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Tree Friend Face by Moth King of Moths won the Craft Spotlight!
Art imitates life and life imitates my growing gayness for a certain tree
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Bug Fix: 6/15/16

Bug fix: "not enough shards" error

All shop items have a 20% price flux on them - so you may get a good deal or a bad one! - and this was causing an error on occasion that would tell users they didn't have enough Shards to purchase the item, even when they had enough available to purchase the item. This has been fixed!

As always, please let me know if you encounter this bug again. We want to keep them squished.

Update 6/16/16: The bug did come back - looks like there were two potential causes. NOW it should be well and truly fixed.

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Kickstarter Rewards

As some of you noticed, we had a small problem with the Kickstarter rewards for the first 40 minutes of registration. The issue has been fixed as of 9:50 Eastern, so that all accounts registered after that time should have their correct rewards.

Anyone who registered before that time may have received the wrong reward tier. I manually fixed all of these instances except for 3 users; those 3 of you who were too quick for me can keep your extra items as a thank-you for bringing the error to our attention.

I'll be monitoring the Forums for any other problems until about midnight (Eastern), and then I have to go to bed! I'll take a look at any problems that occur tonight after I send my niece off to school in the morning. :) Thank you all again for your help with Tattered Weave!

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Bug-Catching Time!

Are you ready to catch some bugs?

Welcome to the closed beta test, everyone! As you know, this is a test, so there may be some bugs hopping around behind the scenes. We've worked very hard to squash the worst of them - just this morning I've finished over 20 bug tickets - but a few of the more elusive ones may have slipped through the cracks. If you find any, please report them on the Technical Support Forum!

We're also very excited to get your feedback and suggestions for improvement. Please visit the Suggestion Forum to make a suggestion, or to show support for other suggestions that you'd like to see!

Keep reading for a list of known bugs and additional features that we're planning to release during this closed beta test.

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