDAY19 and BOORTHDAY18 will get you prior year goodies. Happy winter time!!

    Self Proclaimed Crazy Ferrec Man. Just stick your face into one, you know you'll be hooked for life.


    also also, I'm a site artist?? how did that happen?
    here's some stuff I've done you might see floating around:

    - A VERY VERY LOT (but not all!) of holiday items for Halloweave, Palentines and Staff Birthdays starting in 2017. Check out my portfolio for the specific ones I did!
    - Portal of Deboning in the Shadow Stage Kitchen
    - Shady's Axe, Anime Toast item
    - Glitch Sweeper
    - Misc Quest Items for the Cosmic Solarium
    - Shady Character's NPC portraits, Palentines Outfits for Piper and Witch
    - Premium Sets: Illuminary (except for the mask), Constellation Weapons, Fractals
    - Caster Set and Scars in Golden Colosseum
    - The Strategy Icons for the Battle Arena


    from Voldemortimer » May 31, 2020 10:15 AM

    ah, you see i am actually just very far away, that little ghost in the top corner? thats me !

    but really, thank u !!! cause oh man this one was real difficult to blend into with the house right beside my head...........tried so many different combinations of hats and hair

    from Voldemortimer » May 01, 2020 06:29 PM

    ah, well clearly u just gotta invest in some time magic in that case ;D
    but oh man do i know the feel !! so many things i wanna draw but very little time...

    from Voldemortimer » April 23, 2020 10:32 AM

    BOO thank you omg we ARE looking matchy !!!! this is incredible and i have been staring at it for 10 minutes already i LOVE it :D !!

    can i put it on my profile n use it as a discord avatar thingy ??

    from Himochi » February 10, 2020 10:28 PM

    what a cute matchy boi

    from Leslie » February 09, 2020 12:59 AM

    <3 <3 <3
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