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New Items: User Submissions!

Written by Admin  Posted on November 16, 2018
Woo 16th came fast this month... and this list ain't getting any shorter is it? Well I've been told by management I need to reign in these little chats we've been having, something about scrolling length on mobile?
So this time we are gonna try something a bit different. Get comfy Kiddos and let yer old pal Shady read you off to sleep with my sweet, sweet gravely voice and my list of additions to the Backstage Broker. I hear ASMR is all the rage these days...


New Items from Ruevian:
Messy Bun Selection - ( Black Messy Bun, Umber Messy Bun )
Curly Ponytail Selection - ( Umber Curly Ponytail )
Cocky Hair Selection - ( Umber Cocky Hair )
Mystery Hair Selection - ( Umber Mystery Hair )
Princess Braid Selection - ( Princess Radiance Braid, Princess Cosmic Braid )
Plain Headband Selection - (Plain White Headband, Plain Black Headband, Plain Yellow Headband, Plain Lavender Headband, Plain Violet Headband, Plain Indigo Headband, Plain Hyacinth Headband )
Bouncy Hairstyle Selection - ( Umber Bouncy Hairstyle, Periwinkle Bouncy Hairstyle )
Braided Knot Selection - ( Blond Braided Knot )
Cobalt Brush Ponytail
Cobalt Rakish Hairstyle
Purple Rose Bride Hairstyle
Princess Prism Gown

Ragged Coat
Broken Doll Half Mask Selection - ( Broken Doll Half Mask, Black Broken Doll Half Mask )
Cobalt Top Knot Hair
Wavy Undercut Hair
Dapper Cane Selection - ( Tan Dapper Cane, Brown Dapper Cane, Black Dapper Cane, White Dapper Cane )
The Old Dark House

Spider Glamour Dress Selection - ( Spider Glamour Dress, Sunset Glamour Dress )
Artisanal Smiles Selection - ( Chompy Yell, Chompy Laugh, Underbite Laugh, Overbite Laugh )
Business Pants Selection - ( Black Business Pants, Gray Business Pants )
Business Shoes Selection - ( Black Business Shoes, Brown Business Shoes, Frost Business Shoes, Purple Business Shoes, Gray Business Shoes )
Artificially Glamorous Hair
TV Head

Gem Rapier Selection - ( Amethyst Rapier )

Infernal Eyes Selection - ( Infernal Red Eyes, Infernal Purple Eyes, Infernal Cyan Eyes, Infernal Green Eyes, Infernal White Eyes )
Flame Coil Selection - ( Purple Flame Coil )

Contractor's Eyes Selection - ( Black Contractor's Eyes, Purple Contractor's Eyes )
Contractor's Smile Selection - ( Black Contractor's Smile, Purple Contractor's Smile )

Emote Bubbles Selection - ( Exclamation Bubble, Question Bubble )
Elysium Wings

And our newest creator Gwendolyn:
Lavender Bunny Legs

Phew, anyone still awake?

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